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Capital Linguists

Hakha Chin Interpreting & Translation Services

If you are searching for a translator that can accurately communicate your message to your clients whose native tongue is Hakha Chin then Capital Linguists is the right choice. We have qualified and certified translators and interpreters that have knowledge of different domains and years of experience in the translation of several documents. We offer translation and interpretation for educational, legal, business, medical, defense, technical, and many more. We offer the best quality service at the most convenient price. You will be completely pleased with our service. We are just one call away. Our translators complete the assigned project within a limited period of time and under budget.

You can look over our service quotes before hiring us. We offer free quotations of our services over the phone. To discuss your requirement you can easily contact us on 612-817-7744. You can also drop your query at    

For prompt service, call (612) 817-7744. Or,drop an email to, and we will contact you immediately.

Why Choose Capital Linguists?
Our Promise to You…

Professional Translator

Capital Linguists have only certified and professionals. Our linguists have a deep understanding of the Hakha Chin language. We complete our service with full professionalism. Proper training is provided to our linguists to deliver accurate translation.

Budget-Friendly Service

We want our clients to come back again to us. Our professionals deliver all the services under your pocket. We do not have any hidden costs. You will be conveyed about all our service charges in the beginning. You can check out our free quotes over the phone.

Fast and Free Quote

Before hiring our professionals, you can check our free quote. We offer fast and effective service all across the USA. Customer support of Capital Linguists is accessible 24x7 hours. You are free to contact us anytime. We provide a free quotation for all our services over the call.

Services We Offer

Interesting Facts About the Hakha Chin Language


Hakha Chin Interpretation Services

Our linguists are leaders in offering the Portugues interpretation service. We have a team of experienced professionals that provide accurate interpretation service. In real-time interpretation, there is no chance of correction and modification, so our interpreters deliver an accurate and effective translation of the Hakha Chin language. We put 100% to meet the communication needs of clients.

  • We have many years of experience in interpreting languages.
  • We have in-depth knowledge of several subject domains.
  • We offer cultural preferences to the client.

Hakha Chin Consecutive Interpretation Service

This type of interpretation is the process in which the interpreter notes down the line by line what the speaker is saying. After the speaker is finished with the content, then the interpreter conveys the speech in the desired language. This type of interpretation service is mostly used in small group meetings, trails, and individual interpretation. The professionals are well trained to deliver the consecutive interpretation service for outing, meetings, site visits, social gatherings.

Translation Service for the Hakha Chin  Language

Professionals of Capital Linguists offer world-class translation services at a reasonable cost. To grow your business in Africa, South America, and Europe, you can hire our expert professionals. We have experience in converting the Hakha Chin language into English and English into Hakha Chin. We are available 24×7 hours. You can trust Capital Linguists for-

  • Hakha Chin translation services with the help of natives
  • In-person and over the call interpretation service.
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • No extra and hidden fees
  • Document translation with certified professionals

Translation and Interpretation Service for Different Sectors

Medical Document translation

The professionals of Capital Linguists understand the importance of the medical document translation as medical translation and interpretation requires absolute and reliable conversion. We have several certified and experienced linguists that offer the best translation service. We have translated for many pharma companies, healthcare departments. Professionals of Capital Linguists offer translation of medical prescriptions, medicines, medical reports, patient surveys, and many more.

Hakha Chin Legal Document Translation

We have professionals that have complete knowledge about legal terms and areas. By hiring our professionals, you will get legitimate and litigation services, including Hakha Chin deposition services, Hakha Chin document management, Hakha Chin electronic data discovery, Hakha Chin virtual data rooms, Hakha Chin court reporting, Hakha Chin on-site document identification, and Hakha Chin transcription services. Our professionals are friendly and understand every expectation of the client. We deliver our service on time and under your budget. We are also good at offering a translation of wills and trusts, business documents, agreements, trademarks, and much more.

Technology and Technical Document Translation

Capital Linguists offer end to end solutions to successfully introduce your technology to people who are only familiar with the Hakha Chin language. Our professionals have wide knowledge about the technical field, thus fluently offer the service. We offer interpretation and translation of websites, technical documents, technical languages, content, and many more. We deliver our service on the same day of booking confirmation. Thus you don’t have to wait too long for the service. You will enjoy our expert-level service.

Give Us a Challenge

Professionals of Capital Linguists are always ready to face all challenges. With many years of experience, we have become trained in translating and interpreting Hakha Chin. You can hire our linguist for any type of translation service. You can send us your project by email at  We will get back to you with the best possible solution. You will get a free service estimate over the phone if you require it.




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