Quality German translations

Are you looking for a reliable German translation service you can trust? When you need guaranteed accuracy, as well as faithful, fluent and high-quality outcomes, look no further than Capital Linguists. We are a translation company with a proven track record of excellence. We take pride in understanding the importance of providing reliable and accurate German-English – or English-German – translations. What’s more, our team of highly skilled advanced translators specializes in the nuances of German language – giving you the ultimate peace of mind regarding your German document translation.

What makes Capital Linguists different?

We understand the importance of an accurate translation. That’s why at Capital Linguists, we prioritize finding you a skilled German language expert who is not only a German-English bilingual, native German speaker, but also an advanced translator. Translation is more than speaking two languages; it’s about understanding the nuances, and being able to transpose these from one language to another – in a way that feels natural. Whether you want us to translate the English version of your text into German, or a German version into English, what’s certain is that your end-product professional translation will read as naturally and fluently as your original!

Covering all aspects of translation, we can offer you a project manager to ensure your German-English or English-German language project is carried out rigorously – and in a time frame to suit you. We go out of our way to ask pertinent background questions to ensure we have a sophisticated understanding of exactly what it is you require. This attention to detail means you can be certain of a high-quality outcome, and a German version of your text that meets your requirements exactly.

Plus, by using a holistic project management approach, we ensure the translation process runs smoothly – and the German version correlates perfectly to the English version. In fact, we aim to offer you a result which actually improves on your original!

How do we ensure a quality German translation?

By choosing Capital Linguists to carry out your German translation, you are choosing a German translation agency with a team of professional translators, many of whom have a degree in translation or in their specialist foreign language. Furthermore, not only do our skilled linguists have a sophisticated understanding of both the German and English language, they also make sure that your document is translated in a way which is culturally appropriate. By using native speakers, Capital Linguists can enable the original version of your text to undergo cross-cultural adaptation, too. This adaptation process means your resulting translation is engaging on both a linguistic and a cultural level, perfectly tailored to the needs of its new audience. 

What about regional German language differences?

Do you need a text translating from Austrian German? Or perhaps you have something written in Swiss German that you need help with? Don’t worry; at Capital Linguists, we can find the perfect German translator with an in-depth understanding of whatever the dialect of your German language text.

What’s more, if you require an original English-language version of a text to be translated into a particular variety of German, that’s not a problem, either. We work with an impressive team of both German and English translators who can carry out the translation process to whatever specification you require, whether this means accommodating regional differences, or carrying out full-scale cross-cultural translations – a level of service you could not hope to find, using an online automatic translation tool!

In fact, by selecting Capital Linguists, you are appointing a German translation agency that works tirelessly to carry out the rigorous development of their translators and interpreters, guaranteeing internal consistency so you can be certain of an excellent outcome. 

What can you translate?

The short answer – anything you like! At Capital Linguists, we can cater to the size, scope and timescale of your project, whatever it entails. We have carried out an impressively wide range of translation and interpretation jobs, from large-scale literary translation projects, down to one-off English translations of short German documents. Whether it’s a legal translation, an article, a sensitive report or a German medical document you require as an accurate English or German version, you can count on the excellent reliability of Capital Linguists to deliver a faithful translation that meets your expectations – and in the time span you need.

So, if you are seeking to appoint a translation company with a proven track record of highly accurate, excellent German translations, look no further; get in touch with Capital Linguists today, and get all the answers to questions you may have about your next German translation project! Viel Glück! 

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