Super-powered translation turns Polish into natural English

With 55 million speakers worldwide, Polish language and culture has already had an influence on the rest of the world. It has a huge presence in the United Kingdom, where Polish is the third most spoken language after English and Welsh. Around the world, the names for famous Polish foods like pierogis and kielbasa are familiar to many English speakers, and Polish literature has made its mark as well, with five Nobel Prize winners among its ranks.

Despite all this, it might be no surprise to learn that Polish is not the most popular choice for English speakers looking to learn another language, as it is considered one of the most difficult for English speakers due to its complex grammar and pronunciation, long alphabet with diacritic markings, and famous consonant clusters. Polish words can get quite long too, with the longest word containing 54 letters! Poles are known to take pride in their difficult language, calling it their “super power”, but what do you do if you aren’t one of the lucky with this power? Polish to English translation services can help you take advantage of everything Polish culture and language has to offer.

Polish to English translation services can help you navigate the cultural nuances of Polish expression. Polish is an elaborate language, with seven grammatical cases, honorifics, and different pronouns based on the level of formality. However, even in formal settings, the Polish like to strike a friendly tone. They have plenty of options for doing this, as nearly every word in the Polish language has a diminutive form, with some having up to three or five. These diminutive forms are used to express affection while maintaining the desired level of formality or respect. A professional Polish to English translator is able to identify and replicate these choices in English, ensuring that the message stays warm and friendly regardless of the setting.

Polish expression is also very self-referential. Polish writing often includes several cultural references or idiomatic phrases that are not easily translatable to an English-speaking context. While you may not be well-versed in Polish proverbs or cultural touchstones, the linguists in our Polish to English translation service are. They put their cultural and linguistic knowledge to use to find the equivalent phrase in your language and culture, helping you find that point of common connection regardless of cultural background. Whether you’re hoping to expand your business to a new market or simply learn more about the rich culture of Poland, our linguists in the Polish to English translation service will put their own super power to work transmitting all the subtleties of Polish expression to you in a clear, fluid message.

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