ASL Interpreting Services

"Truly Communicate with Members of the Deaf Community"

ASL Interpreting Services

American Sign Language is the third most “spoken” language in the US, and ASL interpreting is required in many settings. Here is an excerpt from the American with Disabilities Act (the ADA):

“In order to provide equal access, a public accommodation is required to make available appropriate auxiliary aids and services where necessary to ensure effective communication.”

One of the greatest hindrances to complete and correct communication with the Deaf Community is the finger speller or non-professional signer. Often the family member of a deaf person, they may not have the vocabulary to understand or interpret into American Sign Language! Though well-intentioned, an encounter moderated by a finger speller will be less than fluent, at best, and important information could be missed. The ASL interpreters at Capital Linguists are carefully screened for fluency and academic preparation to assist varieties of deaf communication ability. Some specialize in medical interpreting and others in media communications, etc. Deaf people are gaining access to all aspects of American life, so they lobby, and litigate, vigorously for inclusion. All this is to say that the better the interpreter, the better the overall communication with the deaf community. The interpreters and translators of Capital Linguists will bring you the best service, value, and results for all ASL to English and English to ASL needs. Expert simultaneous interpretation means communication will be so quick and fluent, you’ll feel just as if the interpreter was not there! Our translators render into ASL, or from ASL to English superbly, and you can choose specialists in the arts or the hard sciences.

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People are impressed by our responsive customer service. There will be prompt answers to all your questions. Our Project Managers are happy to guide you through our process, provide timely updates, and they are available 24×7.

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You will get accurate and prompt service at competitive rates. We will never surprise you with annoying and unexpected service costs. Capital Linguists offers top quality translation and interpretation services to suit your budget.

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We will call to review the quote before booking our translation and interpretation services. We immediately provide quotes for every one of our services. Feel free to contact us at 24×7.

Interesting Facts About the ASL Language


ASL ranks third in the US, behind English and Spanish, for the number of people who use it as their primary language at home.


What many people consider disability is not considered a challenge to Deaf people, and most don’t want cochlear implants.


The deaf-blind require a tactile interpreter, using ASL signed into the hand of the deaf-blind person.


There are 135 national varieties of Sign Language, each with unique signs and grammar.


Fingerspelling shows a lack of vocabulary and is not appropriate in a professional setting.

Capital Linguists List of Services

ASL Medical Interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretation for Virtual Conferences

Interpreting for High-Level Meetings

ASL to English and English to ASL Interpretation

Academic Support

Technical: Scientific, Academic, Medical

ASL to English, English to ASL

To reach a Deaf audience use Capital Linguists’ interpreters to ensure a natural conversation with your interlocutors. Capital Linguists’ highly educated and certified professional linguists deliver world-class interpreting anywhere in the ASL speaking world. Call our Project Managers to receive the best service, at competitive rates, and on-demand.

Simultaneous ASL for Remote Events

Events at the public level are legally required to have adequate ASL interpreting. Our medical ASL interpreters are compassionate and knowledgeable, and this includes remote events.

We specialize in complex, international events. A team of technicians will be assigned to your special event. They will ensure that your remote conferencing software is configured for interpreting, and they will test all connections at least one day before your event. During the event, they will monitor for any glitches that arise, adding a layer of security regarding the technical aspect of your event.

Professional ASL Interpreting Service

Our skilled and discrete interpreters offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, and we provide interpreters anywhere there are deaf people who need it.

We offer in-person or video ASL interpretation for important meetings, contract negotiations, remote group meetings, depositions and medical interpreting. The interpreters are knowledgeable in many fields, such as legal, academic, medical, the arts and technical fields.

ASL Interpretation Service for Different Sectors

ASL for Legal

The Capital Linguists team offers ASL interpretation service for trials and contract negotiation. Our professionals’ complete knowledge of legal terms and documents in both ASL and English means the interpretation will be accurate and relevant. We offer interpretation services for employment, contract negotiation, depositions, open court interpreting, and much more.

ASL Services for Government and NGOs

Government bodies and NGOs are all required to use ASL interpretation in service of their employees and the public. We stand ready to negotiate a great ASL contract with you.

ASL Medical Interpreting

Accurate medical interpretation prevents serious errors and saves lives in the medical environment. Our compassionate ASL medical interpreters are knowledgeable of special deaf cultural norms and medical terminology.

Call 24×7 to arrange an ASL interpreter in a medical setting.

ASL For Academia

We are proud of our very prestigious client list. We have years of experience with high-level ASL interpretation and translation services. Several of our linguists on staff have expert knowledge of ASL interpreting in the academic world. Our linguists offer various different services like ASL interpretation for diversity and inclusion sessions, international conferences, high-level meetings, one-on-one, and remote simultaneous interpretation. For quick and efficient service, reach us at (612) 817-7744. Or, send us an email:, and we will get back to you immediately.

Is it Time to Grow Your Deaf Audience?

Let Us Write a Quote for You Today We offer free quotes by telephone or email for all our ASL services: in person and remote video interpreting, and simultaneous ASL services for your large event. We’d like to hear about your project and offer our suggestions and guidance. For our responsive customer service and skilled interpreters and translators, call Capital Linguists today. Contact us 24x7 for all translation and interpretation needs: (612) 817-7744
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Capital Linguists: Areas We Serve

Capital Linguists has a team of highly skilled and experienced court-certified interpreters for 200 languages. Our expert translators and interpreters cover depositions, conferences, trials, hearings, medical appointments, clients meeting, and other onsite assignments.



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