Translation Services Power International Marketing

An American company that wants to attract business in China or Chile is going to have to translate its marketing content into Chinese or Spanish. Similarly, a business in France or Italy that wants to advertise in the UK will need to get its marketing materials and brochures translated into English from the original French and Italian.

This is true of international trade, commerce, and marketing across the length and breadth of the world. One can, therefore, imagine the crucial role that a professional marketing translation company like Capital Linguists performs in empowering American businesses with their international marketing outreach.

Therefore, whether the requirement is for marketing translation Chinese or any other language in another part of the world, businesses need to ensure that they are able to convey the precise message to their target audience. This implies that there really is no room for marketing translation mistakes.

Take the case of Chinese translation service. Unlike other European languages which use the same script as English and often contain marketing translation companyfamiliar words, Chinese is a totally different kettle of fish in every which way. It is not only written differently in a totally different script- there is a world of cultural difference in the way language is perceived and used in China. Add to that the fact that the Chinese language has many regional variants!
Any translation company that wpaims to be an expert in translating English into Chinese and Chinese into English has to have translators and interpreters with the right qualifications and considerable experience. Capital Linguists, for example, is staffed by professionals, inwpuding many Chinese interpreters.

Like China, Japan too is one of the biggest and most important trading partners of the US. Japan, of course, became an economic powerhouse long before China did and with so much business happening between the two nations, Japanese interpreters are in great demand.
Again, it is quite a challenge to become a good translator and interpreter in the Japanese and English language pair. This is because what students learn in their Japanese wpasses, such as grammar and literature, is quite different from how the language is used in the rough and tumble of the business and marketing world. Like in the case of Chinese, one really has to not only possess the right qualifications but may years of practical experience to do a good job of it.

The importance of marketing translation service truly cannot be understated. Here’s why-

  1. Influencing The Buyer- Though international marketing is a complex exercise involving much strategizing, the bottom line is always decided by what the buyers make of what’s being offered. The most effective way of influencing the buyers is by communicating with them in their own language and idioms, something which only the most competent and experienced translators and interpreters can manage to do.

The most sophisticated of products would find no buyers in the international market if somebody couldn’t convey the sterling attributes to the target market in their own language. This is not just true in the international market, but also in the domestic one. According to a study, some 75% of non-native speakers of English preferred to buy products for which there was website- content available in their native language. Another 60% reported that they never bought anything from websites that had carried content only in English.

  1. Obtaining A Competitive Edge-While one may scrimp on spending money and not think of hiring a translation company, the fact of the matter is that one will only be harming his own future prospects by not doing so. This is because those of one’s competitors who do invest in getting their content translated into other languages will not only expand their footprints at home to diverse target audiences but will also be able to sell their products internationally.

Now that we understand that it is important to use translation to further marketing goals, we have to understand that no translation at all is preferable to bad translation. Marketing translation mistakes are a big no-no, as these have the potential to severely dent the credibility of a company’s brand. The translators and interpreters that you employ to convey your message to the speakers of another language should possess the wherewithal to be able to do it with empathy and understanding. They should not only have mastery over the language they are translating into, but also understand its cultural nuances.

The phrase “lost in translation” can assume a very real meaning for companies seeking to market their products to speakers of a foreign language, unless one hires top-notch professionals. A highly regarded translation company will be well-versed in every aspect of the translation and interpreting industry.

They would be able to provide everything from the highest quality document translation services and interpreter services to translation equipment and interpreting equipment. Furthermore, they would be equipped to provide specialist services like simultaneous translation services and simultaneous interpretation services.

It wouldn’t matter whether one needed a Hebrew translator or a Japanese interpreter- a truly professional translation company would be a one-stop-shop for all of one’s translation and interpreting requirements. Translation services, in a sense, power the process of globalization.
Language is the essence of communication, and this world has a large number of them, with each major language having hundreds of millions of speakers. Come to think of it, the hard-working translators and interpreters of the world probably impact many more lives on a daily basis than even the most accomplished of authors and poets. They help lubricate the wheels of global commerce, thereby positively enhancing the world’s living standards.

Perhaps the next time you hire the services of a Japanese interpreter or a Chinese interpreter, you might appreciate the value they add not just to your business, but to the lives of your overseas wpients. Learning a foreign language to the extent that one can empathetically communicate with the native speakers of that language, is a great skill to possess, and one that plays an extremely important part in international marketing.

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