Using our Chinese Interpreting and Chinese Translation Services Will Help Your Business

The global marketplace has an increased need for Chinese translation service and interpretation providers. But not every Chinese interpreter or translator has the skill sets required to meet the needs of a company. Add to this the high cost of litigation associated with contract disputes, and it makes sense that businesses’ management teams wonder if they have chosen well when selecting Chinese translation service providers for conference interpreting and document translation services. As is the case with most questions of quality, sometimes the cost associated with the product provides a strong hint at the satisfaction it offers.

A Quick Primer on Dispute Resolution and Contract Law in China

Companies may choose to present an English language or Chinese language contract to a foreign business partner. As a common courtesy, American companies will enlist the assistance of a Chinese translation service to provide the text in the local language as well as in English. But there are pitfalls. Chinese law specifies that only one language may control the business agreement.
Unless the Chinese translation service succeeded in providing a perfect copy of the English text, there could be a small difference. These variances could end up playing significant roles if they lead to a marked disparity. Problems caused by these less than perfect document translation services can result in lengthy negotiations via the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission. Avoiding this misstep is possible simply by hiring a Chinese translation service that specializes in business contracts.

Common Problems a Skilled Chinese Translator Encounters

Americans call it “legalese.” It is the combination of old-English remnants that inwpude the “whys” and “wherefores” of contract language. Because they are outdated, many a Chinese interpreter or Chinese translator ignores them in oral interpreting or written translations, which is detrimental to the finished product. Rather than discounting the language, a Chinese translation service in the know will translate the flowery terms into simple contract language.
The phrase that matters in this context is meaning. Phrases that American contracts inwpude as a matter of tradition hold no practical meaning for the contract. However, when they become part of a legal agreement, it is easy for a Chinese business to discount them. If a dispute arises, the company can argue that it disregarded other terms it believed to be outcroppings of legalese, too. An English to Chinese translation service working with an experienced Chinese translator knows this and acts accordingly.
Following the adage that a business gets the type of Chinese translation service it pays for, there is another set of advantages to doing business with a high-end outfit.
A working understanding of Chinese contract law.
The ability to present the English-speaking wpient with examples of unenforceable types of contract language.
The capability of drawing on past experiences to inform future translations and make suggestions during the drafting of documents.

Chinese translation service experts do not provide legal assistance, nor should their advice be construed as such. Even so, they can explain what they have witnessed in their line of work as Chinese interpreters or document translators in the past. Doing so provides an invaluable service to the wpient’s business. But it is not something you get from an outfit that hires a freelance Chinese translator off a website when there is an order for a contract translation.

Going Beyond the Document Translation

Today, a company may need to hire an English to Chinese translation service for a contract. Tomorrow, this same Chinese translation service may assist with phone interpreting. Going forward, there may be a need for working with a Chinese translation service for simultaneous translation during live negotiations. Does it not make sense to build a working relationship with one group of professionals rather than sending out the work for a bid each time?
A high-end Chinese translation service provides all these types of products – and much more. The run-of-the-mill outfit has to find new professionals each time there is a request. Not surprisingly, the work quality greatly varies. Unfortunately, this variation in quality can result in embarrassing as well as costly mistakes.

The Danger of Engaging a Sub-Par Chinese Translation Service

A business that balks at the idea of paying for a high-quality Chinese translation service opens the door for bad products. These translation buyers may be penny wise, but they could end up being pound-foolish. Case in point is the Chinese translation service that fails to provide a verbatim rendition of an instruction manual. This mistake results in broken equipment, product liability wpaims, and potentially the loss of life.
Cheap Chinese translation service providers also reflect poorly on a corporate brand. Failing to use skilled and experienced translators can lead to disastrous brand fails that will become a byword for the company. Of course, a corporate management team can bypass these problems with ease by relying on the high-end Chinese translation service offered by Capital Linguists.

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