Top 10 Russian Translation Services in the USA

Russia: It’s the world’s largest country with a population of over 100 million! Did you know that there are almost a million Russian speaker living in the United States? When you need Russian translation services in the USA, it’s vital that you choose a reliable, accurate agency with a proven track record and an eye for detail.

Russian is a highly complex language, not least owing to its Cyrillic script. Its complex grammar system differs significantly from English and includes six cases. It also has a system of verb aspect, whereby the use of the perfective and imperfective can vastly change the verb’s meaning. 

Given the complexities and challenges innate to the Russian language, selecting the best translation agency for your project is paramount. Thankfully, we’ve removed the stress from this arduous task and curated a selection of the very best Russian translation agencies in the USA.

1. Capital Linguists

Capital Linguists is worthy of the top spot thanks to its wealth of experience, expansive network of Russian translators and interpreters, and dedication to top-notch customer service. This agency recognizes that translation is not merely about the words but also their context and intended audience. Their language experts boast specialties in various fields, so whether you require Russian translation for a legal setting, medical consultation, business opportunity, or something else, this agency is guaranteed to provide unrivaled service. Moreover, every assignment is overseen by a highly qualified project manager, ensuring timely delivery and unmatched communication. You’re sure to be more than satisfied with this agency. 

2. Transperfect

Securing second place is Transperfect. This agency, with its U.S. headquarters in New York, has a proven track record, having been in operation since 1992. Over that time, it has accumulated a range of clients thanks to its reputation for accuracy. This agency works with linguists all over the world and can offer Russian translation services in a range of sectors.

3. JK Translate

JK Translate is proud of its personalized approach to translation, and works with linguists who are passionate about their role. This agency can provide certified translations and specializes in the legal and financial sectors, among others.

4. PoliLingua

Based in Delaware, PoliLingua offers competitive rates and reliable service. Having delivered over 600 Russian translation projects in its history, it’s another agency you can certainly trust. All its linguists only translate into their native language, ensuring a polished and seamless translation.

5. Language Scientific

Specializing in scientific, medical and technical fields, Language Scientific is a solid choice when you require Russian translation services within these sectors. It’s also US-based and has a customer-centered approach that its clients appreciate.

6. Writeliff

With bases across the U.S., Writeliff has demonstrated success throughout its years of operation. It is proud of its quick turnaround and attention to detail while maintaining competitive pricing. 

7. InterStar Translations

InterStar is based in Washington, D.C., and has 25 years of experience in the translation industry. It operates across a diverse selection of industries, including engineering, gaming and finance.

8. Concordis Language Services

Concordis has a team of in-house translators, who are ready and waiting to undertake your Russian-language project. This agency is proud of its personalized approach, which includes a detailed consultation prior to starting work.

9. TripleTrad

In addition to Russian translation services, TripleTrad can also provide multilingual SEO and transcreation services, ensuring your content strikes the perfect note.

10. Translation Agency USA

Securing the final spot in our selection is Translation Agency USA. Providing reliable document translation with a quick turnaround, this agency offers a transparent pricing strategy.

Finding a reliable agency able to translate from English to Russian or vice versa, is no easy task. When it comes to reaching Russian speakers, accuracy is paramount. While Capital Linguists emerged as an agency that proved a cut above the rest, all the translation service providers in our selection stand out as reliable and trustworthy. Good luck with your next Russian project!

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