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Your international partners have come a long way to hear what you have to say.   Your time is valuable—their time is priceless!

So, you need to use an interpreter.  It might seem daunting at first, but you’ll find interpreters make all communication easier, and they are easy to use.

How to use an interpreter

An interpreter speaks competently in both languages being interpreted.  She is well-versed in all the dialects of both languages, so you and your partners will feel right at home listening and speaking.

Keep your eyes on your foreign language-speaking partner, but listen to the interpreter.  When speaking, if you have a long utterance, give the interpreter a second or two to catch up to you between ideas.

Negotiations or idea sharing can go very smoothly with a simultaneous interpreter.

Larger Meetings

In a large group meeting, headsets are issued so that each attendee hears what the others are saying—to their headset, in their own language.

Add two or three (or more) languages to your large meeting and managing the equipment will require an on-site technician.

Seminar, Simultaneous, and Consecutive Interpreting- What’s the difference?

Too many options?  Our professional Project Consultants can help you navigate the rich world of interpreting options.  Leave your phone number here, and one of our reps will call you back shortly.

You may be wondering, “How much does interpreting cost?”  It depends.  There are three possible grades of interpreter.

Consecutive Interpreting

The most affordable type of interpretation is consecutive interpreting.  In contrast to simultaneous interpreting, the consecutive interpreter listens carefully before interpreting, taking notes before rendering the first speaker’s words into the second speaker’s language.  The second speaker responds in their own language and then the interpreter interprets.  Consecutive interpretation is the most affordable, but it is less smooth and uses more time.  It could be useful when extremely technical or detailed information is being discussed.

Simultaneous Interpreting

A simultaneous interpreter is used for intensive one-to-one conversations where the feel of a smooth conversation is desired.  A good interpreter makes you feel as if you are really getting to know your foreign language partner.  A skilled simultaneous interpreter seems to disappear as you have a lively discussion with someone with whom you could normally only exchange smiles and handshakes.

Interpreting for Large Groups

Conference interpreters are used for large groups where the pacing can be fast.  Conference interpretation, or seminar interpretation is most challenging for an interpreter, and this kind of interpreting is normally performed by a pair of interpreters who switch off at 30 minute intervals, resting and recovering between sessions.

Seminar interpreting normally requires electronic interpreting equipment: headsets for the participants and a microphone for the interpreter.  In larger gatherings where noise is an issue, an interpreting booth(a portable sound-proof booth) is provided for the interpreter or interpreters.

Seminar, or conference, interpreting can be very complex, as languages are interpreted multiple times through electronic equipment. 

For example, imagine a conference with two interpreters, one French/English and one Spanish/English.  One of the conference participants speaks French.  The French/English interpreter will render the speech into English and, hearing the English, the second interpreter must translate into Spanish in turn. 

Add a language or two, and suddenly the immense value of interpreting equipment, and the technician to manage it becomes apparent!

Learn More About Complete Conference Services

Learn More About Conference Equipment Services

Capital Linguists is your trusted translation agency. We offer full service: simultaneous interpreters, document translators, sight translation, medical interpreting, legal interpreting and legal translations, and all kinds of interpreting equipment, including interpreter booths, audience headphones and headsets, and state of the art Bosch infrared and radio frequency interpreter relay equipment.

These are some of the interpreting services we provide:

  • Consecutive Interpreting Services
  • Court Interpreting Services
  • Interpreters Service
  • Interpreting Services
  • Over the Phone Interpreter
  • Phone Interpreter
  • Phone Interpreter Services
  • Phone Interpreting
  • Phone Translation Services
  • Phone Translator
  • Professional Interpreting Services
  • Simultaneous Interpreting
  • Telephone Interpreter Service
  • Telephone Interpreting
  • Telephone Translation Services
  • Vietnamese Interpreter
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“I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with the capital linguists team. We changed the schedule frequently and the topics were often esoteric, but you did a wonderful job of keeping up and being flexible. I am sure we will be working together in the future.”

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