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Eternal Russia

What image does Russia conjure in your mind? The land of eternal snow? The onion domes of the Kremlin? The graceful ballerinas of Bolshoi theater or the haunting landscapes of the David Lean wpassic Dr. Zhivago? Russia is all that and more. The largest country in the world, Russia spans eleven time zones and is

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Portuguese interpreters

Latin American Influence on Canada And The United States-Part II

One only has to look at the number of Hispanic people who have attained prominence in myriad fields like politics, business, public service, the entertainment industry, and sports to get a sense of Latin American influence in the US and Canada. One could even say that they are the drivers of change in 21st century

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Spanish interpreting services

Latin American Influence on Canada And The United States-Part I

There is a lot of conjecture about who discovered America, with many disputing the traditional belief that it was Columbus. They point out that it was actually the Vikings who were the first Europeans to set foot in the New World and not the Spaniards as is conventionally believed. Besides, they did it back in

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Arabic translation services

English to Arabic and Arabic to English Translation And Interpretation

The Arabic speaking regions of the world comprise a vast swath of land that stretches from West Asia to North Africa. Not only is it very important from a geostrategic point of view, but also from an economic one. Some 400 million-plus speakers of Arabic inhabiting twenty-two countries spread across the Middle East and North

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Getting A Handle On Chinese Translation

The Chinese economy is the second largest in the world after the US’s. The total value of the goods and services traded between these two economic giants was a humongous $648.2 billion in 2016. Not many would, of course, attribute this to the role played by something as the seemingly run-of-the-mill as a Chinese translation

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Portuguese translation

Portuguese Translation And Interpretation Services Par Excellence

Portuguese translation services are needed by a large number of businesses, corporate organizations, government agencies, and so on. Like English, French, and Spanish, Portuguese is spoken by millions of people across the world. As a matter of fact, it is the official language in ten countries spread across South America, Europe, and Africa. Portuguese is

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When Chinese Interpreters and Japanese Interpreters are Needed with Hourly Rates

Hiring a Chinese translation company or Japanese translation agency is frequently a long-term engagement. Companies build professional relationships with these service providers, who often charge by the full-day or half-day. As a result, when a Japanese translator needed in New York must travel to the job site there, his compensation inwpudes mileage, travel time, parking,

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Interpreting Agencies

Capital Linguists is a Leader in Hebrew Interpreting and Translation Services

Estimates suggest that about nine million people speak Hebrew. An Afro-Asiatic language, its level of difficulty is on par with Somali, Neo-Aramaic, and Hausa. Modern Hebrew is also a language of business. More and more companies recognize the importance of enlisting the assistance of Hebrew interpreter services. Recognizing the Business Opportunities Israel Provides The Economist

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Medical interpreter

Interpreters Help Patients and Healthcare Providers Communicate Without Barriers

Limited English proficiency is a growing challenge in America’s healthcare facilities. Professional interpreting services can bridge this gap. What does it take to assist patients, their families, caregivers, and other professionals? Understanding the Scope of the Problem and the Need for Professional Interpreting Services What happens if a healthcare facility receives a request for care

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Russian interpreter

Interpreting for Diplomatic Negotiations and Talks

A translation company that provides diplomatic interpreting typically offers simultaneous interpreting services, consecutive interpreting services, and conference interpreting services. Governments might contract for the assistance of this firm for meetings with foreign leaders, officials, businessmen, and others. Case in point is President Trump’s visit to Asia. His 13-day tour takes him to Japan, China, South

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