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Burmese Interpreting & Translation Services

When communicating in Burmese, it is important to be aware of some cultural differences. Smiling and slight laughter may be used to soften any feeling of awkwardness. Direct eye contact should be used sparingly. You can do it, but do not misinterpret it if the other person seems shy— they are just being extremely polite to honor you!

In a similarly indirect manner, business contacts must nearly always be arranged by a third party. In this culture it is extremely rude to actually say the word ‘no.’ This is why it is best to ask open ended questions if you want an honest response. To say ‘no’ directly is just too confrontational. This is why the assistance of a Burmese interpreter is essential.

Nepotism is considered a guarantee of trust and much time should be allowed for relationship building and decision making. When passing or receiving an item, use both hands together to signify respect. The right hand may be used alone in casual situations, but it is taboo to use one’s left hand.

Are you reaching as many Burmese-speaking clients as you should be? Many more potential clients and customers could be reached, if only Burmese translating and Burmese interpreting were implemented, but expanding your reach to the Burmese community and Burmese-speaking world requires a clear plan of action.

When you call, one of our Project Managers will immediately discover your needs and execute an affordable and efficient solution.  Available 24/7, our translation team uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques, and remote interpreting is our specialty.  We are proud to say we have the best customer service, bar none!

For prompt service, call (612) 817-7744. Or,drop an email to, and we will contact you immediately.

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Quick Response

Our prompt customer service will impress you. You will get answers to all your questions. Always available, our Project Managers will guide you through the process and provide timely updates.

Cost Effective

You will experience fast and accurate service at competitive prices. You will not be shocked with any of our service costs. We offer top quality translation and interpretation services to suit your budget.

Fast and Free Quotes

Before booking our translation and interpretation services by phone or email, we will review the quotes with you. We provide fast and free quotes for all of our services. Feel free to contact us anytime.

We Provide Burmese Interpretation & Translation for:

Expand the Reach of Your Organization at Home and Internationally

The Best in the Business

Our professionals deliver superb Burmese translation and interpretation. Available around the clock, our linguists hold advanced degrees in various sectors as well as specific interpreting and translation degrees. Experts in their fields, our personnel deliver courteous and immediate interpreting and translation services.

  • Certified Translations and Affidavits.
  • Flawless Burmese Translations of Legal and Medical Documents.
  • Trained Burmese Interpreters for Any Legal, Medical, or Conference Situation.

Services We Offer

Interesting Facts About the Burmese Language


Services Delivered by Capital Linguists

Burmese to English

Our interpreters provide high-level consecutive and simultaneous interpreting services, and in larger groups, use the help of interpreting and audiovisual equipment. Burmese to English translation has to be perfect to impress your audience.

English to Burmese

Our English to Burmese translators perfect your document in every detail—ideas, choice of words, and impact on the Burmese audience. Interpreting ensures that your message reaches the listeners so they can act on your message.

Uses of Burmese Translation Services

Whether you require Burmese to English or English to Burmese translation services, obtaining them will help you reach your customers and clients in their own language and expand the reach of your organization. Our translators are fast and reliable, and our services are available worldwide. Some of the many document types we translate are:

Burmese for the Web

Translate your site the Capital Linguists way, and your international audience will be able to find it in their favorite search engine. We have multilingual SEO specialists to make sure your message is as effective for international audiences as it is locally.

The professionals at Capital Linguists are available night and day to fulfill your requests. All of our language translators and interpreters are certified and experienced. Whether you require translation services in writing, or interpreting services by phone, or onsite interpreting for conferences and meetings, we offer all these services at decent rates.

Arts and Entertainment

If you wish to introduce your products to Burmese-speaking markets, translation is essential to make your work a success. Subtitles and voiceover services are two of our specialties. We are always happy to assist you.

Knowledgeable entertainment professionals, our translators assure your product reaches the target language market intact, because it doesn’t matter how perfect, effective or aesthetic your original document is, if it’s translated poorly, it will not get your message across properly to your Burmese speaking audience.

We offer:

  • Website Localization
  • Burmese Subtitles
  • Film Script Translation
  • Literary Translation
  • Burmese Voiceover Services

For Technology, Science and Finance

Large corporations rely on us to translate and interpret legal and marketing documents from Burmese to other languages, as well as into Burmese, and our services are available anywhere in the world. Our linguists are well experienced in all kinds of technical and scientific writing. Our customer service is friendly and always available. You can contact us for all types of website translation, social media translation, and much more. We are available by phone 24/7 to meet your needs for interpreting and translation services.

Burmese Interpreting Services

Day to day, Capital Linguists works hard to obtain Burmese interpreters on demand. Our prices are competitive and we offer face-to-face, telephonic, simultaneous, consecutive, and liaison interpreting services to our clients.

  • In-Person Interpretation
  • Telephone Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

We Coordinate Your Large Meetings and Conferences in Person, or on the Web

We Specialize in:

  • Zoom interpreters
  • Google Meet interpreters
  • Microsoft GoToMeeting interpreters

Hosting an international conference?  We offer complete simultaneous interpreting for your conference needs and deliver and set up needed interpreting equipment, included with the rental. Our Project Managers take the guesswork out of coordinating and troubleshooting your conference interpreting needs.

Translation and Interpretation Service for Different Sectors

Remote Conferences

For some time now, we’ve been providing simultaneous interpretation for remote conferences and we are well-positioned to assist our customers who are organizing international conferences.

With the simultaneous interpreting features enabled on your account, virtual conference participants will be able to choose the language channel they prefer to listen to, and each speaker can join the channel that corresponds to his or her preferred language.

We have great relationships with our video conferencing providers and before signing off on a project, we check to see that all the systems are operational to prevent any surprises or delays on the day of the conference. We always conduct a test session with the interpreters a few days before the conference start date.

Ask one of our project managers about the possibilities for your international online conference with remote simultaneous interpreting!

✔ Telephone Interpretation ✔ In-Person Interpretation
✔ Video Remote Interpretation

Medical Interpreting, Medical Translation

Medical forms should be translated into Burmese in advance to save time in clinic and prevent legal issues.

Accurate interpretation saves lives in the medical environment, and our professional Burmese interpreters are knowledgeable regarding medication and medical terminology. Call anytime to arrange an interpreter in a medical setting.

Time to Expand Your Global Reach?
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We offer quotes by email or telephone for all our services: interpreting, translation and large event simultaneous interpreting. Tell us about your project and we can offer suggestions and guidance.  We have the most responsive customer service and skilled interpreters and translators, so call Capital Linguists today.

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