Arabic Translation Services in CA

Did you know that Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world, with a history spanning over 1,500 years? It’s also the fifth-most widely spoken language on the planet, with over 420 million native speakers. It is an official language in 26 countries, primarily in the Middle East and North Africa, but its historical and cultural significance internationally make it a language that is most certainly in demand!

Translating Arabic requires a deep understanding of the language’s intricate grammar and syntax, as well as its rich vocabulary and cultural nuances. Arabic translation plays a crucial role in facilitating communication, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and enabling the exchange of ideas and knowledge between Arabic-speaking communities and the rest of the world. Skilled Arabic translators possess not only linguistic expertise but also a deep awareness of cultural sensitivity, ensuring accurate and contextually appropriate translations.

Fortunately, Capital Linguists has a team of experienced translators and interpreters who are equipped with the necessary skills to accurately rendering this intricate, rich language into English – and vice versa. This paves the way for effective communication, bridging the linguistic gaps in our increasingly globalized society – and makes us your first choice when selecting high-quality Arabic translation services in CA, as well as other parts of the United States.

Arabic is a highly distinctive language with many unusual features. For instance, it is a diglossic language, meaning there is a distinction between its written and spoken forms. This diglossia can sometimes pose challenges in communication between Arabic speakers from different regions. What’s more, Arabic is written from right to left, with an alphabet that consists of 28 letters. This script has influenced the writing systems of other languages, including Persian, Urdu, and Kurdish. In fact, Arabic calligraphy can be considered an art form in its own right. The aesthetic beauty of Arabic script has been celebrated through intricate designs and decorative patterns, often found in mosques, liturgical texts, and traditional artworks.

One of the biggest challenges in translating Arabic lies in the fact that, owing to its wide geographical spread ­– from Egypt to Sudan, Libya to Saudi Arabia and beyond – there are so many regional differences. In fact, these variations are so distinct, they are often mutually unintelligible. That’s why choosing highly experienced, trustworthy and skilled Arabic translation services in CA is paramount for the success of your project.

What makes Arabic such a key language on the international front? Well, Arabic has had a significant impact on various fields of knowledge. During the Islamic Golden Age, scholars made significant contributions to mathematics, astronomy, medicine, philosophy and literature, preserving and translating Greek and Roman works into Arabic. Nowadays, the study of Arabic is gaining popularity worldwide. Many universities and institutions offer Arabic language programs, recognizing its importance in international relations, business, and academia.

When it comes to selecting an Arabic translation service, finding a linguist who not only understands, but also masters, these key regional differences is clearly crucial. At Capital Linguists, we pride ourselves on our experienced and gifted translators. The mastery of such a complex language with so many unique subtleties requires skill. Whether you need linguists to assist with interpretation or translation, our team will ably support you.

At Capital Linguists, we ensure our Arabic translation services retain the very highest industry standards. All of our linguists carry out regular dedicated professional development – and that’s in addition to their existing years of academic training. Even better, prior to each project, our translators and interpreters undertake rigorous procedures, guaranteeing a finely tailored, faultlessly accurate deliverable for our clients.

We provide the following services for Arabic-to-English and English-to-Arabic translation and interpretation: 

⁃ Document translation 

⁃ Subtitling

⁃ Transcreation 

⁃ Website Localization 

⁃ Voiceovers

⁃ Conference Interpretation and Interpreting Equipment 

Document translation 

Arabic document translation encompasses the accurate conversion of written material from Arabic to English and vice versa. Our translators, mindful of regional variations, also dedicate meticulous attention to the unique connotations, nuances, subtleties, and cultural implications that only an experienced linguist can master. Document translation also necessitates meticulous editing and proofreading, which is why our projects undergo collaborative efforts from both translators and editors. This meticulous process ensures a faultless and authentic final result that reflects the intended purpose and genre of the text.


Translating subtitles between languages is a specialized field where linguists must skilfully express the original message in the target language, be it Arabic or English, while considering the limitations of the screen space. It is particularly challenging when working with Arabic due to its right-to-left direction. Arabic tends to be more compact, which can be advantageous when subtitling a program originally in English, but may pose additional challenges if the original is in Arabic. Fortunately, Capital Linguists‘ translators possess a range of techniques that enable them to effectively and accurately convey the intended message in a culturally sensitive manner.


Transcreation is the process of carefully and creatively transferring the Arabic language and its entire cultural, social and historic world into another entirely different language and cultural world. References that may be obvious to an Arabic audience are transposed into the target culture, so that they are easily recognizable to the new audience in the same way. 

Arabic culture is in many ways a world apart from that of the United States. The purpose of transcreation is not only to maintain the core message or story, but to present it in a more appealing and culturally appropriate way, considering the audience to whom the message will be presented. 

Website Localization 

Website localization and transcreation share many features, and both consider how best to present content to local users. The website should appeal to its audience in terms of layout, tone, design, and cultural preferences. This isn’t just for aesthetic purposes; website localization can also have a direct impact on your marketing strategy by adhering to the cultural expectations of your potential customers – and as we’ve seen, these vary enormously in Arab countries.

The tone and language used on the website should be adapted to suit Arabic-speaking users. Transcreation can play a vital role in ensuring that the content effectively engages the target audience. It may involve adapting slogans, taglines, or marketing messages to convey the desired impact and cultural relevance. This could include using local proverbs, expressions, or references that resonate with Arab consumers. This can enhance user engagement, trust, and ultimately contribute to the success of your marketing efforts in the region.


As part of our Arabic translation services, we offer comprehensive voiceover solutions. Our voiceover projects involve recording translations of spoken Arabic content into English, and vice versa. This service extends beyond the realm of movies and encompasses various genres, including interviews, documentaries, and newsreels. By utilizing voiceovers, listeners can fully immerse themselves in the recording and hear it in their preferred language, whether it’s English or Arabic.

Conference Interpretation and Interpreting Equipment 

Capital Linguists provides conference interpretation across the world, either in-person or virtually. Conference interpretation is carried out in real-time, whether at a conference, a meeting, a summit, or a training program. Our interpreters use the latest interpreting equipment, enabling all listeners to access the same English or Arabic interpretation simultaneously. Capital Linguists can also provide this service virtually, using a platform such as Zoom. Whether the speaker is Arabic or English, our team of expert interpreters means language needn’t be a barrier to your understanding at a conference or other important event. 

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