Lost In Translation? Your Guide to Navigating the Japanese Language

Japan may be smaller than the state of California in terms of area, but its substantial economic global significance and robust GDP of $4.91 billion have spurred a growing demand for Japanese translation services. Its reputation as being a challenging language is well-founded: In fact, Japanese is dissimilar from virtually all other tongues, with no proven link to any of the world’s major language families. Its three writing scripts – Kanji, Hiranga and Katakana – reflect Japan’s complex linguistic history that spans many centuries, along with its diverse and sometimes surprising influences.

When you need to communicate with the Japanese-speaking community, it’s crucial that you draw on the skills of experienced Japanese linguists, able to navigate not only the language’s written complexities but also grasp the cultural nuances that play a significant role in Japanese communication.

That’s where Capital Linguists comes in. With an impressive network of highly skilled, accredited and experienced Japanese linguists, we can eliminate linguistic obstacles and assist you in reaching a Japanese audience.

The Complexities of Spoken Japanese

In Japanese, keigo –various levels of politeness – play an important role in spoken communication. This intricate system requires the speaker to choose the appropriate honorific expression based on the social context as well as the speakers’ relationship. That’s not all; Japanese communication relies heavily on context and implications, which means the speaker is required to have an embedded understanding of cultural subtleties and customs in order to communicate sincerely and effectively.

Thankfully, Capital Linguists’ Japanese interpreting services comprise linguists with a comprehensive and far-reaching knowledge of the intricate threads that come together to create this fascinating language. We are proud to have helped many diverse businesses reach Japanese speakers, enabling them to flourish and grow.

Capital Linguists’ Japanese Translation Services

Throughout Capital Linguists’ extensive history, we have developed highly effective strategies for delivering the very best in Japanese-to-English and English-to-Japanese translation and interpretation services. These include: 

  •  Document Translation

We have translated all manner of documentation, across a diverse array of sectors, from medical to legal, digital to academic, scientific to literary – and many more.

  •  Online Translation

A robust online presence in Japan is essential. We have translated web content for a range of businesses and organizations.

  • Subtitling

Our subtitling services have enabled Japanese entertainment to be enjoyed by English speakers – and vice versa.

  •  Transcreation 

This is the act of adapting material from one language to another, taking into account cultural references and styles, all the while maintaining the original message.

  • Localization Services

This is the process of rendering content relevant to the target audience, retaining the original tone and style.

  • One-to-One Interpreting Services

Ideal for consultations, interviews and meetings.

  • Interpretation

We deliver both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, depending on which best suits your communication needs.

  • Telephonic Interpretation

A versatile solution, requiring minimal equipment.

For Japanese translation services you can depend on, choose Capital Linguists and you’ll be in safe hands. Reach out today and find out how we can help!

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