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Testimonials from former interpreting and translation services clients:

I wanted to express our thanks to capital linguists team for the excellent work earlier this year during our project. A large program like that requires coordination, advance planning, and flexibility. Capital Linguists proved it’s the “turn to” company for our needs. But more importantly, your team showed the enthusiasm and professionalism that helped support the positive outcomes as indicated in the program evaluation data. Please know we would be honored to recommend Capital Linguists. Thanks again Philip and we look forward to working with you on our next project. All the best,
Barbara R Williams
I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how instrumental your interpretation was to make these meetings successful. You have done a terrific job and we are very thankful to you. Let’s talk early next week to discuss updating the terms of your contract, also considering that you interpreted closer to 15 hours instead of the initial 12 we had discussed. I will be in California all of next week and will have a flexible schedule, so you are free to call me anytime you can, provided it is during business hours in Pacific time. Please, feel free to use us as a professional reference for any future engagements you might have. We would be glad to let others know of the excellent quality of your work!
Thomas J Richardson
Senior Manager
To whom it may concern: Our non-profit had a last minute symposium requiring simultaneous translation. We had 150 people attending, including a high-level delegation that came in from Israel. After researching and contacting a number of companies it was clear that the experienced team at Capital Linguists was the best choice. In less than 2 weeks Capital Linguists coordinated top-notch interpreters and introduced us to Capital Linguists technician who was equally as efficient and professional. They handled everything, including dealing with an insurance issue in a high clearance building. Their transliteration, equipment, and entire team surpassed our expectations. After the conference, they even offered the option of getting the recordings. Capital Linguists is a great company to work with and they went above and beyond. We highly recommend Capital Linguists to anyone requiring interpretation and or simultaneous translation services.
Victor K Fink
Post Program Director
I meant to send this to you earlier but got super busy. I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with the capital linguists team. We know that we changed the schedule frequently and the topics were often esoteric, but you did a wonderful job of keeping up and being flexible. I am sure we will be working together in the future. Yours truly,
Ashley T Brouwer
Company President
The planning and construction of Gensler’s newly designed baseball stadium in Venezuela involved working with a steel contractor from China. On multiple occasions, Phil Rosen was brought in to interpret highly technical and complicated design and construction meetings, which often lasted for hours and involved three languages: Gensler (English), Southeast Spaceframe (Chinese) and our client from Venezuela (Spanish). Everyone found Philip to be prepared and resourceful. Our contractor even complimented Philip on his Chinese accent and pronunciation. Philip seemed to bring more to the conversations than a simple interpretation, which made our guests feel comfortable and at ease. It is without hesitation that I recommend Philip Rosen for any meetings, events, or documents that require English/Chinese interpreters and/or translators.
Architect of Gensler
Mr. Rosen is one of the rare and valued English-Mandarin interpreters in our country. He is well educated in language and trained in the skills of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. In addition, he has been certified as a Court interpreter. Mr. Rosen was engaged by my former company to provide interpreting services both onsite and over the telephone. He received glowing reviews from our clients.
Kathleen K Diamond
MA, Founder and Former President and CEO of Language Learning Enterprises (LLE), , E), Washington DC, Principal Consultant of Kathleen Diamond & Co
I highly recommend Philip and his company, Capital Linguists, to those in search of high-quality translation and interpreting services.
Ben Dooley
For over ten years (since 2005) Philip Rosen has supplied translation and interpretation services for us – initially in Beijing and after that from the United States for our offices in Canada, China and Hong Kong. Philip is very conscientious and has always impressed our Chinese clients and counterparts with his command of Mandarin. What I find especially valuable is his understanding of the cultural contexts and I trust that he has my back when dealing with our customers. Friendly, personable and honest, I trust Philip implicitly and would recommend his services whether by phone or in person, government or business oriented.
Bonnie Rich
CEO of CBIG International
I have used Philip’s outstanding skills on numerous occasions and without hesitation can easily attest that he has the highest degree of skill that I have seen in this field during the course of my nearly 30 years of doing business in China. While having used more than 25 Chinese translators for various functions, I have found that Philip is most adept at working in a business/investor setting, as he translated for Chinese public company executives during the quarterly and yearly investor meetings. Where tone and subject matter understanding go hand in hand, Philip displays an unparalleled ability to not only translate accurately, but also remains amazingly skilled at understanding the nuances of tool that can make or break any sensitive negotiation or communication between his client and the non-Chinese speaking counterpart. Equally adept at translating from either Chinese to English or English to Chinese, Philip’s outstanding skills and talents are always on display during business meetings as he is quick to translate in almost real time, when necessary, enabling investor presentation meetings to move more efficiently and effectively with little or no misunderstanding of what his clients are seeking to communicate. He is highly professional and a pleasure to work with and is my first choice when I need someone with Philip’s skills.
Randolph L Tom
Senior Advisor to Start-Up Management, Investors and Public Company Board Members
I have known Philip for many years and can attest to his dedication and attention to detail and accuracy in interpreting and translation. I would highly recommend him and his company to those in search of high-quality English/Chinese translation and interpreting services.
Professor Zinan Ye
Renowned Translator, Author, and Professor Middlebury Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA
I highly recommend Philip as a superb Chinese interpreter/ translator.
Clark T Randt Jr
Former US Ambassador to China
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