Our American Sign Language interpreters, or ASL interpreters, offer live, in-person ASL interpreting services for our interpreting and translation company. They have rich experience with American Sign Language and Deaf culture.

American Sign Language interpreting services

American Sign Language interpreting

Our expert American Sign Language interpreters provide professional ASL interpreting services for our interpreting and translation company, including the following:ASL community interpreting

    • ASL conference interpreting
    • ASL consecutive interpreting
    • ASL court interpreting
    • ASL interpreting
    • ASL interview interpreting
    • ASL liaison interpreting
    • ASL medical interpreting
    • ASL simultaneous interpreting
    • ASL Skype interpreting
    • ASL video conference interpreting


American Sign Language conference equipment support

Our technicians deliver conference equipment support for the ASL simultaneous interpreting and ASL consecutive interpreting services.

American Sign Language and culture

Our ASL interpreters have rich experience with American Sign Language (ASL) and Deaf culture.

ASL may be the most widely used sign language, which is used in the USA, Canada, and Mexico. Sign languages use the shapes, combination, orientation, and movement of hand, arm, body, and facial expressions to convey everything that spoken languages can convey. Fingerspelling, or manual alphabets, is also used to spell out words and names for which there are no signs. People who are deaf or hard of hearing and their friends, families, and others who communicate with them, use sign language. However, other deaf people may also rely on reading lips and speech.

Sign Language interpreting
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