Portuguese Translation And Interpretation Services Par Excellence

Portuguese translation services are needed by a large number of businesses, corporate organizations, government agencies, and so on. Like English, French, and Spanish, Portuguese is spoken by millions of people across the world. As a matter of fact, it is the official language in ten countries spread across South America, Europe, and Africa. Portuguese is a native language for as many as 220 million people and some 260 million people in all can speak it.

The bulk of the speakers are from Brazil, who number 205 million. The African nations of Mozambique and Angola have another 25 million Portuguese speakers, while Portugal itself has 10 million. With such a large number of speakers of the language, it goes without saying that there would by a correspondingly huge demand for Portuguese translators and Portuguese interpreters.

The importance of being able to utilize high quality Portuguese to English translation and English to Portuguese translation can be gauged by the fact that the US-Brazil trade alone is worth $88 billion (2016). With a GDP of $1.8 trillion, Brazil affords enormous economic opportunities to American businesses seeking to expand their global footprint.

Portuguese Simultaneous Interpretation-

This is a form of interpretation that occurs without any direct participation by the original speaker. It involves real-time interpretation by professionals sitting in a soundproof interpretation booth for the benefit of a group of people typically attending a conference and receiving the audio feed via headsets and receivers.
Portuguese translationIf you have seen pictures of UN conferences with delegates representing different countries, intently listening to whatever is playing inside their headphones, you pretty much get the picture of what simultaneous interpretation is all about. The onus of responsibility on the translator and interpreter is always heavy, in light of the fact that a single misrepresented word could cause a grave misunderstanding between corporate organizations as well as governments.

It therefore makes sense to hire the services of professional translation companies like Capital Linguists to ensure that all of one’s translation and interpretation is nothing short of exemplary. This is especially true when it comes live translation services and live simultaneous translation. In fact, it is better to hire live certified translation services to ensure that one gets nothing but the best service. Here again, Capital Linguists has quite a formidable reputation with many of their wpients vouching for the high quality and dependability of their Portuguese translation and interpretation services.

Consecutive Interpreting-

If you have ever seen a foreign head of state who can’t speak the language of the host nation who is utilizing a consecutive interpreter, you will understand what the terms imply. In the case of the visiting dignitary you would notice that as soon as he finishes speaking a sentence or two, he waits for the consecutive interpreter to repeat the message in the target language. Considering the huge volume of trade and commerce between Brazil and the U.S., one would imagine that consecutive interpreting would be an important part of any translation and interpretation services of repute.
The biggest advantage of consecutive interpreting is the fact that it works out to be quite economical, as there is no investment required in terms of equipment. That being stated, it is absolutely imperative that the person carrying out the consecutive interpreting should be extremely well versed in both the languages of the speakers and the intended audience.

In order to obtain that level of service, one would have to only employ the services of top-ranking live translation service providers like Capital Linguists who have highly qualified and experienced translators and interpretation professionals working for them.

Portuguese Live Legal Interpreters-

Considering the huge scale of business and trade with Portuguese speaking people, it is inevitable that there would be a sizeable demand for Portuguese live legal interpreters. Portuguese speaking people not fully conversant with English would find it difficult to carry out legal transactions and formalities unless they have access to Portuguese live legal interpreters who can help them liaise with attorneys.

Nowhere is this truer than in the legal domain where every spoken and written word has implications for the outcome of litigation. There are a number of ways that legal translation services can ease matters in a bilingual situation. This is true of hearings, depositions, trials, arbitration, insurance paperwork, medical examinations, and so on.

It is of course critically important that the Portuguese Live Legal Interpreters one may hire must possess the necessary qualifications and certification to be able to perform their jobs with the required level of competence. For instance, the certified court interpreters at Capital Linguists possess a wealth of legal experience by virtue of their many years of experience working at US Federal Courts, US State Courts and law firms.

Interpreting, Translating and Conference Equipment-

Any Portuguese to English translation and English to Portuguese translation company, with a fair market reputation, would be in a position to deliver the best interpreting, translation, and conference equipment on demand. Portuguese conference interpretation, in particular, relies heavily on the use of this kind of equipment. Business deals and conferences often need to be organized at a short notice and translation services need to be able to hit the deck running in terms of organizing both the requisite manpower and equipment according to the wpients’ specific requirements.

Only the translation service companies who have had sufficient experience in working in the high pressure corporate and business scenarios of today’s times will be able to provide their wpients with the exemplary standard of service that they expect. This is especially true of the larger transnational companies with worldwide business interests.

Like in the case of French or Spanish translation services, there is a very large demand for high-quality Portuguese translation services. The emergence of the Internet economy has had a major impact on the growth of international commerce and this, in turn, has greatly increased the demand for Portuguese translators and Portuguese translation services. A lot of it has to be attributed to e-commerce, which requires a great deal of content in the shape of websites, landing pages, e-mailers, online ads and social media posting. Going forward, translation and interpretation services can expect to see a steady increase in demand due to the increasingly international nature of the business.

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