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"When Success Depends on Every Word..."

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You may not know how your messaging is coming across, but your multinational partners do. They’ll recognize quality interpreting and translating immediately.

Our exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists have assisted  hundreds of clients to reach the international stage and they can help you too.

Whether it’s localizing your web presence, translating promotional materials, or meeting your partners around the world, When Success Depends on Every Word, Capital Linguists has been there.

We Add Value

We’ve all been less than impressed by some English translation, either a book, public safety signage, or an instruction manual.  When we see these cringe-worthy errors, it makes a bad impression.

An authentic translation or interpretation saves you money and time. You’ve invested too much in your project to let anything less than superb translation or interpreting carry your message.

If you have a project ready to go international—a cutting edge conference, a terrific piece for localization, or that important bi-lateral meeting—Capital Linguists’ elite translation and interpreting force will bring the message across to your partners with clarity and fidelity.

Call to find out how our world-class customer service can assure your success.


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