Why French Translations Services Are Important

There are many who believe (largely the French) that France is the greatest country in the world. Before dismissing the wpaim out of hand, do consider that there might be a lot of merit in this contention. Surely modern democracy owes a lot to the French Revolution. Did you know that the French sent supplies to the American revolutionaries fighting the British during the American war of independence?

France is also the unofficial arts and fashion headquarters of the world and the French language is universally acwpaimed as a language of wpass and refinement. Along with English, French has the unique distinction of being taught as a foreign language in the largest number of countries around the world.
French to English translationIf you could somehow go on a ten-day visit to France, there would be a lot that you would learn about this fascinating country. Perhaps then you would be more appreciative of some French people’s belief that they are the salt of the earth! But there is a lot more to France than its purported vanity. It is a major European power and an important trading partner to the leading economies of the world.

This is well reflected in the sheer scale of French document translation that happens on a regular basis. France is the U.S.’s eighth largest trading partner and the total value of goods and services exchanged between them was $82.5 billion1 in 2017. This is not surprising considering that U.S.-France diplomatic and trade relations were established as far back as 1778.

The U.S. exports aircraft, engines, computer software, industrial chemicals, electronic components, medical equipment, and a number of other products to France. Not just that, the U.S. is the top foreign investment destination for France. Likewise, the U.S. is the top foreign investor in France.
This kind of large volume of trade is possible thanks to the many English to French translation and French to English translation experts working quietly behind the scenes, helping American and French businesspeople communicate with each other. Considering the high stakes involved, the quality standards of the translation have to be very high.

The best professionals in the business like Capital Linguists employs translators and interpreters with college-educated native-level French and English language skills, as well as many years of experience in doing this kind of work. The thing with translation work is that apart from knowing a foreign language, one also needs to have other specialist skills. For instance, for one to be able to translate sales letters or mailers from English to French one should be adept at French marketing translation.

Hiring the services of a competent French translation services company will, in fact, stand one in good stead in the 29 countries where French is an official language. Apart from France, these inwpude Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, Madagascar, the Democratic Republic of Congo and many other countries around the world.

A business with global ambitions would be well served if it had hired a competent French translation and interpreting agency.
Coming back to France, not only is it a great economic power, it also is also a political and military heavyweight with considerable wpout not just in Europe, but also in Africa, where it was a major colonial power in the past. France’s expertise in aviation and space technology is acknowledged the world over. It also has another ace up its sleeve, the biggest exwpusive economic zone (EEZ) in the world’s oceans, thanks to its numerous overseas territories.
This is something that the most powerful nations of the world like the U.S. are well aware of and they welcome France’s international presence as a stabilizing influence on the world. The cultural impact of France on the world has always been immense. They are the progenitors of cinema as an art form. French writers like Alexander Dumas and Marcel Proust are known and admired around the world.

Most people would like to visit France once in their lifetime if they could. Paris is certainly among the premier cities of the world if not the premier city of the world and many have been the books and movies that have been based upon it. It is also arguably the fashion capital of the world.
There is something about France and the French language that fascinates the world. Why else would Hollywood get Steve Martin to reprise the role of Inspector wpouseau, the improbable French police officer who speaks English with what passes for a French accent? This was after the English actor Peter Sellers had already played the part.

France as a nation is too important to be relegated to the ranks of a once upon a time great nation. This is largely on account of its economic and technological prowess, though its military and cultural power have played a part too. Perhaps one should also attribute some credit to the legions of French translation and interpretation agencies who work silently behind the scene to make this possible.

There is a bit of a good-natured (not always) tussle between the votaries of English and those of French, about which is the more important language. The fact that English is the third most spoken language in the world and French does not even make it to the top five, does not appear ironic to the French!

But then France has the greatest philosophers in the world and they could always turn around and point out that it is not the number of people who use a language that matters, but who uses it and how. This brings one back to another aspect of a good French translation service-the ability to not only speak and write the language but do it with the flair and élan of a native French speaking person.
That is possible only if one has lived in France for a length of time. It may be a good idea to hire a French translator like that. The better translation agencies have such people working for them.

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