Silicon Valley – Where Else Would You Be?

Silicon Valley – Where Else Would You Be?

Consecutive or simultaneous interpretingThe one place in the world where anyone would give an arm or leg to live at is California’s Silicon Valley.

Renowned for being the start-up and high-tech infrastructure capital of the world, it is home to most of the iconic brands that represent the digital age. Silicon Valley hosts many Fortune 1000 companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Pixar, in addition to an overabundance of entrepreneurial start-up businesses.

Since most of these companies have a global footprint, Silicon Valley is an ideal city for translation, interpreting, and equipment services. China and Japan are the second and third largest economies in the world, thus, constituting an enormous market for Silicon Valley-based products and services. The region has a robust demand for qualified, professional, and Elite Chinese and Japanese translator and interpreter services.

Chinese and Japanese interpreters and translators who provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting and certified document translation duties are finicky and selective when choosing companies and agencies. They value their abilities and do not want to jeopardize their reputations by partnering with substandard interpreting and translation companies.

Enthusiastic, ambitious, and motivated technology professionals from around the world securing a job in one of the leading-edge technology giants, in Silicon Valley, is the essence of acknowledged achievement. Silicon Valley, the stretch of land adjoining San Francisco, attracts intelligent and highly-skilled millennials from around the world fulfilling their career aspirations. Silicon Valley corporations, located in the famed San Francisco Bay Area, worship exceptional talent. The climate in Northern California is always terrific. The bright sunny days and cool evenings are perfect for shorts and a t-shirt, during the day, and jeans with a leather jacket at night. Boasting rights for residing in this area make others living in other parts of the U.S. jealous and envious.

The entrepreneurial culture, in Silicon Valley, is not the only thing that addresses it as such a unique place to live and work. Young overachievers seeking upscale career opportunities relinquish the security and stability of their jobs elsewhere and venture out on their own to Silicon Valley. The epicenter of forward-thinking, prosperous, and enriching employment is enticing other factors, too. Some, but not all of these factors, create an environment where the city propels ahead of the rest of the world. Silicon Valley is always vibrant, thriving, and kinetic with action, innovation, paradigm redefinition, discoveries, and fresh entrepreneurial superiority.

Silicon Valley is not for everyone. If you think the word “WORKAHOLIC” is terrible, the city may not be for you. As with anything that is advantageous, there are inherent disadvantages. All ventures have pros and cons to consider. The cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area is astronomical unless you are earning a high salary. You may have to make some sacrifices to live in this phenomenal city.

Job security and stability, in Silicon Valley, has its risks. Entering into an employment agreement with smaller, startup companies is risky because of the remarkably high failure rate of new businesses. Most startup companies fail within the first year and do not make a profit until three-years later. On the other hand, when you secure a job with a successful company, there is nowhere else in the world to live and work than Silicon Valley.

Global leaders and corporations want to conduct business with fabulous new-age companies that embrace a shiny new future for the rest of the world to follow.

People from all over the world conducting business in Silicon Valley have a tremendous need for elite, professional, and established simultaneous interpreting, document translation, and equipment services firms. Capital Linguists provides these services and much more. Capital Linguists maintains a thorough vetting process with all interpreters, translators, technicians, and project management teams.

What services does Capital Linguists provide?

Exceptional Turnkey Services:
Conferences support
Consecutive or simultaneous interpreting
Liaison interpreting
Over-the-phone interpreting
Legal interpreting
Conference and Tech Support:
Single or multi-day conferences
Trade delegations
Corporate board meetings
Executive education programs
Legal depositions, attorney-client meetings, witness testimony
High-end Equipment:
State-of-the-art quality
Portable and fixed equipment
FM and infrared equipment
Languages We Master:
All major languages, including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese.
150+ total languages
Advanced credentials
Subject matter expertise and industry-specific knowledge

Some highlights of Capital Linguists are:

Conference Interpreting
Event technical support
Interpreting equipment rental
Document translation
Website localization
Language Training

Quality is our commitment. Capital Linguists ensures that all translation projects go through a meticulous quality-oriented translation process.

Capital Linguists’ Processes

Preparation, Setup, Planning, and Assessment
Translation and editing with pro-native linguists rather than
computer-based software

Typesetting contextually and culturally nuanced translations based on
source documents

Quality control and sophisticated translation memory tools to ensure accuracy and fast turnaround times
Post-project management through efficient and effective project management, resulting in exceptional value and client satisfaction

Japanese interpreters specializing in simultaneous translation have a great future in Silicon Valley. The location has a superior track record of leading-edge technological innovation and development.

People who accept nothing less than the best, and demand excellence, find that Silicon Valley is the premier area that affords a unique opportunity for networking with like-minded individuals at the top of their game. Updating skills, techniques, and knowledge is the only way to stay competitive and not left behind in the wake of peers.

There is a steep price for entrepreneurs who compete with the lavish salaries and benefit packages offered by well-known established companies. However, the vast talent pool means that a startup company finds more chances to succeed in Silicon Valley than anywhere else in the world. Beyond other great corporate and technological centers elsewhere in the world, Silicon Valley supersedes other locations because of its economy and ecosystem supporting innovation and cutting-edge initiatives.

Albeit, other global cities are venturing to replace or compete with Silicon Valley as high-tech headquarters, the likelihood of that happening anytime soon is unrealistic.

For those reading this information, in any corner of the world, and considering the prospect of moving to Silicon Valley, one must have a top-notch education, a creative and innovative thought process, and the ability to work very hard.

The Valley welcomes anyone with stars in their eyes and the desire to succeed, but only if they can create their standing among the best in the world.

Silicon Valley’s extensive press coverage is an understatement. Companies like Google, Facebook, Netflix, and Tesla are in the news around the clock relating to issues of primary national and international importance.

Sometimes it is challenging to understand whether this is a curse or a blessing in disguise; however, for people living and working in Silicon Valley, it is a continual thought.

To experience life, understand its dynamics, and advantages one must visit Silicon Valley to gain a real understanding of the benefits. More than likely, after visiting this magical and fascinating city, one will immediately recognize that it is a location to move to and make a worthy life for himself. All-encompassing aspects of work opportunities, the climate, and the stellar standard of living eliminate any obstacles and hurdles.

With that said, one must acclimate himself to being part of the community and stellar city.

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

Capital Linguists’ certified translation service and interpreters service was founded on Philip’s vision of a super-elite translation and interpreting force. Drawing on other high level interpreters and translators, he leads an exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists.

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