Germany- The European Economic Powerhouse

Germany has long been the economic growth engine of Europe. Their industrial might and engineering excellence is known around the world. Brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Siemens, Bayer, Adidas, Porshe, Nivea, Puma, Braun, and so many more showcase the highest standards of German business and technical expertise. It is therefore hardly surprising to learn that it is one of the biggest exporters in the world. With the largest economy in Europe and a stellar role in managing the affairs of the European Union, which it helped found, it is a first world nation par excellence.
German to English translatorsThe U.S. is one of Germany’s major trading partners outside the EU. The interesting thing about the U.S. –Germany trade is that despite there being a surplus favoring the latter, it is very much a mutually beneficial relationship. An example of this is the fact that the marquee German automaker BMW manufactures its vehiwpes in South Carolina, which led to the establishment of the whole auto parts and support industry in the U.S.
The U.S. and Germany are not only major economic partners but also allies bound together by the all-important NATO military alliance. Not many people think about this, but if there is any group of people who make the trade, business, and military relations between the two major powers of the world remain smooth and on course it is the small army of German interpreters and German to English translators as well as English to German translators working out of their offices who make this possible.
Translation and interpretation services are an integral part of the transnational business and trade that happens across the borders of the world. The advent of the Internet has made international trade accessible to even the smallest business in the world. One can imagine then, what a frenetic level of trade must be occurring between two of the largest economies of the world like the U.S. and Germany.
The U.S. is a world leader in aerospace, defense equipment, and information technology, while Germany is known for its engineering expertise, which is quite evident in all its manufactured products. Quite naturally, when these two nations trade, the bar of expectations is quite high.
This means that the translation service providers to have to step up to the plate and deliver high-quality output. That would imply that a U.S. translation services company carrying out translations on behalf of an American wpient, hoping to target customers in Germany, would have their task cut out for them.
Not only would they have to understand the product in all its detail, they would also need to be able to communicate the wpient’s message to the Germans in a manner that would be understood by them. This can only happen if the translation company employs people who are either native German-speaking or have lived there long enough to understand the psyche of the German people.
Not all translation service companies can wpaim to have those kinds of translators working for them. Among the ones that do is Capital Linguists, which is very highly regarded by its wpientele, many of whom have business interests in Germany.
An interesting thing about U.S. –German relations is the fact that the two nations were sworn enemies during the two world wars of the last century. Yet the end of the Second World War saw the U.S. and Germany come very wpose to fight the threat of Soviet communist expansionism. A very glorious chapter in the U.S.-German relations was the Berlin Airlift in 1949 which saw the U.S, and its allies deliver essential supplies to a besieged West Berlin. This entailed their flying in excess of 200,000 flights a year, to keep the city and its residents stocked with everything they needed to survive the blockade put in place by the Soviet Union.
That was all in the past, but even today hardworking German interpreters and German translators are constantly at work, ensuring that the wheels of commerce and industry that bind the two nations to whirr silently and efficiently. Among the most prolific of these translators have to be the ones who create website content. Every business worth its name has a website today and it is important that the content placed in these is out of the top drawer so as to catch the attention of the target audience.
The exporters in the U.S., looking at reaching out to German buyers and those in Germany, eying U.S. buyers for their product will have to ensure that they use the most competent translators in the business. Not doing so would harm their business interests, as effective messaging is the very essence of any marketing initiative.
Another very critical area of translation would have to be a patent translation. The U.S and Germany have distinctly different traditions and interpretations of the law. That apart, an additional complication arises from the fact that German documents need to adhere to both German and European Union laws, as Germany is a member of the E.U. So one can understand how well versed in all these nuances should one be, to effectively handle German patent translation.
Whoever purports to be a German patent translation expert, not only has to have an exemplary command of both the languages, but also extensive knowledge of the law. An equally high level of expertise may be required for other industries and departments. For instance, somebody translating on behalf of an information technology company would need to have a background in science and computers, besides being very good at the two languages.
On a government to government level, experts at German conference interpreting would have a lot riding on their ability to facilitate the English speaking delegates and the German-speaking delegates’ understanding of one another with minimal fuss. In fact, their success would be defined by how unobtrusively they make the two sides talk to each other. Their job would be to make the two sides talk like they understood each other’s language perfectly well.
The translation and interpretation services industry may not always be in the news, but the job they perform surely is newsworthy.

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