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“When Success Depends on Every Word”

Live Interpreters

Phone, Video, Event, Zoom, Medical, Court etc.

Document Translation

Books, PDF, Word documents, Websites, Text etc.

Capital Linguists can help you with picking out the best people for your company.


We provide top-notch and world-class interpreting services that enhance cross-cultural communication and facilitate understanding among people speaking different languages.


We provide clients with professional and top-quality translation services. We have a large worldwide pool of translators, editors, and proofreaders in all major language pairs and combinations.

Conference Services

Our conference translators provide high-level consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, often with the help of interpreting and audiovisual equipment. They relay oral speech from one source language to another target language and vice versa.

Translation Equipment

We provide state-of-the-art interpreting equipment and audiovisual equipment in support of successful client events. We have both portable and fixed interpreting equipment for any type of event or situation.

Website Localization

We’ll help to translate and adapt your website so that you can speak the language of your consumers in all major countries and target markets.

Multilingual Web Design

We can take your video and add subtitling to it so that speakers of another language can understand what is being said. We transcribe the audio into text, translate it into the target language, and then insert it into the video.

Audio Transcription

We provide transcription services, rendering audio to text in all major languages, as well as transcription translation wherein the audio is first transcribed onto paper and then translated into another language.


Our voiceover artists provide high-quality sound recordings for all of your needs.

Capital Linguists:
Any Language. Anywhere. Any Time

At Capital Linguists, we know the importance of keeping people connected and ensuring clear communication across language barriers. That is why our professionals work each day to deliver best-in-class translation, interpreting, and interpreting equipment services. Capital Linguists offers top-quality and accurate services at affordable prices. Our linguists ensure that your message can reach diverse audiences. Through website localization, your online presence will be translated and adapted to the target market.

We help our clients with remote and onsite translation/interpreting services In all major languages and language combinations. Capital Linguists offers fast, reliable, and prompt translation and interpretation services. Our experts always strive to achieve the complete satisfaction of clients and years of dedicated work have put us on the top list of interpreting and translation service providers in the United States. We are available around-the-clock when you need us.

For the best translation and interpreting services anywhere in the United States or worldwide, get in touch with us. We have offices in BostonBaltimoreWashington  D.C.,  PhiladelphiaNew York, and Newark, in addition to a worldwide network of over 10,000 linguists. Need to discuss your requirements? Call us @ 612-817-7744 or email info@capitallinguists.com .



We are here to provide you with impeccable translation and interpreting services and support.

Services We Offer


Is language and communication acting as a barrier between you and your clients? It’s time to nip that problem in the bud. Capital Linguists’ team is here to help you out. We are proud to present the full suite of translation, website localization, and desktop publishing services at reasonable prices and top-quality. We have our service headquarters in Washington D.C., New York, NY, and San Francisco, CA. Some of our amazing translation services include:

Translation Agency
Translation Agency

Services We Offer


We have interpretation professionals in all major language pairs that are trained and certified and ready to facilitate communication among speakers and listeners for any event. Our conference translation and interpretation services are well-suited for your business meetings and official events. Get a fast and free quote for our conference interpreting services today. Our highly-trained interpreters and technicians work hand-in-hand to support successful events. Some of our conference interpreting services are:

Services We Offer


Our professional interpreters and audiovisual technicians offer quality interpreting services and conference support throughout the United States and worldwide. If you nee professional, reliable, and prompt interpreting services, then contact Capital Linguists. Our interpreting services deliver outstanding consumer experiences, and foster good relationships among the speakers and listeners. You can also follow us on social media – Facebook. Our interpreters have native or near-native level proficiency in all of their working languages. Here are some of the interpreting services we offer:
Conference Services
Interpreting Services

Services We Offer


Our translation equipment is well-tailored to suit your events, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, symposiums, shows, interviews, lectures, etc. We offer world-class and state-of-the-art translation equipment that is effective in supporting interpreting services. Capital Linguists is your full-service conference interpreting services vendor. We offer both portable and stationary translation equipment, including:

Effective Project Management

We have designated project managers that act as the point of contact between the client and the linguistic/production team to achieve desired results for both translation and interpretation projects.

Quality Assurance Checks

We run multiple checks on translated content to ensure adherence to professional standards for top-quality. In our elite TEP (translation, editing, and proofreading) services, the same translation goes through several linguists prior to delivery as a means of ensuring high quality and top-notch deliverables.

Top Caliber

We have a team of dedicated translators with us that offer quality translation and interpretation services. They have some of the most robust credentials in the translation industry, including degrees in translation and interpreting, translation/interpreting certification, many years of experience, and subject-matter expertise, etc.

Full Privacy Maintained

Our professionals take care of your documents and ensure confidentiality. Strict measures govern how all client materials are taken care of and kept confidential.

Capital Linguists: Rigorous Quality Control

We guarantee that, following a multi-step procedure to ensure that your translations are precise and accurate.

Professional Translations

We perform the translation of your documents with consummate translation professionals who ensure that the meaning of the documents remains the same when rendered from the source language into the target language.

Meticulous Editing

After translating your document in the desired language, we send the translation to editors who are themselves skilled translators to thoroughly review how the document was translated, checking the target text against the source text to look for any incongruence in meaning. The editor will make suggestions and send them back to the translator to either accept or reject. Translators and editors often work in tandem to produce flawless deliverables. Editors also check out all of the verbiage and syntax, fixing any and all grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Precision Proofreading

Proofreading is another layer in the translation process that ensures accuracy and lessens the chance for error to occur. Depending on the type of translation project, this third step may or may not be necessary.

Desktop Publishing and Typesetting

Oftentimes, source documents delivered to us by clients contain images with text that also needs to be translated. That is where our graphic designers and desktop publishers come into play. They take the translated text provided by the translators and insert it into the images, replacing the source text with target text. Our DTP (desktop publishing) department makes sure that the final translation is a mirror image of the source documents. Ideally, clients provide editable source image files, oftentimes in Adobe Indesign or Adobe Illustrator. If that is not possible, our team can recreate the images from scratch.

Speedy Delivery

We are the rush translation experts! With that being said, one key to quality in translation is adequate time, so if at all possible, it is recommended to plan ahead and contact us well in advance of the date(s) that you need a project completed. Call or email anytime for more information or assistance.

Onsite Interpreting

We offer Interpreting solutions that ensure clear communication among you and your clients or interlocutors. Our interpreting services include consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting, remote interpreting, telephone interpreting, liaison interpreting, interpreting equipment, and software support, along with audiovisual services. Our cadre of skilled technicians can help support any type of event that requires interpreting equipment or remote interpreting software.

Multilingual Design

Capital Linguists can help to translate your website into versions in other languages that are adapted and designed for the target audiences. We’ll make you look good and help you to showcase your organization online to speakers of various languages.

Telephone Interpreting

At times, in-person interpreting is neither possible nor practical. Our skilled telephone interpreters are always ready to help you during patient/provider interactions, business conference calls, court hearings, attorney/client meetings, academic exchanges, etc.

Medical Translation

Our medical translation team offers the finest medical translation services at competitive prices. Our professionals have specialized knowledge about medical, pharmaceutical, and technical terminology that is used in the medical field.

Documents Translation Services

We have a robust cadre of translators, editors, proofreaders, desktop publishers, typesetters, and graphic designers that translate virtually everything, including commercial documents, user guides, press releases, academic research papers, financial reports, operation manuals, website content, and so much more.


Leadership Team at Capital Linguists

Philip Rosen MA, Managing Director

Philip Rosen MA

Managing Director
Kathy Gallo, Senior Project Manager

Kathy Gallo

Senior Project Manager
Claude Prevost

Claude Prevost

Marketing Director
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Becky Redfield

Project Manager

We Add Value and
Make You Look Good

When the stakes are high and success depends on every word, there is no room for error. Capital Linguists is a translation company you can trust for top-quality translation and interpreting services. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a lasting good impression with your target audience.An authentic translation or interpretation saves you money and time. Capital Linguists’ translators are all top-notch professionals with degrees in interpreting and vast industry experience.

Why Choose Us

24×7 Service Availability

One unique thing about the translation and interpreting industry is that needs often sprout up when you least expect them- late on Friday evening, over the weekend, or at the last minute. Capital Linguists understands this and does its best to offer rush translations and last-minute interpretation planning. Once you are our client, we are here 24/7 Hours to assist you.

Reasonable Pricing

We let clients know all of the charges upfront to avoid any unexpected hidden charges on the final invoice. Our prices are very competitive when taking into account that we are an elite translation and interpreting company, providing services to Fortune 500 companies, G20 governments, charities, nonprofits, and all types of organizations. We ensure your needs are taken care of.

Industry Expertise

All of our team members are experts in providing industry-relevant translation and interpretation services. We have skilled and certified experts ready to work on your projects. We are completely dedicated to fulfilling client needs and ensuring customer satisfaction. Get A free quotation to avail our translation and interpreting services today! Call us now at 612 -817-7744.

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We endorse all languages and we collaborate with all sectors of industry.


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