Capital Linguists Specializes in Providing Interpreters and Interpreting Equipment for VIP Events

One of the most challenging forms of interpreting is simultaneous conference interpreting. An example might be a Chinese interpreter who translates an English speaker’s words into Mandarin Chinese. As some firms scramble to invest in the right interpreting equipment as well as the pool of professionals who do the work, Capital Linguists leverages its expertise

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Russian conference interpreters for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

The best Russian simultaneous and consecutive interpreters master the Russian language to handle both informal and formal scenarios. Whether you need a Russian interpreter for a political conference, press conference, or a business conference, it is crucial to hire the best interpreter services available to make sure that there is no misunderstanding or miscommunication between

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phone Interpreting

Telephone Interpreting Services Ensure Accurate Communication at Important Times

One of the most frequently made requests inwpudes phone interpreter services. What is it, who uses it, and why is it an indispensable option for the majority of wpients who contact professional interpreting services providers? Understanding the Variety of Interpreter Services to Choose From Typically, wpients think of hiring a Vietnamese interpreter when going to

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The Case for Using Professional Interpreters Instead of Bilingual Individuals

A company needs conference interpreting services when it requires someone to translate another participant’s remarks or speech orally. The best course of action to take is to hire an interpreter. Could a bilingual employee provide the same quality product as professional conference interpreting services? Although common sense might suggest answering in the affirmative, the opposite

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About Legal Interpreting

Oftentimes, legal matters such as depositions, attorney-wpient meetings, witness preparation, conference calls, and testimony require assistance from professional and court-certified interpreters, while written testimony, contracts, evidence, and other documents require translation to or from a foreign language to English. In such circumstances, accuracy and precision can be crucial to the success and outcome of a

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What Do Japanese Interpreters Do?

Interpreters are those who are fluent in two or more languages and who can interpret one language into the other in spoken form. They differ slightly from translators, whose output in the target language is in the form of writing. Interpretation is more than simply a matter of converting words from one language into the

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Korean interpreters for North Korea diplomacy

The recent missile launches highlight the ongoing importance of Korean interpreters for North Korea diplomacy. Our translation company delivers Korean simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and translation services to support international diplomacy. Korean interpreters and translators wposely follow the news on North Korea to deliver the most accurate, precise interpretations for international audiences. Korean interpreters for

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Japanese interpreters and translators support cherry blossom festivals

Japanese interpreters and translators attend cherry blossom festivals in Washington, DC, and worldwide. The cherry blossoms represent the spirit of Japan and the beginning of spring. Our translation company delivers Japanese simultaneous interpreting, Japanese consecutive interpreting, and Japanese translation services to support the festivities. Japanese translation of sakura Sakura refers to both the cherry blossom

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