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Our Project Managers Work Closely With You. Here’s the Process:

As soon as you contact us, our crack team of Project Managers and Sales Staff will do everything in their power to serve you. A dedicated Project Manager will respect your concerns and inspire confidence. Thanks to our experience with hundreds of clients over the years, our Project Managers can deliver. Highly responsive, friendly and efficient, they will see that your project is completed and your message carried across language barriers.

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Conference & Interpreting

Services Process

Tell us the date, time, and location of your project, plus the number of languages, participants and services needed. We’ll prepare a detailed work-order for your approval, and then handle your project professionally:

Interpreters are assigned by your Project Manager and interpreting equipment arranged for delivery- be sure to keep your PM up to date on the number of attendees and what languages will be needed. Prior to the event, an interpreting technician will set up all needed equipment.

During your event, the technician will stand by to monitor and troubleshoot the equipment as needed.


Services Process

Tell us the type of document, subject matter, and the language or languages. We’ll prepare a detailed work-order for your approval, and then handle your project professionally:

Translators are assigned and an ETA set.

A Project Manager, responsible for quality control and version control throughout the project, will check in with translators as needed, and provide updates to you.

TEP, the translate, edit and proofread process in which a linguist team reviews the document for authenticity in the target language (localization). TEP is recommended for all projects for publication or wide dissemination.

We at Capital Linguists are dedicated to your satisfaction when it comes to bulk translation, conferences, or legal & medical interpreting.

Ask Us About Localization

Are you ready to launch into the international arena with your program or product? We often assist our clients with localization projects that encompass several languages. We’ll find translators qualified in the special topic of your project, and your audience will be very happy with the result.

Interpreting Equipment Technicians and Support Staff

Our start to finish service includes delivery and set up of all interpreting equipment, such as interpreting booths and simultaneous interpreting equipment. A technician is assigned to monitor and troubleshoot the equipment throughout your event, for a seamless conference experience.

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