What’s the Fuss About Turkey?

Turkish interpreterThough every country of the world is special, there is something about Turkey that sets it apart from the rest of the world. For one, it is the only country in the world that exists on two continents- Europe and Asia. Its preeminent city Istanbul was the erstwhile seat of power of the Eastern Roman Empire and though predominantly Muslim, it is proudly secular and is more Western in its sensibilities than it is traditional Asian.

If you want to know more about this ancient and fascinating land, it might be a good idea to visit it and see first-hand what the magic is. While there, it might be a good idea to tie up with a Turkish interpreter so that you can freely converse with the local people and gain personal insight into the ways of this fascinating nation.

From a strategic point of view, Turkey is of huge importance to the West on account of it being part of the NATO alliance. No doubt the Turkish to English translation and English to Turkish translation services must be playing a stellar role making this collaboration possible, considering that the U.S. is the driving force behind the alliance.

Of course, being part of the NATO alliance doesn’t mean that Turkey does not have any concerted policy of engagement with other parts of the world. It does and the proof of that lies in its engagement with China. It is a dialogue partner at the Chinese-helmed security block the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and even toyed with the idea of buying a missile defence system worth $4,3 billion from China for a brief while.

At any rate, Turkey looks at China as a source of capital for its economic growth. One can imagine that the business for Chinese interpreters and Chinese translators must be picking up due to the growing cooperation between the two nations. In any case, in light of Turkey’s trade relations with myriad countries like Germany, the United States, China, Italy, France, Spain, Italy, Iraq, the UAE, and so on, the scope for Turkish translators and Turkish translation services is immense.

However, for many, it is the sheer physical beauty of Turkey that is the biggest draw. There are no less than 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country. From a temple dating back to the Mesolithic time, a city from Biblical times to the Gallipoli battlefield, made famous in World War 1, it has so much to offer to visitors. Istanbul, its largest city, is home to the 1,500 years old Hagia Sofia Cathedral that has been converted into a museum

What’s particularly fascinating about Turkey is the fact that it is in close proximity to both Asia and Eastern Europe. That’s not all, it has been culturally influenced by ancient Greece and Rome, and also the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. If you were to think about places of interest to visit in Turkey, the term spoiled for choice would be a rank understatement. You could visit the ruins of Troy or the remnants of ancient in the Roman city of Hierapolis. There are also the Bronze Age cave habitations, where the earliest Christians lived.

If you were to visit Turkey for business or pleasure, you would surely come under its spell- such is the beauty and mystique of the place. Maybe you could seek help from the people you interact with during your visit, like Turkish simultaneous interpreting personnel assigned to you and seek their advice about the places you simply have to visit.

There are so many hidden gems in Turkey that simply take your breath away. There is the secluded Butterfly Valley, which can be reached only by boat. The place has some breathtakingly beautiful waterfalls and deep forests to explore. Then, there is Amasya, the city along the banks of the Yesil River, and some mountains that paint a pretty picture with their old half-timbered houses harking back to the Ottoman times. You would do well to visit the Greek Orthodox Sumela Monastery built atop a sheer 1200 meter-high (above sea level) cliff and encircled by forests and streams. The place is guaranteed to make the most agnostic of people believe in the power of the divine owing to its serenity.

It is not surprising therefore that the Turkish tourism industry is thriving as indicated by the fact that eleven of the best hotels in the world happen to be in Turkey. As a matter of fact, Turkey is giving stiff competition to other tourism-centric nations in the region like Italy, Spain, and Greece, on account of its many attractions.

Politically too, Turkey is an important player on the world stage. Apart from its membership in NATO, it is also an important regional player in the Middle East. It has long wanted to be a member of the European Union, something which is taking far longer than the Turkish people would like.

If you are thinking of doing business in Turkey, it might make eminent sense for you to get in touch with a certified translation service, that would be well-versed in nuances and intricacies of the Turkish language, so as to make it easy for you to communicate with the people there. Because Turkey has always been on the crossroads insofar as empires, continents, religions, and even waterways are concerned, it has developed like no other country. In Turkey, you will find the past and the present, the European and the Asian, the Western and the conservative, the Christian and the Muslim, and the traditional and the modern collide and coexist at the same time.

Whoever has come to Turkey has been impacted by it in profound ways and quite a few of them keep going back as there is so much more that one can learn in each visit. From its diverse culture and its flora and fauna to its cuisine, Turkish baths and whirling dervishes-the wonders of Turkey never cease. Home to the mighty Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, Turkey is unique among Muslim nations in that it is a secular state and even their language is no longer written in the Arabic script, but the Latin one.

When you visit Turkey you get to be in both the West and the East and yet don’t feel anything incongruous about that. If you ever wanted to experience being in both Asia and Europe in the space of a day, Turkey is the place to visit, what with its largest city Istanbul straddling both the continents. One could go on about the wonder that is Turkey and not run out of space to write. At the very least, one should visit Turkey at least once in his or her life.

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

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