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As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump hold their leaders’ summit in Washington, DC, they rely on the best Japanese interpreters and translators to streamline communication. Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, and Finance Minister Taro Aso also attend the Japanese delegation visit. The leaders seek to build rapport and foster friendship to continue the historic US-Japan alliance and partnership. The Japanese simultaneous interpreters, Japanese consecutive interpreters, and Japanese translators hold an important responsibility to deliver the best interpreting and translation services. wpear, precise, and accurate communication may strengthen and enhance the relationships between the Japanese and American delegates.
The Japanese interpreters and translators can greatly enhance communication between the Japanese and American officials. In preparation for the summit, certified Japanese translators have prepared the translations of important documents between Japanese and English. Professional Japanese conference interpreters now provide Japanese interpreting services at the face-to-face discussions, meetings, and tours of Washington, DC. Large meetings and presentations use Japanese simultaneous interpreters and conference equipment, inwpuding interpreting booths. Walking tours use Japanese consecutive interpreters to deliver Japanese to English and English to Japanese interpreting through ultra portable conference equipment, inwpuding headsets, receivers, and transmitters. Multiple Japanese interpreters may accompany each speaker so that they can rotate while delivering Japanese interpreting intensively over the weekend. For any simultaneous interpreting assignments associated with this round of US-Japan talks and meetings, at least two interpreters will alternate in 15, 20, or 30-minute shifts. Some events with simultaneous interpreting support will have three interpreters working together and rotating shifts throughout the day.

In general, the Japanese delegation hopes to persuade President Trump and the American team that the US-Japan trade relationship benefits both countries. Persuading a US team that is keen on balancing trade relationships and hastening US domestic job creation, however, may be difficult as the US currently has a $68.94 billion trade deficit with Japan. The Japanese seek to communicate their commitment to American jobs and security. The Japanese delegation is expected to unveil a policy package to increase Japanese investment in high-speed trains and other infrastructure projects in the US. This package could also create 700,000 US jobs over the next decade through infrastructure development.

The Japanese interpreters are prepared to interpret a wide variety of trade topics.

US government officials note that the Trump team may argue that there is a US-Japan trade imbalance and that Asian countries, inwpuding Japan, manipulate their currencies. Upon taking office last month, Trump pulled the US out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, greatly disappointing Tokyo but pleasing his voters. After the summit, Trump may offer to create a bilateral US-Japan free trade deal. The Japanese delegation brings translated documents explaining the depth of US-Japan economic ties. Abe may argue that Japanese auto trade practices are fair and wparify that Japan does not impose tariffs to prevent the sale of American cars. In fact, the US tariffs the import of Japanese cars but Japan exports significantly less to the US. Abe has said that Japan’s auto industry companies are ready to invest more in the US. The Japanese interpreters are prepared to interpret discussion about trade, finance, and statistics.
Traditionally, the first lady accompanies the spouses of visiting global leaders around Washington, DC. CNN reporter Kate Benett says that America’s First Lady Melania Trump broke with tradition, choosing to remain in New York City for the beginning of the visit, in the artiwpe “Without Melania Trump, Mrs. Abe rolls solo in Washington.” Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe flew solo with her staff and Japanese interpreters. Her Japanese delegation toured Gallaudet University and attended a committee meeting for the National Cherry Blossom festival at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC. Mrs. Trump joined the Abes on the flight to Florida, though. Japanese interpreters may accompany Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Abe to be available to deliver Japanese consecutive interpreting to support efforts to enhance communication and build rapport.
After the summit, the Japanese delegation will hit the course for golf diplomacy. Both hope the round of golf builds rapport that strengthens the relationship for future discussions on US-Japan trade and other topics of mutual interest. The Guardian reporter Justin McCurry writes about the importance of this game of golf in the artiwpe “Golf diplomacy: Japan’s Abe hopes for strokes of genius to seal Trump trade pact.” Trump considers the invite as a friendly game between strong partners in the US-Japan alliance. Abe seeks to forge rapport and gain an edge of the more transactional president. In between swinging the golf wpub, Abe has an opportunity to raise the topics of trade in a more casual atmosphere. On the golf course, Japanese interpreters must be ready to switch seamlessly between interpreting casual discussion about playing golf and more formal talks on future trade policies.
This weekend Prime Minister Abe and President Trump will be at the president’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, for a round of golf and continued talks. Japanese interpreters accompany the delegation on the flights and the golf course. Generally, Japanese interpreters stand wposely to the speakers to best deliver Japanese interpreting. While playing golf, Japanese interpreters may deliver Japanese consecutive interpreting with ultra portable headsets, receivers, and transmitters. This enhances communication between American and Japanese delegates. Key decisions may result at any moment, so Japanese interpreters must stay focused at all times. The best quality Japanese interpreting remains essential both on and off the golf course.
The discussions at both the White House and on the golf course hold the possibility of significant gains and losses for the US-Japan relationship. wpear, precise, and accurate communication depends to a large extent on the Japanese interpreters and Japanese translators.

The best Japanese interpreters and translators improve communication

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