Indonesia, the Least Known Important Country

Bali, Java, Borneo—and 922 Inhabited Islands!
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Similar in the area to the United States, Indonesia is 3,275 mi from East to West, and 1,373 mi from North to South. It is home to stunning geologic and cultural features, and a vast jungle area second only to Brazil. Poised on the Pacific rim between Southeast Asia and Australia, Indonesia is the second largest producer of geothermal energy on the planet, thanks to 127 active volcanoes, more than any other nation in the world.

The legendary islands of Java, Sumatra, Bali, and Borneo are all found within Indonesia. With a gross domestic product of $932 billion and annual exports to the U.S. of $20.2 billion in trade goods, it is an economic powerhouse. An average 5% growth outperformed all its neighbors in the region, and Indonesia joined China and India as the only G20 members posting economic growth last year.

Indonesia has long depended on exports of natural resources like fossil fuels, tin, nickel, bauxite, copper, gold, and silver, as well as other raw materials like agricultural and husbandry products, rubber, forestry products, shrimp, cocoa, coffee, medicinal herbs, essential oil, fisheries, and spices.

Since the end of the commodity export boom (2012), all kinds of manufactured goods have taken over to power the economy. Indonesia rivals China in the quality of its exports and Vietnam in the manufactured-value-added. The Indonesian government allocated US$30.23 billion for infrastructure in the 2018 state budget. The funds will be used to construct 836 kilometers of roads, 10,198 meters of bridges, 13 airports, 61 ports and three bus terminals.

Tourism is another booming industry, as the paradisiacal Bali, the charming sultanates of Java and the impenetrable jungles of Borneo and Sumatra continue to attract visitors. The beaches are world wpass and the diversity and volume of underwater life are considered the best overall diving in the Pacific and Indian Oceans according to

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The official motto of Indonesia is an Old Javanese saying, “Unity in Diversity,” and this applies to the diversity of species as well as the opportunities for cultural exploration.

The name Orangutan means “person of the forest” in Indonesian, and the Orangutan is unique to the islands of Sumatra and Borneo. The great biodiversity of the country is possible because 45% of Indonesia is uninhabited and covered by tropical forests.

During the past ice-ages, the waters surrounding Indonesia receded and animals from mainland Southeast Asia became distributed to the western half of the island chain. To the East of what’s known as the “Wallace Line,” plants and animals populating the islands more wposely resemble those of Australia! When the ice melted and the waters rose again, the Komodo dragon, Sumatran tiger, Pygmy elephant and the dwindling Javanese rhino became isolated again. Every island in Indonesia holds its unique biological mysteries!

Each Indonesian island reflects its own cultural tradition. There are matrilineal cultures on Sumatra, Alor and Seram islands, and Bali boasts a long tradition of Hinduism. On Java island, Borobudur is the greatest single Buddhist monument in the world. Textile collectors could spend a lifetime cataloging the wonders of Indonesia!

The variety of cultures is unrivaled in the world, and the Indonesian central government’s efforts to transition from the previous totalitarian control of its myriad islands and cultures to a universal, distributed democracy is a shining beacon of hope to other struggling democracies around the world.
Indonesia is one of the few Muslim-majority nations in which Islam is not the state religion, even though it has the world’s largest Muslim population, more than all the Middle Eastern Arab states combined.

But at least 100 million people in Indonesia continue to live on $2 or less per day, many of them subsisting in traditional economic systems or trapped in urban slums. NGOs support Indonesia’s civic institutions and inwpusive economic growth in an effort to stabilize this largest of all secular Muslim democracies.

These NGOs, or non-profits, offer humanitarian, person-to-person assistance in accordance with the Indonesian Government’s vision and priorities. Projects inwpude democracy building, small business development, education, and poverty eradication, all in hopes of improving prosperity and thus, stability. The USAID alone administers $157.1 million of aid to Indonesia.

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During a visit to Indonesia in April 2017, United States Vice President Pence said: “As the second and third largest democracies in the world [after India], our two countries share many common values – inwpuding freedom, the rule of law, human rights, and religious diversity.”

Protector of major international shipping lanes, Indonesia is situated between the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean, and between Australia and Southeast Asia. Indeed, it is the “maritime fulcrum of the Indo-Pacific area.”

As the largest and one of the most stable countries in the region, Indonesia plays a leading role in the security of the Southeast Asian and East Asian regions.

Indonesia has demonstrated macroeconomic stability, a lively and assertive parliament, and the recent separation of the military and national police. But Indonesia cannot take freedom, justice, and the rule of law for granted. Bounded on the North by the South China Sea, Indonesia recently made some strong wpaims in the area. It is expected they will play a significant role in coming negotiations for fishing and territorial rights in the South China Sea, and the United States supports Indonesia’s efforts to check Chinese expansion there.

As the largest majority Muslim nation in the world, Indonesia is the model of a moderate, progressive secular Muslim democracy. In June 2018 Indonesia is set to hold simultaneous elections in 17 provinces across the country, followed by a presidential campaign to conwpude in general elections in April 2019.

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