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K’iche Interpreting & Translation Services 

The K’iche (or Quiché) language is indigenous to the Mayan people and spoken by the K’iche people, primarily in the highlands of Guatemala. K’iche is more than just a language; it is a linguistic treasure, representing the cultural heritage of its indigenous speakers.

K’iche isn’t just important on a cultural level, though. Ask yourself: Could your company optimize its engagement with the Quiché-speaking community? The utilization of K’iche translation services (or Quiché interpreting services) opens doors to a larger pool of future clients and customers across Guatemala. However, navigating this process requires a well-thought-out, actionable strategy. That’s where Capital Linguists comes in!

Our large team of experienced project managers is ready and waiting to take your call, during which they will explore your unique requirements and scale of your project. Whether you require on-site K’iche interpreting services or have documents to be translated, they’ll guide you through the process. In fact, we would go so far as to say our customer services is unrivaled!

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Available 24/7, we will provide you with flawless Quiché translation services and interpreting, along with the customer support you expect and deserve.

We Provide Quiché Interpretation and Translation for:

  • Businesses
  • Charities
  • Academic Institutions
  • Legal Firms 
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Hospitals and Medical Clinics
  • Science and Technology Sectors
  • Medical Research Organizations 
  • Biotechnology Industry 
  • Pharmaceutical and Engineering Companies

English to K’iche

Our experienced team of English to K’iche translators render your document into K’iche, taking into account all the details that add to the final result: Not only are the original ideas conveyed, but also the best choice of words and the impact they will have on a K’iche-speaking audience.

K’iche to English

Furthermore, our Quiché interpreting services guarantee that your message is conveyed accurately and succinctly to your Quiché listeners. We work with highly qualified, experienced consecutive and simultaneous interpreters who can provide K’iche interpreting services in larger groups, thanks to our top-notch audio-visual equipment, or one-to-one, such as for an appointment, consultation or interview.

Services We Offer

Uses of K’iche Translation Services

Whether its K’iche to English or English to K’iche translation services that you require, they will support you in reaching your customers and clients in the language they are most comfortable with, expanding your organization’s influence within Guatemala, and within the Quiché community elsewhere in the world. You can rely on our linguists to deliver accurate, sensitive and prompt translations, to wherever you are in the world. We offer Quiché translation services for any document. Some of those we most frequently translate are:

  • Product Labels
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Websites
  • Legal Contracts
  • Marketing Materials
  • Research Papers
  • Subtitles

K’iche For Your Website

Opt for the Capital Linguists’ approach to translating your site, and your content will become readily accessible to the K’iche-speaking community, via their preferred search engine. Our team of multilingual SEO specialists are there to ensure your message is conveyed as effectively for a K’iche audience, as it is the English-speaking world. What’s more, our team is available day or night, to accommodate your individual needs. Our certified K’iche translators and interpreters can deliver services over the phone or onsite for conferences and meetings. What’s more, you’re sure to get the most competitive rates around. Get in touch for a quote for Quiché translation services applying to any of the following content – plus much, much more!

  • Financial Statements
  • Applications
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Website Content
  • Plenty more!

Arts and Entertainment

When it comes to the arts and entertainment, Capital Linguists has a wealth of experience in delivering Quiché translation services, allowing you to introduce your cultural offerings to new communities. In fact, we would go so far as to say that subtitling and voiceover services are two of our specialties! Thanks to our linguists’ in-depth knowledge of K’iche culture and language, we’ll make sure your audio-visual works align with cultural expectations. We understand that, no matter how aesthetically perfect your original work might be, a poor translation can create the wrong sort of attention! We’ll make sure your original message is retained and transposed for the new audience of your work.

We Can Provide:

  • Website Localization 
  • K’iche Subtitles 
  • Film Script Translation Services
  • Translation of Literary Works
  • K’iche Voice Over Services

Extend Your Organization’s Impact Both Nationally and Internationally

While it’s difficult to assess the exact number of K’iche speakers in Guatemala, there are thought to be between one and two million across the whole country, making it by far the most widely spoken Mayan language there – as well as the language of around 7% of its population.

Our translators and interpreters can help you reach this important audience, in addition to making K’iche-language documents and works accessible to English speakers. In fact, Guatemala has the largest economy in Central America and has enjoyed the steadiest growth rate there for the past three decades! That’s why Quiché interpreting services and translation options can assist your business’ influence and reach across the Americas.

Excellence Beyond Compare

The quality of our Quiché translation services is unrivaled. What’s more, our linguists available at all times, and are accredited with qualifications proving their status as the best in the industry. They can provide:

  • Affidavits and Certified Translations
  • Impeccable K’iche Translations of Legal and Medical Documentation
  • Experienced K’iche Interpreters Available For Legal and Medical Consultations In Addition To Conferences
  • Guaranteed USCIS Acceptance and FDA Compliance
  • K’iche Voice Over Services

Technology, Science and Finance Sectors

Capital Linguists is the go-to choice for a wide range of major corporations, who require legal documents, website content, social media posts and marketing materials translating both to and from Quiché. Whether you’re based in Guatemala, the USA or anywhere else around the world, you can depend on our friendly, flexible and responsive customer service team. Contactable 24/7, we’ll handle your interpreting and translation needs swiftly and to the highest industry standards.

Medical Translation & Interpretation

It is paramount that medical translation and interpretation – both into and out of K’iche – is carried out with the utmost accuracy. We can translate medical reports and documents beforehand, saving time in your consultation. We’ll also provide the most suitable K’iche interpreter to assist you, either in-person or remotely, during your medical appointment, providing reassurance.

Services We Offer

Quiché Interpreting Services

Capital Linguists works hard to acquire the best Quiché interpreters. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing structure, in addition to offering a range of face-to-face, telephone, simultaneous, consecutive, and liaison interpreting services. Get in touch for:

  • Telephone Interpretation
  • In-Person Interpretation
  • Remote Interpretation
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

Expert Handling Of Your Large Meetings and Conferences, Whether Virtual Or Face-To-Face

Are you hosting a global conference? Then we can help. Our simultaneous interpreting solutions guarantees the smooth running of your conference. We’ll deliver and set up all the necessary equipment as part of the rental. What’s more, our skilled project managers are ready and waiting to deal with the coordination and troubleshooting.

We Specialize in Managing Remote Conferences

Capital Linguists has a long and impressive history providing simultaneous interpretation for remote conferences. Thanks to our experience in the field, we can offer our customers a wealth of advice and knowledge, ensuring international conferences happen without a hitch. Enabling the simultaneous interpreting features allows virtual conference participants to select their preferred language. For your reassurance, we conduct extensive testing prior to the conference, to make sure everything runs smoothly.

We can provide:

  • Telephone Interpretation
  • In-Person Interpretation
  • Video Remote Interpretation

Why Choose Us?

We Can Promise You:


You’ll find unparalleled customer service with us – prompt responses, thorough answers to all your questions, and guidance from our project managers who are always at your service, providing frequent timely updates.

Competitive Pricing

We pride ourselves on value for money as well as efficiency and quality. All our costs are transparent, so you’ll know the full outlay from the beginning. What’s more, we can tailor our services to suit your budget.

Quick Quotes

We offer free, same-day quotes for all our K’iche translation and interpreting services. We’ll talk you through the whole process before you commit, so feel free to reach out at a time that suits you.

Expand Your Business Globally with Capital Linguists!

Finding an international translation company that also offers exemplary customer services can be difficult. Capital Linguists prides itself on offering both – at a fair price. What’s more, we have experienced, qualified linguists across the US and the wider world.

Interesting K’iche Language Facts:

  • K’iche is strongly linked with its geography, particularly its sacred mountains
  • There are many words tied to agriculture in K’iche, highlighting the importance of farming within this community
  • K’iche is witnessing a strong cultural revival, with many education programs promoting its significance
  • K’iche is a vowel-rich language, which makes its pronunciation highly distinctive.
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