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Capital Linguists: Medical Translation Services

Capital Linguists provides medical translation services for clients across the United States and the world. Our medical translators specialize in the fields of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. They translate medical claims, documents, flyers, forms, histories, instructions, manuals, patents, presentations, records, reports, studies, summaries, surveys, tests, and trials. 

Our medical translators hold American Translators Association (ATA) Certification, National Association of Judiciary Interpreters & Translators (NAJIT) Certification, Court Interpreting Certification, degrees in interpreting and translation, advanced degrees, industry-specific expertise, and customer service skills.

Medical Translation Services for Documents

Compared to the impromptu performance of a simultaneous interpreter, the product of a translator is like a great work of art, labored over and perfected in every detail—ideas, choice of words, and impact on the new language audience.

Our professional Project Managers guide your project to a finished translated document that you can be proud of.  They will see to it that no detail of the translated document is missed. 

Why partner with Capital Linguists for Medical Translation Services? 

With a network of professional interpreters and translators across the United States and around the globe, Capital Linguists will be able to provide with you accurate medical translations. At a critical moment with a patient, you need reliable, reputable, and fast-acting translation services.

At Capital Linguists we provide you and your team with precise and accurate translations from our team of experts to yours. There is no room for error in an emergency and through our medical translation services, we can ensure that by using the strictest procedures we get the job done for you. 


Capital Linguists: Interpreting and Translation Services

At Capital Linguists, we provide clients with the very best in interpreting and translation services. With offices in Washington D.C., New York City, and San Francisco we can service clients anywhere in the United States or the world. To learn more about our various interpreting and translation services please explore our website!

Conference Services

At Capital Linguists, our conference interpreters and translators are ready to perform the task of listening to the context of what the speaker is saying, and relaying it back accurately in the target language while preserving the integrity of the message. We believe that there are different types of conference interpreting and translation services, and different skill sets are needed depending on each one. To learn more about our conference services contact our linguists today.

Interpreting Services

At Capital Linguists, we believe that you can empower individuals in meetings while advancing your organization’s goals by investing in interpreting services that serves the needs of everyone’s preferred language. To learn more about our interpreting services contact our linguists today.

Translation Services

At Capital Linguists, our translation services provide you with the critical ability to communicate to a global audience with the assistance of a professional linguist.  To learn more about our translation services contact our linguists today.

Translation Equipment

At Capital Linguists, we offer an affordable solution that provides you with crystal-clear audio and high-definition video streaming services for your business meeting or conference. To learn more about our translation equipment available for rent please contact our linguists today.


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