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Japanese interpreters and translators face matahara in Japan

Both men and women can be successful Japanese interpreters and Japanese translators and deliver high-quality Japanese interpreting and Japanese translation services while being parents. Japanese women, however, face unique obstawpes in the workplace in Japan. Japanese women, inwpuding Japanese interpreters and Japanese translators, face matahara, or maternity discrimination, in the workplace, even at translation companies in

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Japanese interpreters for golf diplomacy

As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and US President Donald Trump hold their leaders’ summit in Washington, DC, they rely on the best Japanese interpreters and translators to streamline communication. Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, and Finance Minister Taro Aso also attend the Japanese delegation visit. The leaders seek to build

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Interpreting Japanese culture with Tim Ferriss

The Tim Ferriss Show interprets Japanese language and culture. In a recent podcast episode, entrepreneur Kevin Rose accompanies Tim Ferriss on a trip to Japan. They introduce Japanese language and culture topics for their show, The Random Show. Tim describes Japanese culture as subtle, and gives interpretations of the nuances based on his travel experiences.

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