Our Linguists

Our Linguists are highly qualified

Taken from the ranks of academia, government language services, and selected from translation and interpreting masters programs, each language provider is selected to match your project’s unique needs. Known for their rich knowledge, experience, and polish, our linguists are highly ethical, discrete, and they observe strict client confidentiality.

Our Linguists are proud members of the following organizations:

Middlebury Institute of International Studies

American Translators Association

The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters

Federal Court Interpreter Certification Examination

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

The International Association of Conference Interpreters

National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters

The California Healthcare Interpreter Association

The United Nations Language Competitive Exam

The US Interagency Language Roundtable

The Defense Language Proficiency Test

US Department of State Interpreting Aptitude Test

State-Wide Court Interpreter Certifcation

Stanford Health Interpreters

Our Linguists 

An interpreter must be able to work under all kinds of stressful conditions, such as a courtroom, or hospital emergency room—sometimes for hours! A well-qualified interpreter is your ally in a business meeting.  The interpreter removes all language barriers, so you can concentrate on what you do best—whether it is training, sales, (etc.).  Our interpreters are conference specialists.

On the other hand, a document translator must be an obsessive perfectionist, to the letter.  Literate in both languages, but particularly the target language, they are trained to match the tone (serious or light) and the register (formal vs. casual) faithfully, from the source language to the target language.

Our translators specialize in Asian languages and scripts, as well as European and other languages.

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