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Russian translation services in the USA and UK have never been more vital than in today’s interconnected world. Russia’s prominence in global politics, economics, and culture, as well as its key role in international diplomacy, trade, and energy resources, make it essential for businesses, governments, and organizations to communicate effectively with Russian-speaking counterparts. At Capital Linguists, we are fully aware of the importance of accuracy, reliability and high-quality results – and that’s why we are 100% confident you’ll be happy you went with us for your Russian language project, whether you’re UK-based or in the United States.

Take your high-level, high-stakes meetings to the next level, and draw on the unrivalled experience and vigilance of Capital Linguistsinterpreters and translators. When it comes to Russian translation services in the UK and USA, our experienced and accredited linguists guarantee flawless and professional results. Capital Linguists provides in-person as well as remote interpreting, and we also handle translation projects across a diverse range of sectors. When it comes to the Russian language, there is nothing our language experts can’t help you with! What’s more, our dedicated Russian interpreters and translators operate round the clock and around the world, ensuring your project is completed on time and within budget. Our services are fully guaranteed and certified – for Russian translation services in the UK and USA that you can trust, there’s no better choice than Capital Linguists!

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We make it our priority to respond quickly. Our dedicated project managers are ready to help 24/7, seamlessly guiding you through the whole process from start to finish. We’ll provide a same-day quote via email or over the phone.

Competitive Pricing for Outstanding Service

At Capital Linguists, we understand the importance of value for money, and you’ll find our services both cost-effective and efficient. Count on us for high-quality translation and interpretation services tailored to your budget, with transparent pricing that won’t catch you off guard.

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Before you confirm our translation and interpretation services over the phone or via email, we make a point of discussing the quotation with you. We are committed to delivering quotes on the same day for all our services, and we’re happy to hear from you anytime – day or night.

Russian Language Fun Facts 

  • Russian is one of the 6 official UN languages
  • Four countries have Russian as their official language: Russia (of course!), along with Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan
  • Russian words almost never begin with “a”. Words that do are usually an appropriation from another language.
  • The Russian verb “to be” doesn’t exist in the present tense!
  • Native Russian speakers comprise some 2.4% of the entire world’s population
  • Russian speakers sometimes playfully use “matreshka” to rhyme words and convey a hidden meaning.

Capital Linguists’ Russian translation services in the USA and UK include:

  • Translation to and from Russian
  • Russian-English/English-Russian Interpreting
  • Russian Content and Copywriting
  • Russian Localization of Websites and Documentation
  • Russian Desktop Publishing projects
  • Russian Editing and Proofreading
  • Russian Voiceovers and Subtitling
  • Russian Customer Service Solutions
  • Russian Marketing and Communications
  • Russian Translation of Documents

Russian Translation Services by Capital Linguists 

Capital Linguists has a vast network of Russian language professionals across the globe. Because no two translation projects are the same, we match up the most appropriate linguist for your project. Our translators have backgrounds in a wide range of fields, including technical, scientific, legal, literary, political and medical sectors. This allows you to tap into their extensive Russian-language expertise, delivering the very highest standards.

In addition, our project managers carefully oversee your translation project, keeping you well-informed on its progress and ensuring it is completed on schedule. If you need Russian translation services (in the UK or USA) in a hurry, that’s no problem either.

Russian Translation Services in the USA and UK:

Russian Medical Translation and Interpretation

As part of our Russian language services, we offer a complete and bespoke medical translation service, ensuring any medical documents and forms are translated (either in or out of Russian) prior to your consultation. This saves time and allows clinicians to have access to information beforehand. We can then provide an in-person or remote Russian interpreter to accompany you to your appointment. Medical translation relies on highly accurate Russian-language knowledge, ensuring you get to access to the best healthcare. Our Russian linguists are experts both in key medical terminology, but also the particular cultural norms that should be observed. Get in touch anytime to set up your Russian medical translation and interpretation package.

Legal Russian Language Services

Capital Linguists offers Russian translation and interpretation services specifically designed for legal documents and contract negotiations. Our professionals boast extensive knowledge of legal terms and documents in both Russian and English, ensuring the efficient delivery of accurate and appropriate translations. Our Russian translation services include wills and trusts, employment contracts, trademarks, business documents, contracts, copyright and patents, leases, depositions, open court interpreting and so much more.

Russian Translation Services in the USA and UK Specifically for Government, NGOs, and Regulatory Compliance

Accurate translation plays a pivotal role in preventing bureaucratic entanglements for your organization or project. Timely and precise reporting is essential for governmental and charitable organizations, and we ensure flawless translations for your reports. Our expertise spans the translation of non-profit project reports, mandatory reporting to Russian-speaking authorities, and bilingual government documents. We eagerly await the opportunity to deliver a proposal to your organization and encourage you to contact us for a free quote on our wide array of services today!

Russian Technical Translation

The Russian language plays a pivotal role in today’s world of technology. That’s why many tech companies draw on our expertise in this field. Capital Linguists has an imipressive list of prestigious clients who rely on our translators’ technical expertise in Russian. We can help you with both technical or scientific document translation, and consumer-facing content, ensuring the tone and vocabulary is perfectly suited to the text. We’ll translate your websites, metatags, corporate documents, manuals and other technical specifications. For accurate and reliable service, email and we will get back to you the same day.

Russian Corporate Language Services

Our commitment to client confidentiality is unwavering. With extensive experience in delivering top-tier Russian interpretation and translation services, our team includes numerous linguists with specialized knowledge in corporate translation and interpreting. Our linguists provide a diverse array of services, including consecutive Russian interpretation for international staff meetings, high-level discussions, one-on-one interactions, and remote simultaneous interpretation. What’s more, we routinely translate Russian corporate communications, standard operating procedures (SOPs), intranet content, and marketing materials, both in digital and printed formats.

Is It Time to Widen Your Global Horizons? 

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