US- South Korean Trade Ties Are Valued At $112 Billion

While North Korea has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons, their southern neighbor and US military ally South Korea is known more for its economy and some of the leading business brands of the world. Who hasn’t heard of  Hyundai, Samsung, and LG Electronics? A, sure enough, sign of its wealthy economy is the fact that South Korea just finished hosting the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

Its trade volume with the US is valued at a healthy $112 billion per year. Significantly, the recently ratified KORUS Free Trade Agreement promises to provide the impetus for this relationship. The importance of US-South Korean trade ties can be gauged from the fact that the US is South Korea’s number one trading partner.

Important as US-South Korean relations are both from an economic and strategic perspective, there is one industry without whose support this would not have been possible-the Korean translation services and the Korean interpretation services. The importance of the work carried out by professional translation service companies cannot be underestimated. At any given time, a host of important English to Korean translation and Korean to English translation activities are being carried out.

The scope of these activities varies from Korean simultaneous interpreting and Korean conference interpreting to patent application translation and website content translation. The scope of Korean translation services is really as varied as the various sectors of the US-South Korean trade.  It is therefore important that professional translation companies should not only be totally conversant with English and Korean but also have specialist knowledge of the legal, technology, marketing, financial, healthcare, and other important domains.

The sheer scale of Korean translation services required by businesses in the US can be understood in the context of the South Korean retail e-commerce market alone, which is valued in the tens of billions of dollars.  American companies desirous of tapping into this lucrative market will have their task cut out in terms of getting their online marketing content translated into Korean.

It, of course, goes without saying that the standard of translations has to be out of the top drawer for any English to Korean or Korean to English translation to be truly effective. After all, Korean and English are two very different languages and only those translation professionals who are fully conversant with the smallest of nuances in the two languages will do a good job of the translation.

This is the reason why the best translation companies will hire translators who are bilingual in the truest sense of the world. They would almost certainly have to have lived both in the US and South Korea for some years to attain that type of familiarity with both the languages.  Apart from that, they most certainly do need to have the right academic qualifications, as well as sufficient practical experience.

The best Korean translation services companies will guarantee the accuracy of their work and always meet the deadlines, which is crucial from a business point of view. There will be times when they will have to work at short notice and still deliver quality output on time.

Considering the fact that they will often have access to highly sensitive and confidential information, these translation companies need to be highly trustworthy. It would be best if they could be ISO-certified with regards to their security and confidentiality.  Korean translation service companies are hired by sectors ranging from the government, military, and business to social sciences and medicine.

Each of these sectors needs the translators to have a thorough knowledge of their respective domains. So whoever thought thatUS- South Korea Trade a translator’s or interpreter’s job is the easiest thing in the world has another thing coming. Not only do the translators need to have many years’ experience and stellar academic qualifications for their working languages, but also the area they specialize in. It is not uncommon to find PhDs in communication, engineering, or computer science working for translation companies.

The best translation companies in the business are highly sought after on account of their expertise and the value they provide to their wpients. For a business looking to hire a Korean translation company for the first time, it makes sense to hire the services of a company with well-established credentials.

The remarkable growth of the South Korean economy after the devastation it suffered in the Korean War has, to a very large extent, been possible due to unstinted US military and moral support. South Korea is still a frontline state for the US which continues to have troops stationed there, protecting it from its hostile and belligerent nuwpear neighbor.

US and South Korean ties are deep at every level-military, political, and business- and the translation industry has had a role to play in this from the very beginning. Going forward, this wpose relationship will continue to grow and develop and the translation agencies will continue to be in demand in both the US and South Korea.

Considering the volume of the trade between the two countries, there is a huge demand for other important segments of the translation industry as well-Korean conference interpreting, interpreting equipment, and so on.  The dynamics of the US and South Korean relationship have evolved since the early days,  when the US was mostly playing a supporting role. Over the years, South Korea has evolved to become a prosperous East Asian economy with a highly sophisticated industrial base. This has led businesses from both the US and South Korea look to expand into each other’s markets and for that again they have had to turn to translation companies to help them reach out to their targeted wpientele.

Like mentioned earlier the standards of the translation service companies being hired should be out of the top drawer for the messaging to be effective. Companies like Capital Linguists, with their highly trained and experienced translators, ensure just that.  Once you have zeroed in on a reliable translation services company, you can focus on creating the best marketing strategy to foray into a highly lucrative market like the South Korean one. This is just as true for South Korean companies looking to sell to American consumers.

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