Interpreting for Diplomatic Negotiations and Talks

A translation company that provides diplomatic interpreting typically offers simultaneous interpreting services, consecutive interpreting services, and conference interpreting services. Governments might contract for the assistance of this firm for meetings with foreign leaders, officials, businessmen, and others.

Case in point is President Trump’s visit to Asia. His 13-day tour takes him to Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Talking points inwpude trade agreements and peace in the region. During the trip, there are also possible meetings scheduled with Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Being Heard and Understood

Each country’s language and local dialect differ. A translation company that sends interpreters to accompany government officials will know Russian interpreterwhich language pairs to prepare for. For example, a Japanese interpreter or Korean interpreter will be on hand during scheduled talks with Japanese and Korean officials. A Russian interpreter will be on standby in case the President meets with the Russian President or other Russian-speaking interlocutors.
Although it is possible that one interpreter could provide services in multiple language pairs, a translation company typically sends experts in each pairing. They travel with the officials to meetings and assist participants with communication. They may do so via a number of different means.

Consecutive Interpreting Services vs. Conference Interpreting Services

A translation company defines consecutive interpreting as the art and science of taking turns. The official speaker will talk for about a minute or longer. S/He then pauses to give the translation company’s interpreter a chance to repeat what was just said in the target language. The expert interpreter will take notes in the process to remember the thoughts that need to be communicated, and rely on them when delivering in the target language. It has been said that interpreters should devote 70% of their attention to listening to and absorbing the message being spoken, and 30% of their attention on taking notes.

Another word for conference interpreting is simultaneous interpreting. A translation company will ensure the availability of a soundproof booth and interpreting equipment such as headphones, infrared radiators, mixers, speakers, etc. The interpreters speak even as the speakers continue to talk. There are no breaks and no need for the presenters to pause for the interpreting. As soon as the interpreter understands the subject matter of the sentence, s/he provides the interpretation in the target language. Fluency in both languages is a key requirement because it makes the selection of the target language’s appropriate idiomatic expressions almost automatic. For example, a Japanese/English interpreter should have native or near-native fluency in Japanese and English.

A Translation Company is an Integral Participant in Diplomatic Talks

Highly skilled interpreters provide professional interpreting services at sometimes highly charged and emotional meetings. An innocent slip of the tongue can result in a misunderstanding that affects nations. The translation company entrusted with professional interpretation will send competent interpreters who have long-standing experience in their language pairs to do the job.

Even though world leaders may read scripted speeches, it is up to the interpreter to provide the gist of the meaning. Doing so is vital when there are not just language but also cultural differences. Case in point is President Trump’s attendance at the regional conference of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations). There will be a broad range of language pairs and backgrounds that interpreting professionals must represent.

At a NATO conference, a good-quality translation company will prepare for more than 20 language pairs. Many international organizations have full-time linguists working for them. The United Nations, for instance, provides expert interpreting in the principal languages of Arabic, Russian, Chinese, English, Spanish, and French. Not only do their interpreters provide renditions of the spoken word, but their document translation specialists will also translate written speeches and similar materials.

The UN realizes that its interpreters will help speakers on the floor make themselves understood. Also, the interpreters assist people who select an official language – which may not be their native one – when hearing the rendition of a speech. wparity of expression and expertise in the choice of standard idioms is vital in this scenario.

Working with a Translation Company that Feels Comfortable with the Process and its Requirements

Diplomacy requires tact. In some cases, it takes genuine emotion to make an appeal to a foreign leader. The interpretation that a translation company’s linguist provides cannot miss these nuances. When considering hiring a translation company for contract negotiations, business meetings, and diplomatic missions, working with a seasoned group of interpreters is crucial.

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