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Capital Linguists Provides Overseas Interpretation Management in Brazil, Vietnam, or...

...Anywhere in the World!

Brazil and Vietnam are places where Capital Linguists has frequently coordinated interpretation for large conferences.  “Anywhere in the World…,” our specialty is vetting the best local interpreters, and providing highly secure interpreting equipment, along with the technicians to operate it.

We’ve handled interpretation for complex events in foreign settings such as China, Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The Unknowns of Staging an Event Far From Home

You need to reach your international audience, but the challenges of staging an event far from home, in a strange land, make it exponentially more complex than staging the same event at home. There are so many unknowns: the currency, the language, the local customs and potential for faux pas…let us step in and make sure the cultural and linguistic interface is as smooth as can be!

A 5 Point Interpreter Vetting Process

Worse, how do you know you can trust your local partners? We use a 5 part vetting process that includes collecting references, CV review, employment verification, a signed non-disclosure agreement, and a personal interview with each interpreter. We rely on trusted local partners, but take no chances, so you know that confidentiality has been assured.

A Single Point of Contact

We are your single point of contact to vet quality, ethical interpreters, source the appropriate sound system and specific interpreting equipment, and tie up all loose ends as part of our contract with you.

We’ve been providing coordination of interpreter services at overseas events for five years now, and we are proud to deliver the quality and standard you expect. Only the best interpreters can pass our discovery process for competence, professionalism and confidentiality.

We Handle All Logistics

All logistics are handled by us, including compatible electronic systems, recruiting and transporting interpreters, audio techs, and payment to the local vendors.

We grapple with the necessary local challenges, working with reputable local partners to deliver the highest standard of interpreting service. The highest standard means we coordinate on time delivery of professional, confidential interpreters, equipment and technicians.

Highly Secure Interpreting Equipment

Speaking of confidential, we work with only highly secure, infrared interpreting equipment, to protect against corporate espionage.

State of the art, infrared interpreting equipment means that the signals emanating from the interpreting booth never leave the room. Our qualified technicians keep the complex interpreting equipment running smoothly so your proceedings are seamless.

Local Guides

Our concierge service means we can help with local logistics as well as tours or forays into the local culture. And if any medical or other emergency arises, we have local personnel to assist with the details and shepherd your clients through a difficult situation.

Count on Us

We can anticipate most needs of your group so you don’t have to, and we are able to assist clients when the unexpected happens. We have staff in all time zones, ready to serve your interpreting needs.

When Success Depends on Every Word, Capital Linguists provides complete conference services and project management for your convenience.

How Can We Help You Today?

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“I meant to send this to you earlier but got super busy. I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was working with the capital linguists team. We know that we changed the schedule frequently and the topics were often esoteric, but you did a wonderful job of keeping up and being flexible. I am sure we will be working together in the future. Yours truly,.”

Ashley T. Brouwer
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