New York’s Increasing Need for Chinese Interpreters and Translators

CHINESE INTERPRETERSNew York is the premier city of languages. The megalopolis hosts 800+ separate language offshoots leading people to believe New York is the capital of human communication.

For generations, the US has been the world’s largest economy accounting for 24% of the world’s GDP (gross domestic product). Now the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund rate China as the world’s biggest, booming economy based on PPP (Purchasing Power Parity). By 2029, The Centre for Economics and Business Research predicts China will surpass the US by several other metrics.

New York has a flourishing nine million potential customers, and thus the economic opportunities are limitless. New York City’s global workforce, cross-industry innovation, robust economy, and infrastructure make the city the business hub of the world.

China Center New York is the first institution of its class where leaders from China and the U.S. converge to drive interactive dialogue and growth possibilities. It is a contemporary haven for social, business, and cultural mediation.

Many U.S. businesses do not have the necessary resources in China. However, New York serves as a stage for partnerships, and business opportunities in the U.S. and China. In New York, the embodiment of Sino-U.S. synergies is exemplified. China’s entrance into New York is a gateway to the U.S.; steadily increasing China’s clout in a global economy. New York-China engagement is shaping the “new normal” in the worldwide economic realm.

Global industries such as healthcare, maritime shipping, technology, finance, insurance, and law are riding a massive wave in New York where the city tailors itself to the world’s changing environment. Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Samsung are growing their presence in New York City at an unstoppable speed. New York City hosts more Fortune 500 Companies than anywhere else in the world.

New York-China economic and diplomatic discussions bring together influential American and Chinese business leaders, economists, diplomats, and economic thinktank participants to communicate about important issues regarding macroeconomic trends in global financial systems, diplomacy, and bilateral industrial relationships.

American officials at the National Security Council, the Department of Commerce, the Department of the Treasury, and the Department of State conduct U.S.-China conferences and meetings in New York to discuss economic development positions, trade deals, technology, intellectual property, policy objectives, and government-to-government relations.

China and the U.S., the two biggest economies in the world, create an essential need for qualified, experienced, and certified Chinese interpreters and translators, especially in New York where international business, economics, governmental affairs, healthcare, and many other sectors live. Comprehensive interpretation and translation are arts and skills essential to the successful missions of New York and China as the city and country seek to further global initiatives.

Finding the best interpreters service or translation company, without risking quality over cost, is an overwhelming task. Drilling down even more in-depth, interpreting agencies and document translation services offer different levels of solutions and resources.

Consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting are two different examples. During consecutive interpreting, the linguists begin the interpretation in the target language after the original speaker has finished speaking in the source language. In contrast, while performing simultaneous interpreting, sometimes referred to as concurrent interpreting, the linguists convert the speech in real-time, from the source language to the target language, with no pauses in the conversation.

Translation differs from interpreting because it is written and reproduces the content of an original document in the source language into the target language. Materials consist of many formats; e-mail, briefings, technical specifications, medical information, business guidelines, policy directives, user manuals, patents, website content, legal contracts, and more. A certified translation often accompanies the interpretation service as a complimentary service. It includes a signed statement substantiating that the material is correct and complete to the best of the translator’s expertise and knowledge.

English-to-Chinese translation and Chinese-to-English translation are more complex than some other language combinations. Different forms of the Chinese language exist, such as “Simplified/Traditional Chinese,” “Cantonese,” “Mandarin,” “Gan,” “Dungan,” “Min,” “Hunanese,” “Shanghainese,” and “Taiwanese” to name a few.

China, a developing country, is on a fast pace to attract more international business with an emphasis in New York. In the global marketplace, successful, impeccable, and superior interpretation and translation services between the English and Chinese languages are crucial.

An authoritative interpretation or translation saves you time and money related to your investment. Conveying your message can make or break a deal. China-U.S. translating and interpreting, two distinct forms of communication, are intrinsic to the foundation of conducting business in New York.

Eliminating linguistic barriers, enhancing comprehension, and providing document translation between the U.S. and China are a few of Capital Linguists’ core specialties.

Capital Linguists, the premier interpreting and translating organization, is unparalleled in the industry. Our unique and strategic approach to managing your event or project is one of Capital Linguists’ key competencies. We provide elite, talented, certified, consistent, quality-based linguists for consecutive translation, simultaneous translation, and written translation solutions at highly competitive rates.

Some of the most popular sectors that Capital Linguists’ services are government, medicine and healthcare, education, science, technology, and small-to-large corporations.

Translation and interpreting techniques vary widely in the industry. Capital Linguists combines complete interpretation, translation, equipment, and project management from inception to fruition to guarantee winning endeavors.

Equipment and personnel are the foundations for prosperous communication in the interpreting and translating community. The technology component, “equipment,” cannot be underestimated when it relates to accomplishing the mission of overcoming language barriers. Capital Linguists only utilizes leading-edge interpreting equipment such as infrared and radio frequency systems, sound-proof booths, video monitors, microphones, public address systems, headsets, receivers and more.

Do not jeopardize the importance of China-U.S. interpretations and translations, choose Capital Linguists for any of your Chinese translation or Chinese simultaneous interpreting needs.

“When Success Depends on Every Word,” Capital Linguists is the one-stop shop for all your interpreting, translating, equipment, and project management requirements.

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

Capital Linguists’ certified translation service and interpreters service was founded on Philip’s vision of a super-elite translation and interpreting force. Drawing on other high level interpreters and translators, he leads an exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists.