Australia: Translation for an English-Speaking Country in the Southern Hemisphere

TRANSLATION SPEAKING AustraliaAustralia, similar to America, was settled over the centuries by English-speaking immigrants from Britain, after its discovery by the Europeans in 1770. In step with America, it too was considered part of the New World.

European explorers probably thought they were discovering a new, uninhabited land; however, Australia was already settled by its indigenous aboriginal people for thousands of years. Comparable to the US, European settlers built a prosperous nation over the centuries resulting in the marginalization of its indigenous people.

The British people who landed on the shores of the vast Southern continent were not the privileged elite. They were society’s outcasts and prisoners and their ultimate journey was to penal colonies in the faraway land of Australia.  Creating a prosperous Western nation in the region, contiguous to Asia, is a testimonial to the courage, bravery, and resolution of those hardy early settlers. Pivotal to Australia’s drive to become a world competitor is its need for simultaneous interpretation and document translation services.

Australia is a high-income nation flourishing at the tenth highest per capita income in the world. Indices related to the “quality of life,” in Australia, are comparable to other developed countries near the top of the scale. Australia’s top trading partners are China, Japan, the US, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, the UK, and Thailand, in respective order.

The importance of Chinese interpreters and Chinese translators is critical to the continuing growth of Australia since China is Australia’s number one trading partner.

Language provides communication of values and beliefs of the diversity of cultures and supports participation in family, society, and business. About three-quarters of Australians speak English at home. A significant number of people living in Australia speak languages other than English. Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Italian, and Greek are other languages spoken in Australia, thus, requiring the services of communication specialists able to interpret and translate.

Considering the immense size of business and trade with China, there are massive demands for stellar Chinese translators and top-rated document translation services, along with simultaneous translation.  These indispensable services are as crucial as its trade and global outreach with nations such as Japan, South Korea, and other countries.

All nations striving as equal counterparts, with other major players in international trade and commerce, must rely on simultaneous translation and interpreting services provided by the best translation agency; via unparalleled quality, leading-edge technology, and an unfettered reputation.

Australia sees itself as a Western nation that has strong historical and cultural ties with other Western English-speaking countries, akin to the UK, US, and Canada. However, in a rapidly changing world order, it must look at securing its interests. Discovering its position in the world is a work in progress for the young Australian nation. At one time, Australia sought inspiration from Britain, its “mother country.” Exemplifying its allegiance to its mother country, Australia sent thousands-upon-thousands of young men to fight alongside the British forces in both World Wars. The inability of the British troops to confront and rectify Japan’s spoils of war, occupying neighboring Singapore, shook the faith in the strength and might of the British military.

The Japanese planned an invasion of an ill-equipped Australia when the Americans entered the war against Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Australia strategically aligned themselves with the US, because it determined the US to be more reliable than their former benefactors in Britain.

Australia seeks to strike a balance between its European and Western cultural roots and its geographical position nearby major Asian countries. Communication, through the use of interpretation and translation specialists, is vital to Australia’s economy as it relates to its Asian counterparts.

Australia is a significant competitor on the world stage. The continent is known for its world sporting power, and its impressive presence on the world entertainment stage. Who hasn’t heard of Olivia Newton-John, Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Heath Ledger, Kylie Minogue, Chris Hemsworth, Naomi Watts, and Keith Urban? The list is endless.

Australia is renowned for its diverse natural beauty; the beaches, deserts, bush country, and of course, the Outback.  Its world-class cities of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth invite visitors from all over the world to see the spectacular attractions, study at universities, and work. Australia is one of the most coveted destinations in the world for immigrants seeking a better life. Not to mention Australia’s world-class infrastructure, education, and health services, but its geographical position safeguards it from strife and trouble that plague other parts of the world. It offers a relaxed, casual, and laid-back lifestyle while still representing itself as a world leader.

The new millennium presents unique strategic challenges to Australia. Australia aligns with other regional international powers such as India and Japan to counter China’s strident and assertive intentions to dominate the Indo-Pacific region. Doing so, with its strong relationship with the US, reinforces its fortification against Chinese motives in the geographic area.

Australia is growing and nurturing its economic ties with the second largest economy in the world, reaping the benefits from the relationship. The new world order, as defined by American President Donald Trump’s “America First” initiative, forced Australia’s mindfulness of doing everything it can to protect its affairs; even if that means playing a delicate balancing game with the world’s superpowers.

Australia is a nation of tough people who built an island nation out of a land that is mostly desert. All indicators point to the sustained progress, economic growth, and ability to prosper in the coming years. Language and communication, through the use of interpreting and translation services, continues to open doors worldwide. Australia’s aggressive development as a world competitor is excellent in so many ways!

Australia’s swagger is winning the world over. Like any dyed-in-the-wool Aussie would say to you, “Let’s have a beer mate,” (pronounced myte)! Capital Linguists is a translation company serving premier businesses, individuals, and government agencies with the ability to relay clients’ messages in the target language to the target audience. It provides certified translation service and interpreters service to clients worldwide, including many in Australia.

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

Capital Linguists’ certified translation service and interpreters service was founded on Philip’s vision of a super-elite translation and interpreting force. Drawing on other high level interpreters and translators, he leads an exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists.