Our Norwegian interpreters and Norwegian translators offer live, in-person, and over the phone Norwegian to English interpreting and translation services for our interpreting and translation company. They have rich experience with Norwegian and European culture.

Norwegian to English interpreting and translation services

Norwegian interpreting

Our expert Norwegian interpreters provide professional Norwegian interpreting services between Norwegian and English for our interpreting and translation company, including the following:
  • Norwegian community interpreting
  • Norwegian conference interpreting
  • Norwegian consecutive interpreting
  • Norwegian court interpreting
  • Norwegian interpreting
  • Norwegian interview interpreting
  • Norwegian liaison interpreting
  • Norwegian medical interpreting
  • Norwegian over the phone interpreting
  • Norwegian simultaneous interpreting
  • Norwegian Skype interpreting
  • Norwegian telephone interpreting
  • Norwegian video conference interpreting

Norwegian conference equipment support

Our technicians deliver conference equipment support for the Norwegian simultaneous interpreting and Norwegian consecutive interpreting services.

Norwegian translation

Our certified Norwegian translators provide professional Norwegian translation services between Norwegian and English for our interpreting and translation company, including the following:
  • Norwegian audiovisual translation
  • Norwegian business translation
  • Norwegian certificate translation
  • Norwegian certified translation
  • Norwegian document translation
  • Norwegian diploma translation
  • Norwegian interview translation
  • Norwegian financial translation
  • Norwegian judicial translation
  • Norwegian juridical translation
  • Norwegian legal translation
  • Norwegian literary translation
  • Norwegian marketing translation
  • Norwegian medical translation
  • Norwegian news translation
  • Norwegian scientific translation
  • Norwegian subtitle translation
  • Norwegian technical translation
  • Norwegian transcription translation
  • Norwegian translation
  • Norwegian video translation
  • Norwegian voiceover translation
  • Norwegian website translation
  • Norwegian website internationalization translation
  • Norwegian website localization translation
  • In-person Norwegian translation
  • Live Norwegian translation
  • Over the phone Norwegian translation
  • Simplified Norwegian document translation
  • Traditional Norwegian document translation

Norwegian lessons

Our experienced Norwegian instructors teach Norwegian lessons for our interpreting and translation company, including the following:
  • Academic Norwegian lessons
  • Business Norwegian lessons
  • Norwegian lessons
  • Face-to-face Norwegian lessons
  • In-person Norwegian lessons
  • General Norwegian lessons
  • Group Norwegian lessons
  • Live Norwegian lessons
  • Over the phone Norwegian lessons
  • Private Norwegian lessons
  • Skype Norwegian lessons
  • Travel Norwegian lessons

Norwegian language and culture

Norwegian is a North Germanic language mostly spoken in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Spain, Canada, and the USA. Norwegian has two languages, including Nynorsk, or New Norwegian, the national language based on colloquial Norwegian and regional dialects, and Bokmål, or book language, which is primarily a written language and quite similar to Danish. Norwegian students learn both. Civil servants may use both forms.
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