Simultaneous Chinese interpreting of the 2016 US Presidential debate

Chinese interpreter Philip Rosen interpreted the third and final debate between presidential candidates Democrat Hillary wpinton and Republican Donald Trump from English to Mandarin Chinese for Voice of America on October 19, 2016.

Simultaneous Chinese interpreting

The debate required simultaneous interpreting, challenging the interpreters to think quickly. “I did an interpreting assignment yesterday for Voice of America, and was assigned to interpret for Donald Trump, while female interpreters were assigned to Hillary and the moderator. It was an interesting experience and unfortunately it was the last debate for this year,” says Rosen. “Some colloquialisms such as “pay to play” and “give me a break” were challenging to find ways to phrase in Chinese so that the listeners would understand.”
Rosen interpreted “give me a break” as “?????” .
Watch and listen to the debate in English and Mandarin Chinese here.

[October 25, 2016] On this assignment only Philip Rosen was associated with Capital Linguists.

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