Translation Services: Bridge to Asian Markets

The Asian markets comprise some of the major economies of the world. Not surprisingly, therefore, these are looked upon with a lot of interest by businesses in the West. The hundreds of billions of dollars worth of trade carried out between the two regions is ample proof of that fact. Not only do Asian countries like China, Japan and South Korea export their goods and services to the West in a big way, they are also looked upon as a great market for Western businesses to sell in.

The only thing that might prove a hindrance in this is a cultural and linguistic incompatibility between the two regions. The best way to overcome this hurdle is to hire the services of a stellar translation service company. Such a company would be able to provide the kind of quality document translation services and interpreter services these businesses need to successfully engage with this region. There are several reasons for businesses that seek to foray into the major Asian market to ensure that they zero in on the right kind of translation service company to serve their needs. These include-

Top-Notch Quality-

For a foreign firm to create an impact in the Asian market, it is important that their outreach and communication is out of the top drawer. For instance, what might be thought of as humorous in the West might be construed as offensive in an Asian country. It is therefore imperative that businesses work with a translation services company that is well versed with the smallest nuances of the local language.

This is as true of a Chinese Translation Service, as it is of any Japanese Translation Services company. The only way a translation services company can render that kind of service is by hiring natives or those who have lived in those countries for many years.

Timely Delivery across Time Zones-

One of the hallmarks of a really good translations services company is its ability to make timely delivery across time zones. At the same time, it should ensure that the quality of work remains consistently good. This is especially true in the case of interpreter services, phone interpreting and simultaneous interpretation services.

What also helps a translation company deliver outstanding service time after time is state of the art facilities, including the best translation equipment and interpreting equipment. This is what ensures that all the simultaneous interpreting and simultaneous translation jobs are accomplished in a timely manner, regardless of whether a client is catering to the Chinese market or Korean market.

A Translation Company is as Good as Its Team-

At the end of the day, the success of a translation services company is determined by the professional ability of its team. An experienced and qualified team that is passionate about serving the translation and interpretation requirements of its clients will be in much demand. Therefore, It is imperative for translation companies to hire team members who are both highly qualified linguists, and extremely passionate about their work as well.

Undoubtedly, the reason behind the success of a translation company can invariably be attributed to how good their team is. Make it a point to hire one that boasts of a great team and you will never go wrong.

Value for Money-

A genuinely good translation company will value your business and never try to make a fast buck off you. They would, in fact, be even willing to provide complimentary test service to win the confidence of their clients. Above all, their ability to customize their offerings to a company’s exact requirements would matter the most to clients.

Nothing is more harmful to a client’s interests than a misunderstood brief or a poor quality of translation. This leads to avoidable delays and much frustration for the clients, who are trying to make a mark in a foreign market. Any businesses looking to hire a translation company would expect value for the money they spend in terms of the timely delivery of quality work.

Local Knowledge

Nowhere is local knowledge such an important prerequisite in the hiring of a translation agency as it is in the case of the Asian market. Not only are the languages spoken in these parts of the world totally unintelligible to Westerners, the culture too is quite different.

For instance, while it might be okay for Westerners to be informal while addressing each other, it may not be so in Asian countries where how people address one another is taken quite seriously. Only the best translation service providers hire professionals steeped in the cultural nuances and subtleties of etiquette pertaining to the use of ancient Asian languages spoken in Japan, China, and Korea.

It helps that their employees are often Asian natives or Westerners who have lived in Asia for many years. That apart, a more than working knowledge of the local laws is a great asset, as that ensures that all issues related to compliance are taken care of.

These are precisely the kind of people who will help Western companies build much-required bridges with the Asian markets. This is especially true in today’s times when global trade-related tensions are at an all-time high.

Subject Expertise

Another important aspect of the translation services industry with regard to the Asian market is subject matter expertise. If for instance, one is called upon to translate legal documents into Japanese or Mandarin, one should be aware of the laws in operation in Japan and China respectively.
A translator called upon to translate press releases into Asian languages should similarly be aware of the kind of format that is acceptable locally and not simply carry out a word for word translation from English into a language like Japanese or Korean.


The role of translation services companies is quite large and encompasses everything from phone interpreting and simultaneous translation to simultaneous interpreting and document translation. The ability of a translation services company to serve these needs of its clients efficiently and competently will go a long way in building the much-required bridge to the Asian markets.

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

Capital Linguists’ certified translation service and interpreters service was founded on Philip’s vision of a super-elite translation and interpreting force. Drawing on other high level interpreters and translators, he leads an exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists.

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