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"When Success Depends on Every Word"


At Capital Linguists, we are an interpreting and translation agency dedicated to providing our clients with the very best in interpreting and translation services. With offices in Washington D.C., New York City, and San Francisco we can service clients anywhere in the United States or Worldwide. 

Capital Linguists: Services We Offer

Conference Services

At Capital Linguists, our conference interpreters and translators are ready to perform the task of listening to the context of what the speaker is saying, and relaying it back accurately in the target language while preserving the integrity of the message. We believe that there are different types of conference interpreting and translation services, and different skill sets are needed depending on each one. To learn more about our conference services, contact us today

Interpreting Services

At Capital Linguists, we believe that you can empower individuals in meetings while advancing your organization’s goals by investing in interpreting services that serves the needs of everyone’s preferred language. To learn more about our interpreting services contact us today.

Translation Services

At Capital Linguists, our translation services provide you with the critical ability to communicate to a global audience with the assistance of a professional linguist.  To learn more about our translation services contact us today.

Translation Equipment

At Capital Linguists, we offer an affordable solution that provides you with crystal-clear audio and high-definition video streaming services for your business meeting or conference. To learn more about our translation equipment available for rent please contact us today.

We Make You Look Good

You may not know how your message is coming across, but your multinational partners do. They’ll recognize quality interpreting and translating immediately.

Our exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists have assisted hundreds of clients to reach the international stage and they can help you too.

Whether it’s localizing your web presence, translating promotional materials, or meeting your partners around the world, When Success Depends on Every Word, Capital Linguists has been there.

We Add Value

We’ve all been less than impressed by some English translation, either a book, public safety signage, or an instruction manual.  When we see these cringe-worthy errors, it makes a bad impression.

An authentic translation or interpretation saves you money and time. You’ve invested too much in your project to let anything less than superb translation or interpreting carry your message.

If you have a project ready to go international—a cutting edge conference, a terrific piece for localization, or that important bi-lateral meeting—Capital Linguists’ elite translation and interpreting force will bring the message across to your partners with clarity and fidelity.

Call to find out how our world-class customer service can assure your success.

Capital Linguists: Testimonials

They have the best interpreters and were extremely professional and responsive to our needs, even after hours and on weekends. Fancy interpreting equipment. Can’t wait to work with them again.

Chandler Reed

Executive Admin

Great experience with Capital Linguists from start to finish. They found me an excellent interpreter who did his job to everyone’s satisfaction. The owner was also quite accessible.

Charles Randolph


Best translation agency I’ve ever done business with! They responded to my inquiry promptly, did an amazing job of Portuguese translation and finished it well before the deadline. 

Salvador Sanches


Capital Linguists were awesome. Our interpreter was very professional and both parties were very appreciative of our meeting. Philip was so efficient in setting us up with our interpreter. Very highly recommended. 

Michael Paul


Capital Linguists: With interpreters and translators for over 120 different languages

Chinese to English

German to English

Japanese to English

Russian to English

American Sign Language to English

Hungarian to English

Norwegian to English

Arabic to English

Hebrew to English

Korean to English

Spanish to English

Burmese to English

Lao to English

Cantonese to English

Hindi to English

Mandarin to English

Thai to English

Dutch to English

Swedish to English

French to English

Italian to English

Portugese to English

Vietnamese to English

Haitian Creole to English

Finnish to English


Conference Services

Interpreting Services

Translation Services

Translation Equipment

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