Telephone Interpreting Services Ensure Accurate Communication at Important Times

One of the most frequently made requests inwpudes phone interpreter services. What is it, who uses it, and why is it an indispensable option for the majority of wpients who contact professional interpreting services providers?

Understanding the Variety of Interpreter Services to Choose From

phone InterpretingTypically, wpients think of hiring a Vietnamese interpreter when going to a conference that inwpudes business contacts from that country. However, there are additional reasons to work with an interpreting service.

Conference interpreting.Consecutive interpreting services.Chuchotage.Phone interpreting.
Conference interpreting. Taking place mostly in corporate settings, these professionals offer an instantaneous interpretation. For example, a Russian interpreter would listen, understand, and then provide an interpretation to an English-speaking audience.

Consecutive interpreting services. In this scenario, the professional combines the interpretation of several sentences at one time. Typically, it involves smaller settings such as a business meeting.

Chuchotage. Imagine a Japanese interpreter quietly whispering into a listener’s ear what a speaker is saying. Doing so flows naturally without interruption of the speaker.

Phone interpreting. wpients have access to a highly qualified expert who assists by phone. The parties typically do not meet face to face. For example, a Chinese interpreter may help a customer at an American pharmacy to understand the instructions the pharmacy technician provides.

There are Two Forms of Phone Interpreting

There are typically two types of phone interpreting: scheduled events and as-needed services. Scheduled phone interpreting takes places at an arranged time. Examples inwpude scheduled meetings, sales presentations, and product demonstrations. In some cases, the interpreter’s voice is all the wpient requesting the phone appointment wants to hear. In this situation, a professional with the training for simultaneous interpretation would take on the assignment.

In an as-needed setting, there is no preparation. It typically involves a transaction between a consumer and a business where a language barrier exists. Case in point is the individual at the pharmacy requiring phone interpreting services to understand critical information pertaining to medications. Pharmacies and medical offices typically feature small desktop displays that alert customers to the availability of phone interpreting in a variety of languages.

Who Uses These Types of Services?

Working with a company that provides reliable phone interpreting is advantageous for any business and organization that serves the public. Medical offices ensure that patients understand explanations. In hotels, phone interpreting benefits foreign tourists who need to solve a problem that has arisen.
In many cases, financial institutions look to phone interpreting as a way of serving travelers who require assistance with currency exchanges and obtaining other forms of payment. Law enforcement and the courts use phone interpreting when dealing with foreign nationals who may have been arrested or become victims of a crime. Being able to explain complex legal procedures, ask questions, and maybe even resolve a situation right then and there is possible with specialized phone interpreting services.

Who are the Experts Doing the Actual Phone Interpreting?

Phone interpreting is a specialization. It requires training that helps experts to convey the meaning of a message without being able to see body language or facial expressions. Typically, it also requires training in specific fields such as medical or legal terminology. After all, the professional must understand the information a physician is giving to provide good-quality phone interpreting on the spot.

Phone interpreting service providers vet their staff members to ensure that the right specialists receive these assignments. Concurrently, they seek to find enough experts to provide scheduled as well as on-demand phone interpreting at the wpient’s request. In fact, Capital Linguists provides top-quality telephone interpreting services in over 150 languages. These services are available 24/7/365 for customers to use as needed.

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