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Live Interpreters

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Capital Linguists

Afrikaan Translation Services and Afrikaan Interpreting Services

If you need documents translated from Afrikaan to English or English to Afrikaan, or you have clients who speak Afrikaan and need interpreters to communicate with them, contact the experts at Capital Linguists for prompt assistance.

Capital Linguists can connect easily with your target audience in Afrikaan. The interpreters and translators of Capital Linguists will bring you the best service, value, and results for any and all Afrikaan to English and English to Afrikaan translation needs. Seamless consecutive and simultaneous interpretation means communication is so smooth that you will forget the interpreter(s) is/are there during depositions, interviews, meetings, conferences, etc. Our linguists render English into Afrikaan and Afrikaan into English superbly, and are here to help and assist you and your company. with your request or submit a quote inquiry via this website for assistance.

For prompt service, call (612) 817-7744. Or,drop an email to, and we will contact you immediately.

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Immediate Response

Our responsive customer service will impress you. You will get prompt answers to any questions. Our Project Managers will guide you through the process and provide timely updates, and they are available 24/7.

A Great Value

You will experience fast and accurate service at competitive prices. We will never surprise you with any unexpected service costs. We always offer top quality translation and interpretation services to suit your budget.

Quotes that are Fast and Free

We will review the quote with you before booking our translation and interpretation services. We immediately provide quotes for all of our services. Feel free to contact us when it is convenient for you.

Services We Offer

Interesting Facts About the Afrikaan Language

  • Did you know that Afrikaans is a Germanic language? It is spoken by around 6 million people in South Africa and Namibia. It has official language status in both countries.
  • The first Afrikaans dictionary was published in 1852.
  • In 1925, the Genootskap vir Regte Afrikaanse Woordeboek (Society for Real Afrikaans Dictionary) was founded to standardize the language.
  • Afrikaans is closely related to other Germanic languages, such as Dutch, German and Luxembourgish.
  • It is also related to the Romance languages of French and Italian.
  • Afrikaans has been influenced by other languages spoken in South Africa, such as Khoisan languages, Bantu languages and English.
  • There are two main dialects of Afrikaans: Cape Afrikaans and Orange River Afrikaans.
Afrikaan Language

Services Delivered by Capital Linguists

  • Afrikaan to English and English to Afrikaan Interpretation
  • Simultaneous Interpretation for Virtual Conferences
  • Interpreting for High-Level Meetings
  • Translation of Contracts & Patents
  • Translation of Legal Documents
  • Medical Interpreting, Translation
  • Technical: Scientific, Academic, Medical
  • Afrikaan Linguistic Validation
  • Afrikaan Transcription
  • Voiceovers and Subtitling to or from Afrikaan
  • Seminars and Curricula Translated for Afrikaan Speakers
  • Afrikaan Typesetting and Graphics

Afrikaan to English/ English to Afrikaan

Interested in reaching an Afrikaan speaking audience? Use Capital Linguists’ interpreters to ensure a natural conversation with your interlocutors. Our localization team translates your marketing copy so that it is fluent, native Afrikaan. Capital Linguists’ highly educated and certified professional linguists deliver world-class translation and interpreting anywhere in the Afrikaan speaking world. Our Project Managers deliver the best service, at competitive rates, on demand.

Afrikaan Interpretation Services

Afrikaan Translation Services by Capital Linguists

We have a large pool of highly educated Afrikaan translators with all kinds of specialized backgrounds- in technical fields, the arts, diplomacy and medical. Our professionals have an in-depth understanding of many different disciplines. Our project managers supervise your translation project, keeping you up to date and the project on schedule. We can serve you anywhere in the USA, or the world. If you are looking for your document to be translated to Afrikaan, then look no further than the Capital Linguists team!

Professional Afrikaan Interpreting Service

Our skilled and discrete interpreters offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, and we provide interpreters anywhere in the Afrikaan speaking world.

We offer remote or in person Afrikaan interpretation for important meetings, contract negotiations, remote group meetings, depositions and medical interpreting. You will be assigned an interpreter specializing in your field, such as legal, academic, medical, the arts, and technical fields.

Remote Simultaneous Afrikaan Interpreting for International Events

We Specialize in:

  • Zoom interpreters
  • Google Meet interpreters
  • Microsoft GoToMeeting interpreters

We have remained busy during the recent surge of remote, multi-language meetings. We specialize in complex, international events. A team of technicians will be assigned to your special event. They will ensure that your remote conferencing software is configured for interpreting, and they will test all connections at least one day before your event. During the event, they will monitor for any glitches that arise, adding a layer of security regarding the technical aspect of your event.

In support of your special event, Capital Linguists can translate materials for the international participants and provide recordings of the source and interpreted presentations, as well as videos, transcriptions, etc., etc.

Translation and Interpretation Service for Different Sectors

Afrikaan for Legal

The Capital Linguists team offers Afrikaan translation and interpretation service for legal documents and contract negotiation. Our professionals’ complete knowledge of legal terms and documents in both Afrikaan and English means the translations that we offer are accurate and legally binding. Professionally trained translators do all their work accurately and efficiently. We offer translation and interpretation services for trusts and wills, interviewing, trademarks, business documents, contracts, copyright and patents, leases, depositions, open court interpreting, and much more.

Afrikaan Corporate Services

We are proud of our very prestigious client list. We have years of experience with high-level Afrikaan interpretation and translation services. Several of our linguists on staff have expert knowledge of translation and interpreting in the corporate world. Our linguists offer various different services like consecutive Afrikaan interpretation for diversity and inclusion sessions, international staff meetings, high-level meetings, one-on-one, and remote simultaneous interpretation. We often translate Afrikaan corporate communications, SOPs, intranet and marketing materials, both electronic and hard copy.

Afrikaan for High Tech

High Tech companies use Capital Linguists for Afrikaan interpretation and translation as well. All our corporate clients rely on Capital Linguists for precise translation of both specific technical documents and consumer facing text, including websites, metatags, corporate protocols, and microcopy. Our project management team is standing by 24/7 to get your project rolling and then push it to a fast and successful conclusion. We can also expedite your project as needed!

Afrikaan Services for Government, NGOs and Regulatory

A truly accurate translation prevents your organization or project from becoming bogged down in red tape. Reporting is, of course, essential for any governmental or charitable organization, and there will be no slip-ups in your translated reports. We do non-profit project report translation, translation of required reporting to Afrikaan speaking authorities, and translation of bilingual documents issued by the government. We always welcome the opportunity to engage in your organization’s competitive bidding process. Contact us at any time for free quotations on all the services we provide.

Afrikaan Medical Interpreting and Medical Translation

Medical forms should be translated into Afrikaan in advance to save time in the clinic and prevent legal issues. Accurate medical interpretation prevents serious errors, saves lives in the medical environment, and our compassionate Afrikaan medical interpreters are knowledgeable of special cultural norms and medical terminology.

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