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“When Success Depends on Every Word Trust Capital Linguists”

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The Gold Standard of Interpreting Agencies

Others promise elite linguistic services. We deliver.

Our elite translation and interpreting Agency force draws on the highest-level interpreters. This exclusive pool of language specialists has brought their expertise to bear in the most sophisticated arenas: at bi-lateral summits, highly important negotiations, and at international conferences. Our translators have an exquisite understanding of tone and register in any language they translate.

We know the stakes are high because we’ve been there.

The clients we serve want to be represented by the most impeccable, certified interpreters, and we screen each interpreter and translator for exceptional talent and integrity. Negotiations or idea sharing always go smoothly with a simultaneous interpreter, and a great translator delivers your message exactly as you intend it to be. Not just a translation agency, we are a high-speed connection to your international aspirations.

And Yes, we have the bandwidth for your next large project.

We have assisted certain large and prestigious governmental and private organizations with large multi-language conferences, and we can help you go international too.

Go Global with Capital Linguists

Finding a trustworthy and responsive international translation company that cares about customer service is rare. Capital Linguists is here for you. We offer fair and upfront pricing, skilled linguists, and prompt service.

Capital Linguists:

Interpreting and Translation Services


Conference Services

At Capital Linguists, our conference interpreters and translators are ready to perform the task of listening to the context of what the speaker is saying, and relaying it back accurately in the target language while preserving the integrity of the message. We believe that there are different types of conference interpreting and translation services, and different skill sets are needed depending on each one. To learn more about our conference services contact our linguists today.

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Interpreting Services

At Capital Linguists, we believe that you can empower individuals in meetings while advancing your organization’s goals by investing in interpreting services that serves the needs of everyone’s preferred language. To learn more about our interpreting services contact our linguists today.

Translation Services

At Capital Linguists, our translation services provide you with the critical ability to communicate to a global audience with the assistance of a professional linguist.  To learn more about our translation services contact our linguists today.

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Translation Equipment

At Capital Linguists, we offer an affordable solution that provides you with crystal-clear audio and high-definition video streaming services for your business meeting or conference. To learn more about our translation equipment available for rent please contact our linguists today.

CL’s Quality Policy:  

At Capital Linguists, our commitment is unwavering when it comes to providing top-tier translation services that not only meet but exceed clients’ expectations and all applicable requirements. CL understands the importance of language and communication in today’s globalized world, and pledges to deliver excellence in every aspect of its work.

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