Top 15 German Translation and Interpreting Service Providers

Home to Europe’s largest economy with a GDP of €4.121 billion, Germany is a highly desirable market for global companies. As such, there’s little wonder that demand for German interpreting services and content translation is at an all-time high. We’ve compiled the top 15 companies offering high-quality, reliable and accurate German language services,

  • Capital Linguists

When it comes to dependable, accurate and culturally sensitive German interpreting services, there is no need to look beyond Capital Linguists. With a team of Germanic-language specialists, including experts in regional variations such as Swiss and Austrian German, you can rely on achieving a precise, well-expressed translation that strikes the perfect note with your target audience.

Thanks to Capital Linguists’ decades of experience delivering high-quality simultaneous and consecutive interpretation (using the best interpretation equipment in the industry), their German interpreters can tackle any situation where instant, accurate communication is paramount. This company offers a comprehensive array of document translation options, tailored to meet the specific needs and nuances of each sector. Opting for this company swiftly eliminates any German language obstacles and ensures seamless communication.

  • Columbus Lang

Columbus Lang provides translation services between German, Spanish and English. Boasting its high industry standards and a team of dedicated linguists who undergo continual training, Columbus Lang displays an unwavering commitment to quality control in all its projects.

  • German Translation Services

This small, reliable agency provides translations both to and from English and German. Working across the technical, legal and business sectors, it can also provide certified translations in a timely manner.

  • Rush Translate

Specializing in high-speed translations, Rush Translate is ideal when you need content translating quickly and effectively. Delivering both certified and standard translations, it only uses professional translators who have a proven track record spanning several years.

  • L.A. Translation

Based in California, L.A. Translation has acquired a well-deserved reputation for delivering high-quality German interpretation services in the medical field. They also deliver over-the-phone interpreting services, in English to German and vice versa.

  • Burg Translations

This organization is dedicated to delivering quality German translation and transcription services. Operating across various industries, from law to politics and healthcare, Burg Translations is based in Chicago and prides itself on its competitive rates.

  • Absolute Translations

Offering a same-day services for when speed is of the essence, Absolute Translations works with an extensive team of German translators. It can also certify and notarize documents accepted for use by most official authorities.

  • Language Unlimited

Providing both on-site and remote German interpreting services, Language Unlimited works with German linguists across the United States, with its headquarters in Orlando, Florida.  This firm is also happy to provide German transcription in addition to a range of localization services.

  • Link Translations

Link Translations has a network of over 2,000 translators and interpreters, including many German specialists. This agency will provide a free, no-obligation quote.

  • American Language Services

Whether you require in-person, over-the-phone or remote German interpreting services, ALS (American Language Services) Global is sure to be able to help. They can also provide full technical support and equipment for larger events requiring more extensive interpreting services.

  • TransPerfect

Thanks to its network of 4,000 certified linguists, TransPerfect is likely to be able to match your request with the perfect German linguist.

  • JR Language

Delivering German translation services across a broad spectrum of sectors and industries, JR Language has a well-earned reputation for accuracy and reliability. Whether you need German medical translation, legal interpreting services or your marketing content translating, this firm is sure to be able to assist.

  • Lingua Germanica

This Belgian agency specializes in Dutch and German translation services. It has translators able to translate a wide range of documents, including fiscal certificates, diplomas, various types of contracts, in addition to online content and legal documents.

  • Language Connections

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Language Connections can deliver a variety of interpreting solutions, from one-to-one interpreters to facilitate at a meeting or consultation, through to more extensive services such as those required at a large conference.

  • Day Translations

This company provides comprehensive German translation services at competitive prices.

With over 96 million German speakers worldwide, quality language services are indispensable. While Capital Linguists emerged top of our selection, there are various other high-quality options to consider, enabling you to come one step closer to accessing unrivalled German language services! Viel Glück!

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