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Conference Services: Interpreting & Translation
Capital Linguists: The Calm at the Center of Your Dynamic Multilingual Conference

Anywhere in the world for conference services, we coordinate all your international communication needs—interpreting, translation, and seamless audiovisual support for your conference—using only state of the art equipment. Our PMs will address the unique requirements of your event, arranging interpreters, interpreting equipment, and an audio technician anywhere in the USA or abroad. Our on-site technicians and always-available project managers ensure your event meets your goals for a smooth and incident-free event. Large or small, whether your event is an intimate planning session or a large conference, your participants have come a long way to hear what you have to say, and the complexity of delivering your message multiplies when you are trying to reach an international audience.

Precision interpreting technology makes understanding so much easier—and your group is only together for the duration of the conference—so the time to make connections is now. A great event grows new relationships and deepens existing ones. Allow Capital Linguists to make your conference a truly world-class event.

Capital Linguists

We Cover Events Large and Small: Board Meetings or Planning Meetings

A smaller group of VIPs should have the most skilled interpreters and top of the line interpreting equipment. Hosting a small, intimate gathering of international executives or representatives does not require much equipment, other than microphones for the speakers, an interpreter, and headsets as needed.

Consecutive Interpreting may be enough for a smaller group, but if more than one language is required, you will need simultaneous interpreters.

Larger Conferences or Groups Conference Services

The complexity of multiple languages and the strict time constraints of larger events are expertly choreographed by our experienced Project Managers.

A lot of planning goes into larger conferences. Everything is bigger, including the venue and the program. Protect that investment—rely on Capital Linguists to deliver your message to your international audience.

We’ll customize a technological solution taking into consideration existing AV set up of your venue, the floor plan, the number of speakers and attendees, and their languages.

A Multilingual Conference Can Get Very Complicated!

An international conference should facilitate great commercial or intellectual synergy despite language barriers. But the complexity of many languages, plus modern technology, can be daunting.

That’s why our techs and program managers are here to help.

Managing the interpreting for a conference becomes very complex when languages are interpreted multiple times through different interpreters and electronic equipment.

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We are here to provide you with impeccable translation and interpreting services and support.

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Conference Services

In a conference setting where there are more than two or three languages involved, each interpreter interprets between his native tongue and an agreed to control language, like English.

Imagine a conference with two interpreters, one French/English and one Spanish/English. One of the conference presenters is speaking in French. The French/English interpreter will render the speech into English and, hearing the English, the second interpreter must translate into Spanish. This is called relay interpreting.

The audience is often none the wiser, as each hears only their own language, delivered to their headset.

Add a language or two, and suddenly the immense value of interpreting equipment, and the technician to manage it, becomes apparent!

Our in-person Audio Technicians guard against malfunction. A channel is assigned to each language so that every member of the audience hears their own language. If there is any disconnect, it could have a cascading effect on all the interpreters and the participants at the conference!

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Reach a Better Understanding

Originally, interpreters would stand directly behind the listener and whisper in their ear.  This technique, called chuchoter, which is the French word for “whisper,” is still used today in certain circumstances.

After World War II, electronic interpreting equipment was devised. Can you imagine all the wires joining each speaker and listener in a complex web? 

Luckily, in the 21st Century, languages travel through the air silently, in the form of radio waves or infrared signals, and today we have all kinds of modern interpreting equipment for large groups.

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We Have the Technology- and the Highest Quality Interpreters

The technology of interpretation itself has not changed much—today we still rely on the unsurpassed encyclopedic knowledge and savant ability of our human interpreters!

There are different kinds of interpreting equipment, depending on the needs of your event.  The basic kinds of equipment are:

  • Microphones for the presenters and participants.
  • Sound-proof booths for simultaneous interpreters.
  • Monitoring equipment for interpreters.
  • Microphones for the interpreters.
  • Earphones for conference participants to listen in their own language.

These basic types of conferencing equipment are always needed, but the specific technology varies depending on the size of the group, the configuration(size and shape) of the venue, the portability desired, and your budget. We can help you determine your equipment needs.

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Services We Offer

Have a Plan:
Our Project Managers Pull Everything Together

Your Conference is not just another conference—you’ve chosen to include people from around the world as participants. Your Project Manager will start planning early to take into account the language needs of your large group, anywhere in the world.  He or she will gather all the information about your event and then coordinate the appropriate services and equipment. The PM will ascertain whether there is space in your venue for the interpreters to sit in the back or to the side of the general conference room.

In the early phases of conference planning translators will localize your promotional materials to your principle participants. Just prior to the event, content from speakers and sponsors is translated for distribution at the conference. An audio technician arrives at least one hour before, but for complex configurations as much as one day before, to set up sound proof booths, interpreting equipment and perform a sound check. Recordings of the conference are made available during the conference, and transcriptions and translations are made available to participants later.

American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and assistive listening for hearing-impaired audience members should always be provided to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We welcome the opportunity to make your conference the international event that you envision.

How can we help you today?

About Capital Linguists

Others promise elite linguistic services. We deliver.

Our elite translation and interpreting Agency force draws on the highest-level interpreters. This exclusive pool of language specialists has brought their expertise to bear in the most sophisticated arenas: at bi-lateral summits, highly important negotiations, and at international conferences. Our translators have an exquisite understanding of tone and register in any language they translate.

We know the stakes are high because we’ve been there.

The clients we serve want to be represented by the most impeccable, certified interpreters, and we screen each interpreter and translator for exceptional talent and integrity. Negotiations or idea sharing always go smoothly with a simultaneous interpreter, and a great translator delivers your message exactly as you intend it to be. Not just a translation agency, we are a high-speed connection to your international aspirations.

And Yes, we have the bandwidth for your next large project.

We have assisted certain large and prestigious governmental and private organizations with large multi-language conferences, and we can help you go international too.

Go Global with Capital Linguists

Finding a trustworthy and responsive international translation company that cares about customer service is rare. Capital Linguists is here for you. We offer fair and upfront pricing, skilled linguists, and prompt service. With offices in Washington D.C., New York City, and San Francisco we can work with any client throughout the United States or globally.




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