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New York City needs no introduction. To many, it is the capital of the world- a place where anything is possible and all your dreams come true. That is not really surprising, considering that New York City is undoubtedly the financial, cultural and media nerve center of the world. It also houses the global headquarters of the United Nations, thereby adding to its already international character, defined by its highly diverse population.

Owing to its very international and cosmopolitan nature, New York City sees a medley of languages from around the world spoken on and in its streets, offices, and homes. Quite naturally there is a huge demand for simultaneous interpreters and translators in the city. For instance, there is always a huge demand for Chinese interpreters in New York City on account of the massive economic interests that China has in the United States. This will be just as true of Chinese translation or for that matter Japanese translation services.

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A unique thing about New York City is that the permanent UN representatives of practically every nation of the world and a large number of visiting delegates are present in the city at all times. This should give you an idea of the sheer importance that simultaneous interpreting agencies have in this city.  However, being the world city that it is, only the best simultaneous interpreting service providers make the cut in NYC. That is because there is so much at stake, what with heads of states and corporate leaders from around the world carrying out important negotiations and signing major deals here.

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1. Check out their Client List

Apart from the U.N., New York City boasts of some of the biggest names in the corporate world, including organizations like Citibank, GE, AOL, Bank of America, IBM, Verizon and hundreds of others. If a Chinese translation services company or a Japanese translation services company has worked for any of these organizations, you can be quite certain that they would be among the best in the business.

It might, therefore, make perfect sense for anyone seeking to hire say a Korean interpreter or a Korean translation company, to check out if they have worked for large brands like the ones mentioned above.

2. Check out Simultaneous Interpreter Credentials

Any top-grade translation services company operating out of New York City would be an accredited member of the American Translators Association (ATA). Considering how sensitive some of the documents you need to get translated into other languages might be, you must hire an organization that is both competent and trustworthy.

3. Check out Their Infrastructure

If you are on the lookout for a company that offers excellent simultaneous interpreting services, you should check out the kind of infrastructure they have. It is particularly important that they use the best interpreting equipment and translating equipment. With so much at stake at important business or political events, there must be no goof ups on account of faulty equipment.

This means that the company whose services you hire should have everything from microphones and transmitters to listening devices and group participation equipment in perfect working condition.  The last thing you need is for your Korean interpreter to stop in his or her tracks because of a malfunctioning microphone!

4. Check out Simultaneous Interpreters Prices

A place like New York City will have a large number of translation agencies and freelancers who offer you their services at very competitive prices. Before you decide that it is a buyer’s market and go ahead and hire the agency or freelancer that offers you the most economical price, do think of the quality of the services provided by them.

Apart from the expensive nature of the equipment used by a translation agency of some standing, they also need to hire people with the right kind of qualifications and experience. If you think that the prices quoted to you by a translation agency are too good to be true, they probably are. Do you think that a bona fide Korean translation can be carried out by a Korean translation services company that does not employ the most qualified Korean to English and English to Korean linguists? At the very least they will have to employ translators and interpreters who have lived in both South Korea and an English-speaking country for many years.

A translation services company or a simultaneous interpreting agency of some standing will not offer you the lowest prices but would offer you services that you can rely on. So, when it comes to the higher prices charged by a professionally acclaimed translation services company, it will be money well spent.


Choosing simultaneous interpreters in New York City requires that one take into consideration not just the above factors, but also things like the size of your target audience and also the nature of the event. The requirements of a big-ticket event differ from those of a niche industry event.

The duration of the event, the number of interpreters required, and the language combinations will also dictate your choice. In cases where security and confidentiality need to be accorded top priority, the translation agency one hires should be able to provide the right kind of equipment and interfaces to ensure that.  It always makes sense to find out if the agency you are hiring has the appropriate expertise for the job. New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world and a large part of its allure is on account of its multi-ethnic and multinational character. The translation and interpretation agencies of the city play no small part in making this great interaction happen. That is the reason why New York City can undoubtedly boast that it has some of the best professionals in the field.  From a Japanese interpreter to a Mandarin translation services provider, and from a Russian simultaneous interpreting agency to a Hebrew translation service- you will find the crème of the crop here.

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Philip Rosen

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