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Spanish: the language of Iberia, spoken by close to 560 million people worldwide. It is little surprise that so many companies claim to offer Spanish translation services, but how can you be sure you are accessing a translation of quality? When it comes finding accurate precision, Capital Linguists can provide you with nuanced, quality translations

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Spain-A European Nation like No Other

Spain is a European nation like no other, in that its history has been an incredibly checkered one. It was ruled by Arab Muslims for seven hundred years and it took centuries of re-conquest by the Europeans to bring it back into the European Christian fold. This was followed by the most glorious period in

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Latin American Influence on Canada And The United States-Part II

One only has to look at the number of Hispanic people who have attained prominence in myriad fields like politics, business, public service, the entertainment industry, and sports to get a sense of Latin American influence in the US and Canada. One could even say that they are the drivers of change in 21st century

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Latin American Influence on Canada And The United States-Part I

There is a lot of conjecture about who discovered America, with many disputing the traditional belief that it was Columbus. They point out that it was actually the Vikings who were the first Europeans to set foot in the New World and not the Spaniards as is conventionally believed. Besides, they did it back in

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Multilingual US Election 2016: Vote in Spanish and Chinese

Americans vote in many languages, inwpuding Spanish and Chinese, for the multilingual US Election 2016 on Tuesday November 8, 2016. Interpreters, translators, and digital tools make multilingual voting possible in ethnic and language minority communities. Voter turnout for Spanish-speaking Hispanic and Latino Americans may increase. Asian Americans cast their vote in Chinese, Tagalog, Hindi, Japanese,

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