Translation, Editing & Proofreading for Publication

When choosing a translation company, consider what is at stake.  If the piece to be translated is important, in other words if large numbers of customers or partners will be reading it, then the translation needs to be top-notch, and TEP is the rule.

The Capital Linguists service specifically for publication-ready documents, is called the TEP: translation, editing and proofreading.  The more people who will be viewing your project, and the more profit or loss is at stake, the more crucial the TEP process is.

The TEP Process

The TEP translation process requires a 2-3 person team to cross check for perfection of tone, register, collocation and diction.

Because your valuable text is being rendered into a whole new language and is expected to be widely disseminated, it should receive the detailed attention that the original document received. 

A great translator can deliver a carefully considered rendering of your original ideas, but it can take time and many revisions.

Two translators reviewing each other greatly speed up this process and improve efficiency and accuracy, more than two-fold.

First, a team of two linguists is selected to work together.  They’ll divide the document up and translate different sections and then check each other’s work.  This is the fastest way to get the best results for a true and authentic translation.

Together, they carefully edit for meaning, and then the final draft is proofread

Final Proofreading in the Target Language

It is essential to have one of our native speakers proofread your document just before publication  for typographical conventions. For example, quotation marks look like <<this>> in France.

More complex, are typographical conventions in countries with a different script or text orientation, for example, right-to-left or top-to-bottom, instead of left-to-right.  Japanese and Chinese may combine different text orientations on one page, which increases the necessity to double check the final TEP product.

Choose the Best Translation Process for your Budget

Depending on the translator or translation agency, translation quality can vary a lot, and with it price.

At Capital Linguists we offer three choices: the most basic translation just for information and not to be shared, translation for legal or reporting purposes, or the T.E.P- translation, editing and proofreading for publication,.  T.E.P. translation requires a two person team, each to check the other’s work for perfection of tone and word choice.

The more people who will be viewing your project, and the more profit or loss is at stake, the better the translation had better be.  Simple translation is a great way to save money, but it should be reserved for incoming foreign documents.  Anything for publication or to “impress” must go through the T. E. P. process.

Go Global with Capital Linguists

Finding a trustworthy and responsive international translation company that cares about customer service is rare.

Capital Linguists is here for you.  We offer fair and upfront pricing, skilled linguists, and prompt service.

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