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Romanian interpreting agenciesWhat is the first thought that comes to mind, when you think of Romania? Probably, Transylvania, Count Dracula, and all those scary tales? Or maybe you know of it as a former communist country with a somewhat mysterious past. The Romanian language itself is of Indo-European origin and is part of the Eastern group of Romance languages.

For Western business people wanting to trade with Romania, it is important to hire the services of Romanian interpreting agencies, as the locals communicate in that language. Romanian is native to Romania and Moldovia where some 24 to 26 million speak it. Other than in Romania, it is spoken in Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, Spain, Italy Germany, Russia, Israel, the USA, and Canada.

The thing about the Romanian business environment is that bureaucracy holds sway and it is important to be able to develop local relationships. Fortunately, there are a number of Romanian translation companies who can help you do that. The Romanian market is quite an attractive one from the business point of view on account of its large size and prominence in the Eastern European region, as it is effectively the gateway to the Balkan region. Besides, its young and well-educated workforce is a major plus.

What is interesting about the Romanian language is the fact that it is as old as 1700 years. Talking about old facts, the oldest homo sapien fossils from about 42000 years ago were discovered in a cave in Romania! With traditions going back years and years, the Romanian language has developed many dialects. It is therefore important for an English to Romanian Translation Company to employ people qualified and experienced enough to be able to work in that kind of a scenario. Besides, it is not enough to know the intricacies of the language. They have to possess expertise in diverse fields like business, law, marketing, medicine, and so on.

The fact that Romania has become a part of the European Union makes it an even more exciting business destination than before. All the same, it is important for businesses seeking to enter the Romanian market to be familiar with the local rules and processes and often it is Roman translation companies that help businesses navigate the complex maze of the Romanian market.

The ease with one can start a business in Romania, albeit with some help from Romanian translation services, makes it an exciting place to open a business. With the average number of days required to start a new business in Romania being only 8 days, one can be off the blocks quite soon. Add to that the fact that Romania has a large number of R&D Centers as well some very well regarded IT professionals, it sure is an exciting place for anyone looking for the right kind of environment for a start-up.

Business apart, Romania is a great place to visit as a tourist. With its famed region of Transylvania with its forests and the Carpathian Mountains it draws visitors from everywhere. You have probably heard of the Bran castle atop a hill to which is reputed to be the home of the dreaded Count Dracula.

Then there are the many medieval towns with their ancient castles and churches. For wildlife aficionados there are wolves, lynx, bears, pole cats, hedgehogs, and plenty of birds. Romanian food too is quite enticing-simple but wholesome. Missi, a rolled meat sausage without a skin, served with mustard is a particularly tasty and popular street food. You may also want to try Sarmale cu Mamaliguta, which is stuffed cabbage leaves with polenta. Then there is a variety of soups, cheese, and cured meats. The homemade jam and bread is to die for too. There is also the wine and tuica.

When you travel to a new land, it is often the offbeat small towns away from the big cities that have some hidden gems to discover. Though the Romanian capital Bucharest is undoubtedly an amazing place, one will likely make some amazing discoveries in other less known but stunningly beautiful places. The only thing you have to organize is a decent English to Romanian interpreter, as not many people outside Bucharest would really know English.

Coming back to business, the U.S. –Romania trade had reached a $1.79 billion by June (yearly till date) of 2018. Practically all of it would not have happened, but for the services rendered by the many Romanian translation companies. All said and done, Romania surely is a country like no other. Very evocative, very beguiling and mysterious. Ancient in so many ways with many of its quaint villages remaining unchanged from a hundred years ago-yet it is home to a thriving IT infrastructure with highly qualified professionals proving their worth in the global ecommerce marketplace.

Surely for those whose only connection with Romania is the many bizarre legends they have been fed by the media, thanks to the supposed shenanigans of a certain blood thirsty vampire nobleman, the real Romania would come as a complete surprise. They can of course partake in the Dracula legend as well, as the castle he is associated with is one of the country’s premier tourist attractions.

But any visitor would find much more- great opportunity to do business, wonderful places to visit, and great food to eat. In fact, many Westerners stay in Romania for extended periods of time, as they find the country irresistible. Certainly, it is quite different from the done to death regular European destinations like Paris and London.

By and by as more and more people get to visit and know Romania, many of the old legends that the country was associated with will give way to newer, brighter, and more contemporary ones. A very interesting country Romania is, with its Romance language that is closer to Italian and Spanish than the many Slavic tongues that are spoken in the region that abuts it. Maybe it’s time you planned a visit soon. Cheerio!

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

Capital Linguists’ certified translation service and interpreters service was founded on Philip’s vision of a super-elite translation and interpreting force. Drawing on other high level interpreters and translators, he leads an exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists.