The Chinese Speak in Mandarin

Did you know that a billion Chinese speak Mandarin? That makes it the most widely spoken language in the world. Yet people around the world think that Chinese is the language spoken in China. The French speak French, the Germans German and the English English. Why would the Chinese be any different?!

Of course the Indians don’t speak Indian and the Americans American, but that is another matter. The Chinese people actually speak many languages or dialects. Apart from the widely spoken Mandarin, there’s Cantonese, Hunanese, Min, and a few others. The next time you want some Chinese to English translation carried out, you probably mean Mandarin to English translation.

China today is a nation that has the world in its thrall. The U.S. trades with it massively, yet views it as a strategic rival. The Europeans are pretty much in the same situation, while its prosperous neighbors like South Korea and Japan are more than a little concerned about a rising and increasingly assertive China.

Russia, a traditional rival, now has very close strategic ties with it, while the developing nations of South and Central Asia, with the exception of strategic rival India, are lining up to be part of China’s ambitious One Belt One Road initiative that envisages a large number of mega highway, railway, real estate, and other infrastructure projects across 68 countries in Eurasia.

The Chinese plan to rewrite the social, political, and possibly the cultural history of the world in the years ahead, and they are likely to do it in Mandarin. With all this stupendous economic activity happening across so many nations, one can imagine the demand for Mandarin translation services, Mandarin conference interpreting, and Mandarin marketing translation. Of course, we really should be substituting the word Mandarin for Chinese.

The impending rise of China to numero uno status among the nations of the world is something that fascinates everybody these days. Whether it happens or not is something that will become clear in the next few years, but there is no doubt about the fact that China is in a preeminent position already and is beginning to dominate the world like a Colossus. This is extremely creditable, considering China was nothing more than a struggling developing country not too many decades back. Yet if you visit the China of today, the very first thing that strikes you is how modern the country looks.

Because of the tremendous economic clout of China, nations across the world have extensive trade relations with it. There is consequently a huge global demand for learning Chinese languages, which is partly met with the help of online Mandarin classes. Mandarin linguists in particular are in great demand, on account of the rising interest in Chinese languages around the world.

However, it is the professional translation agencies that render the most assistance in making it possible for governments and companies around the world to communicate with their Chinese peers. These agencies provide highly efficient and experienced Mandarin interpreters and Mandarin translators to help make communicating with the Chinese a smooth affair. To this end, they also provide Mandarin simultaneous interpreting services and Mandarin conference interpreting services to facilitate face to face interaction with the Chinese.

Chinese language skills, especially with regard to Mandarin, are in great demand with companies around the world that seek to access not only the Chinese market, but also to markets in neighboring nations like Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia, where Mandarin is extensively used. For employees as well, knowing Mandarin is probably a great skill to show on their resumes, as it might land them a well-paying job in China, which is currently the engine of the world economy.

Mandarin is as global a language as any language can possibly be, but surprisingly doesn’t get thought about as one, in the same manner as English, Spanish or French. Today the language is spoken across the world in nations as diverse as Russia, Mauritius, South Africa, Thailand, Mongolia, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong, the USA, UK, and Canada! The fact that it was largely the Western nations of the world who dominated the world stage over the previous two centuries meant that the world was in the thrall of languages like English, French and Spanish. Not any longer, though.

With power equations likely to be upended in this century, it is highly likely that Mandarin will be the language to know in the years ahead, just as English is now. This is just as well, for as China becomes increasingly important in global affairs, it would be wise to understand what the motivations behind it’s actions are. That can only occur if people are able to understand the Chinese people on a deeper level, which can only happen through knowing their language.

If the American way of life is popular around the world with McDonalds, Coke, and Hollywood movies having become part of the cultural landscape around the world, it is largely on account of the fact that English is spoken and understood in nations across the world. Mandarin may not be there yet, but given the way that the Chinese are expanding their sphere of influence, that day may arrive sooner rather than later.

As far as the Chinese themselves are concerned, they know that if they do come to dominate the world in every which way in the years to come, this is not a situation that they haven’t been in before. The Chinese have one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a rich and awe inspiring past. In fact the Chinese of yore felt that they were superior to the rest of the world (with some justification) in terms of the achievements of their civilization!

If the rest of the world wants to be on the same page as the Chinese when the round two of their global domination begins, they had better learn Mandarin now! Jokes apart, there is no doubt about the fact that the Chinese, with their growing economic and military might, will be one of the foremost powers of the world. In a scenario such as that, there is no doubt about the fact that Mandarin will become the language to learn around the world.

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

Capital Linguists’ certified translation service and interpreters service was founded on Philip’s vision of a super-elite translation and interpreting force. Drawing on other high level interpreters and translators, he leads an exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists.

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