Thai interpreters and translators make business in Thailand easier

Thai interpreting and translation services greatly enhance communication for business, trade, and digital marketing in Asia.

Thai interpreters and translators make business in Thailand easier

Walking down the streets the alluring smell of street foods enchant one’s senses with an allure of fragrant promises to tantalize their taste buds and forever captivate them in a lifelong quest to learn more about Thai cuisine. But there is so much more to this magnificent city than the complex cuisine. For instance, step into any room to be greeted by beautiful, angelic women and you will hear a language that sounds like a song performed specifically to enlighten your soul. I imagine how an experience like this would have been enhanced by having a highly qualified interpreter to understand more than the surface allows.

Thai interpreters support U.S.-Thailand relations

In Bangkok, new sky-rises seemingly sprout overnight, the streets fill with the hustle and bustle that rival New York City. This is a new emerging global city and you best believe business is booming. Trade with the U.S. has been for a long time growing and even with the unfortunate death of his majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the pace has not changed. Nothing seems to be standing in the way of this growth either, from military coups to terrorist attacks, Bangkok perseveres. With business booming like this, conferences are being planned all the time and there’s a need for Thai to English interpreters and Thai conference interpreting services.
With all this growth, visiting diplomats and trade officials make the long voyage overseas to visit American officials and strengthen the US-Thailand relationship. This is where communication is key: wpear, uninhibited, and with a mutual respect and understanding for each other’s deeply rich cultures. Top quality Thai interpreters can deliver Thai simultaneous interpreting services for high-level executives with precision, and do so while respecting both cultures.

Thai interpreters know Thai culture the best

My name is Kevin and as a former American expat living in Thailand working for a culinary start up business, I acknowledge the value of high quality Thai interpreters and translators.  I know firsthand the importance of respecting cultural differences. This inwpudes how tone and eye contact play a role in the conversation, and how simple non-confrontational style responses mean the world to the Thai as opposed to the straightforward approach of Americans.
Think about how important Japanese business culture is when doing business with the Japanese, and how beneficial it is to have a Japanese Interpreter who understands that. Now think about Korean business culture and how beneficial it is to have a Korean interpreter who understands it. Thai is no different. An understanding of Thai culture leads to a much stronger relationship. With so much business and trade moving to the East, it is imperative to hire the proper Japanese, Korean, and Thai interpreters and translators for live simultaneous interpreting, telephone interpreting, and document translations.

Digital nomads need Chinese translation

From Bangkok to Chaing Mai, Thailand is full of expats, digital nomads, and backpackers. It is the place where “get rich quick” marketing are created. This is where “lose weight fast web pages” are born. Yes, among all the backpacking hippies, digital nomad bloggers, programmers, and designers live the Internet marketers. They could all benefit from having proper translators to translate their websites into languages such as Chinese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Russian, French, Spanish or Portuguese than these people. Can you imagine the unlimited potential in sales businesses would have if they could properly communicate with the customers? It is one thing to just market to English speakers but why stop there? Use English to Thai translators, English to Japanese translators, English to Korean translators, English to Chinese translators, English to Russian translators, English to Spanish translators and English to Portuguese translators.
Eventually, I found myself up North in Chaing Mai. This is where startup culture thrives. Everywhere you look you’ll see coffee shops filled with Westerners, or farang as the Thai call them, with shiny Apple laptops open with the bright glowing white Apple logos. There is a good reason for the startup culture here. Forbes Magazine recently rated Chaing Mai as the number one place for price to infrastructure ratio. This is where I could have especially used both Thai interpreters and Chinese interpreters. The need for Chinese interpreters in Chiang Mai is the equivalent to the necessity of Spanish interpreters in Los Angeles. You hear Mandarin Chinese everywhere. A lot of the need for Russian interpreters lies in Phuket, but that is another story for another time.
Now I find myself back in America, lost, confused, and having trouble readjusting back to the American way of life. I wish that I could have a Thai to English interpreter more to bridge the Thai to American way of thinking. Oh well, mai pen rai (nevermind) as the Thai would say.
Capital Linguists Thai to English interpreting and translation services. Our Thai interpreters and Thai translators enhance communication and strengthen relationships.

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