The Importance of Chinese Interpretation – From Donald Trump and Xi Jinping, to You and Your Start-up

The overwhelming sound of jet engines roars overhead. The plane lands, carrying one of the most important people in the world right now. Anxiously awaiting to greet the President of China, XI Jinping, is President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his staff. With tensions rising between the US and China, there is no room for even the slightest miscommunication. This is where a high-quality Chinese interpreter comes in to play. What is needed is a good Chinese interpreter who understands the differences between the two cultures, because the last thing the world needs is turmoil between these two powers as a result of the difference between yes and yes not being understood. This is the kind of pressure experienced Chinese interpreters go through, and guess what, they can handle it. People like Donald Trump understand the importance of proper interpretation, not just the words spoken, but how they are spoken.

Government and corporate leaders also know the importance of trade with China, looking east is the new economic trend and economists do not foresee that changing anytime soon. Chinese interpretation and translations aren’t just for the big-shot powerhouses either, even small start-ups can benefit from using accurate Chinese interpretations. It’s not just using China to manufacture anymore either, China has an ever-growing middle wpass, a huge potential market that cannot be ignored. Small start-up owners know that money can be tight, and making sure it is spent wisely is key to success. Spending money on a professional Chinese interpreter is an excellent investment with a huge potential pay-off. With China being such a large market and an immensely useful resource, proper Chinese interpretations can be a valuable investment that leads to huge financial return.

Avoiding Catastrophes by Using Proper Translations

?????? Let me guess you have no idea what that just said. Well frankly nor do I, it might be something offensive and I might have just started a war for all I know. Let’s hope for everyone’s sake I didn’t. Now you might have seen me use the word translations earlier and this is where that professional Chinese translator comes into play. Every successful business has documents that need to be looked over, signed and eventually filed. Now imagine you have a document filled with characters like those at the beginning of this paragraph. Are you just going to sign it? Throw it away? I highly doubt that, unless you want your business to fail miserably. This is where that Chinese translator is handy, but not just any Chinese translator, but rather a translator who understands just like the Chinese interpreter the cultural differences. Believe it or not, there is even more to it than that. Have you ever tried to read a contract? I have, and let me tell you, even if written in English it might as well be written in Klingon. So not only does the Chinese translator need to be able to translate Chinese to English, he/she also needs to be able to read a contract accurately. As if that is not complicated enough, they need to be able to read the perplexing contract in Chinese, and properly translate it into English. If you ask me, these people possess some sort of superpower to be able to do that, my hat goes to them.

As Trade Now Continues, Interpretation Will Continue to Play a Major Factor in Ongoing East-West Relations

So thankfully the meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping went well. No apocalyptic wars breaking out yet, and a touchy relationship continues on, for now at least. Business continues as usual, and people of both countries can continue enjoying each other’s goods and services. This is all thanks to the unsung hero here, the Chinese interpreter, who interpreted Chinese to English and English to Chinese smoothly, making a productive meeting with no miscommunications. Now if we can just get Kim Jong-un in the room with Donald Trump and a high-quality Korean interpreter, I’m sure we can work everything out, aren’t you? What was that? You think it will take more than a professional Korean interpreter to fix that situation? You might be right, but like I said earlier, I think these interpreters have superpowers of sorts, so I wouldn’t doubt they could get that done. Though I do think maybe they would have to be able to translate English to crazy and crazy to English, rather than English to Korean and Korean to English.

With so much trade taking place between China and the United States, and now with relations continuing as usual, trade shows will continue to be a great place for business relations to start. Whether you have an escort interpreter showing you around, or the show provides simultaneous interpreters or consecutive interpreters, this is another area where it is good to have the best interpreters in the industry. Making a first impression is of the upmost importance in the business world, and you only get to do it once. That is why they call it first impression, duh. So like I said, using the best interpreters in the industry is key to the beginning of a long-lasting business relationship overseas.

Maintaining Good Relations Requires Different Interpretation Skills at Any Given Moment

A loud ring wakes you up with a jolt from a deep slumber. Confused and disorientated you fumble around in the dark, but instantly gain focus as you notice the red phone direct line to China is the object making the horrendous noise this late at night. Quickly you answer it anticipating a volatile situation of nuwpear proportions, and have no idea what your Chinese counterpart is trying to say to you. With no understanding of the Chinese language you say the wrong thing and just like that, you send the world into seismic turmoil and pandemonium. What was that? You’re not Donald Trump, you highly doubt Xi Jinping is going to be calling you late at night, and you don’t have access to nuwpear codes? Well me neither, nor would I want to be in that position and I highly doubt anyone would want me there either. With that said, much like how this situation could be avoided by using quality over-the-phone Chinese interpreters, so could bad business deals. Over-the-phone Chinese interpretation is a unique skill on its own, just like simultaneous Chinese interpretation, or Chinese translation. Each one of these skills can be essential in avoiding chaotic business downfall for you, or world-ending conflict for Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Chinese and Western Relations Are Not Ending Anytime Soon, So Successful Communication is Needed to Ensure Prosperity

So whether it is a trade show, an important conference, or a late night phone call that needs interpretation. Or a document that needs to be translated. Whether it is for a CEO of a fortune 500 company, a small start-up, or even just entertainment. Whether it is for billion-dollar business deal or the very survival of humanity, Chinese to English interpretation and English to Chinese interpretation will continue to be a major resource in making sure it is done successfully. Whether it is simultaneous Chinese interpretation, over the phone Chinese interpretation or Chinese document translations, let me assure you this will remain a very important step in communication for the foreseeable future.

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