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Capital Linguists

Protect Your Image with Accurate Vietnamese Translation and Interpreting

The best way to convey true respect to your Vietnamese partners is with quality interpreting and translation. English speakers will appreciate the crystal clarity of polished Vietnamese to English interpreting and translation. Capital Linguists offers reliable and accurate Vietnamese interpretation and translation services. We have trained and certified professionals who are expert in providing our services. We provide a great value. Whatever your demand, we will satisfy.

Searching for a Vietnamese interpreter in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, or anywhere in the US? Your search ends with Capital Linguists. The experts on our team offer the best and most reliable translation service. On confirmation of your booking, we provide same day Vietnamese interpretation and translation service. With years of experience, our professionals have become experts in offering translation services.

For prompt service, call (612) 817-7744. Or,drop an email to, and we will contact you immediately.

Why Choose Capital Linguists?
Our Promise to You…

Quick Response

Our speedy customer response will impress you. We answer all your questions. Our project managers work tirelessly to guide you through the process and provide timely updates.

Competitive Cost

We promise you will find fast and accurate service at competitive rates. We will never shock you with any of our service costs. We offer sophisticated translation and interpretation services that are a great value.

Fast & Free Quotes

Before booking our translation and interpretation services, we make sure to review the quote with you. We provide same-day quotes to you for all of our services. Please feel free to contact us any time of day or night; our Project Managers are available to serve you.

Services We Offer

Little Known Facts About Vietnamese Language


Our Language Services in Arabic

Vietnamese to English/English to Vietnamese

Interested in reaching a Vietnamese speaking audience? Use Capital Linguists interpreters to ensure a natural conversation with your prospects and clients. Our localization team produces a translation of your marketing copy that is correctly type-set in Vietnamese. Capital Linguists’ highly educated and certified professional linguists deliver world-class Vietnamese translation and interpreting anywhere it is needed. And our Project Managers are always available to deliver the best service, on time, and at competitive rates.

Vietnamese Translation for Every Sector

We offer translation services for every industry: technical, business, educational, and many more. Protect your investment with discerning, accurate Vietnamese patent, and contract translation. Take your business to the next level with our professional linguists. Possessing advanced degrees and specific translation certification, our Vietnamese linguists deliver world-class translation work. Hire the professionals of Capital Linguists to grow your business. Our professionals offer reliable and accurate translations in any sector. Our professionals are ready day and night to meet your needs. We deliver world-class translation services at a great price. Our professionals have advanced degrees and are specifically trained to translate. We guarantee our clients 100% satisfaction.


For Arts and Entertainment

Not just any translator can correctly deliver your concept to the people who prefer the Vietnamese language. The subtlety and nuance of your project can only be transmitted by a Vietnamese literate. The Vietnamese entertainment professionals at Capital Linguists offer the right service for your video and entertainment products, such as transcription, subtitles, and voiceover. We know the art and literature of the Vietnamese language. Hire our professionals to enjoy reliable, accurate, and efficient service.


Technical and Scientific Translation

High register, exacting translation assures a professional final product in the target language, whether Vietnamese or English. Many technology-oriented firms depend on Capital Linguists for translating their various projects from Vietnamese to English. We translate technical documents from any language into Vietnamese. Capital Linguists has specialized translators in many technical disciplines. Our project managers will respond 24×7 to handle your service requests.

Vietnamese Interpretation Services

Vietnamese Medical Services

Medical interpreting can overcome the language barrier between clinical staff and Vietnamese patients, and obtain a medical history. Our Medical interpreters are medical terminology tested and HIPAA certified. Compassionate, culturally sensitive medical interpreting is our specialty. Our seasoned interpreters have seen it all, ER, clinical, and inpatient services. Keep us on your speed-dial for rapid response.

Vietnamese Interpreting Service

Simultaneous interpreting enables conversations that create lasting bonds. Our skilled and discrete interpreters offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, and we provide interpreters anywhere in the Vietnamese speaking world. We offer remote or in-person Vietnamese interpretation for important meetings, contract negotiations, remote group meetings, depositions, and medical interpreting. You will be assigned an interpreter specializing in your field, such as legal, medical, the arts, and various technical fields.

Remote Interpreting for International Events

We have remained busy during the recent surge in online international meetings. We specialize in complex, multi-language events that include Vietnamese. A team of trained technicians will be assigned to your event. They will ensure that your remote conferencing software is configured for interpreting, and they will test the interpreters’ connections at least one day before your event. During the event, they’ll stay on top of any glitches that arise, adding a layer of security to the technical aspect of your event. In support of your event, Capital Linguists translates materials for the international participants and provides recordings of the source and interpreted presentations, as well as transcriptions, etc., etc.

Vietnamese Translation and Interpretation Service for Different Sectors

Legal Vietnamese Language Services

The Capital Linguists team offers Vietnamese translation and interpretation service for legal documents and contract negotiation. Our professionals’ complete knowledge of legal terms and documents in both Vietnamese and English means the translations that we offer are accurate and relevant. Our professionally trained translators do their work accurately and efficiently. We offer translation and interpretation services for wills and trusts, trademarks, business documents, contracts, copyright and patents, depositions, open court interpreting, and much more.

Corporate Vietnamese Language Services

We are proud of our high-level client list. We have years of experience with Vietnamese interpretation and translation services at the highest level, and several of our linguists on staff have expert knowledge of corporate translation and interpreting. Our linguists offer different services, such as consecutive Vietnamese interpretation for diversity and inclusion sessions, international staff meetings, high-level meetings, one-on-one, and remote simultaneous interpretation. We often translate Vietnamese corporate communications, SOPs, intranet, and marketing materials both electronic and hard copy.

High Tech Vietnamese Language Services

High Tech companies use Capital Linguists for Vietnamese interpretation and translation as well. Our prestigious client list relies on Capital Linguists for precision translation of both specific technical documents and consumer-facing text, including websites, metatags, corporate protocols, and microcopy. Our project management team works 24×7 to get your project rolling and then bring it to a fast and successful conclusion. We can also expedite your project if you need it quickly! For quick and efficient service, call (612) 817-7744. Or, send an email to, and we will get back to you immediately.

Vietnamese Services for Government, NGOs and Regulatory

An accurate translation can protect your organization or project from becoming bogged down in red tape. Reporting is required for any governmental or charitable organization, and we can make sure there are no slip-ups in your translated reports. We translate non-profit project reports, required reporting to Vietnamese speaking authorities, and bilingual documents issued by the government. We’ll prepare a formal proposal if needed. You can contact us for free quotes on all the services we deliver.

Vietnamese Medical Interpreting and Medical Translation

Medical forms should be translated into Vietnamese in advance to save time in the clinic and prevent legal issues. Accurate interpretation saves lives in the medical environment and our professional Vietnamese medical interpreters are knowledgeable of special cultural norms and medical terminology. Call at any time to arrange an interpreter in a medical setting.

Are You Ready to Expand Your Global Reach?

Get a Quote from Us Today We can give free quotes by telephone or email for all our services: translation, interpreting and large event simultaneous interpreting services. We’d like to hear all about your project and offer our suggestions and guidance. For the fastest customer service and high quality interpreters and translators, call Capital Linguists today. Contact us 24×7 for all translation and interpretation needs: (612) 817-7744




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